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To set this Dogwood Tree Blooms - Spring Flower as wallpaper background on your desktop, select above resolution links then click on the DOWNLOAD button to save Dogwood Tree Blooms - Spring Flower images on your desktop computer.
Dogwood flowers are of the genus Cornus – a cosmopolitan plant that is mostly made up of deciduous trees and shrubs – which consists of 30 to 50 different species, and is in the family cornaceae. Dogwood flowers have found their way into a good deal of legend, and have also long been touted for their many uses.
I have one of the largest flowering pink dogwoods in the country in my own backyard, measuring about 40 feet tall by 40 feet wide. Right click on the picture you have saved and select the option "Save image as" or "Set As Background".
The head of the dogwood appears in a small cluster which is surrounded by four large bracts, or modified leaves, and tends to be about 2 inches in diameter when in full bloom. One of the better known legends – which is still of unknown origin – states that the dogwood plant was once the size of an oak tree, and was considered one of the largest trees in Jerusalem. Tattoos with dogwood flowers can be designed in many ways and the flower has a lot of symbolic value too.The dogwood tree has been part of many legends and stories from the past. Traditionally, the dogwood comes in a white hue; however, they may also occasionally be seen in pink, yellow and red. The bark of the dogwood was used as timber for crucifixions, and from one such cross Jesus was hanged.

These flowers may also be given for a number of other symbols, such as sacrifice, regeneration, and enduring love. Many species of dogwood flowers have opposite leaves, while just a handful may have alternate leaves.
Legend has it that the crucifying of Christ took place on a cross made using the wood of dogwood trees. All dogwoods carry fleshy stone fruit, but only a few are edible to humans – others, though, may be faintly toxic. Another myth tells of a Native American princess who was killed by a jealous brave whom she had scorned.
Because of this – according to the story – many of the blossoms carry trace amounts of red on their petals. Understanding this and realizing this Jesus is supposed to have said that henceforth the dogwood tree would be slender and this will ensure that it will never be used in this manner. As for their variety of uses, early American settlers used slivers of the bark to clean small crevices of watches and lenses – they also used it to create tools such as hammers, knitting needles and even printer’s blocks. The flowers on this tree would be like a cross with two short and two long petals The center of the petals would have nail like impressions, be colored like rust and be stained scarlet. American Indians used the bark to fashion arrows, and the spring blossoms to predict the time to begin planting their crops.

This was supposed to be in remembrance of the sacrificed that Jesus made on behalf of humankind.The dogwood trees of today are quite short and have flowers in many colors like white, red, pink and purple. Not only does the tree produce pretty flowers but also is known to be durableAs far as symbolism goes you can imagine that the dogwood flower tattoo would have many. Some of them include survival, stability, devotion, positivity, spring, hope, justice and love.With its association with Christian faith, there are many tattoos that include symbols of religious value along with the dogwood flower. This could be things like the cross, sayings from the bible, Jesus Christ, rosary beads, angels and more. Of course many tattoos have only the dogwood flowers or some may include other floral designs like roses, lotuses, lilies, marigolds and other things from the abundant floral kingdom. It goes without saying that the location of where you want it will determine the design and vice versa.Besides the pure aesthetic value that dogwood flower tattoo has, it is very highly priced in terms of symbolic value especially to the person getting the tattoo. The thing is a tattoo is something so personal and valuable that you need to be clear on your motivation for getting it.
So take the time to explore the designs as well as your feelings and motivations before going ahead with the tattoo.

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