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The dove tattoos are a very popular symbolic tattoo that look pleasant and also exhibit a variety of emotions and traits. The dove tattoo is carved along with other images such as rose, cross, heart, peace sign, angel wings etc.
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This sober colored dove tattoo has a soothing and beautiful touch that symbolizes love, peace and devotion. The dove, extending the olive branch, makes for a lovely tattoo piece that denotes hope and success.
Flying dove tattoo carved on the left side of the chest says that the girl believes in peace and has found it. The doves with rose flower and a cross together create a profound tattoo piece connecting peace, love and divinity together. Carved on the upper back, this dove symbolizes the shine peace and harmony brings into the lives of people. The dove carries the message of peace and love wherever it goes and this is why it is loved by people in all cultures. This dove, holding twigs in its beaks and the peace sign embossed over its body, has come with the purpose of initiating truce. The friends have got identical dove tattoos as a mark of love for their friendship and with the hope that their bond will always remain peaceful. Dove tattoo coupled with Shakespeare’s quote makes for a lovely tattoo that means truth and peace are inseparable elements. This flying black and grey dove is full of deep meanings that relate to love, peace, harmony, devotion and all kinds of pure feelings. These two doves symbolize the kids of the woman who have brought great peace and love in her life.
The dove, the symbol of peace, is a harbinger of the good times that are about to come and this tattoo symbolizes this very fact.
The pink and blue dove stands for the lovely couple and the girl has got them carved as a lucky charm to sustain peace in her relationship. This light blue dove carved in a flying motion represents freedom that must be the guiding force behind the steps that we take in life. Forgiveness brings peace in life and therefore, one must forgive but never forget the lesson learnt from it; this is the message of the upper back tattoo. Carved on the hand, this miniature dove tattoo symbolizes that small steps can also bring peace and love in our life.
The dove, holding a rose in its mouth, represents love and a blessed life; full of peace and harmony that comes along with it. Simple and elegant, this flying dove tattoo is a symbol of liberty and hope; the essential elements of a blissful life.
The girl got this tattoo on the side of her belly in loving memory of a dear one who has moved forward on a peaceful journey. The twin doves carved on both sides of the chest represent the eternal bond of love that keeps a pair together.
This dove tattoo carved in gold and white embodies the guiding holy spirit that was always present with the Jesus Christ. The dove and the orchids resemble each other and both being soft and pure creations of nature look adorable together. This small, purple and black dove along with the motto of the US state of Oregon looks so charming that one just feels like watching it forever.
Dove with olive branch that symbolizes peace and the holy spirit and holds a deep religious meaning for the wearer.

This peace-loving girl is a fan of the music album MCMXC and has got a tattoo on her back depicting both the likes. Wings curled together and holding an olive branch in its beaks, this dove stands for harmony and fraternity peace brings in the world. This small and red dove tattoo with a green olive branch exhibits the girl’s desire to move on in life and start a new peaceful beginning. Love and peace are the twin sides of the same coin and this dove tattoo stands for the same fact. Carrying a tulip in its beak, the monogamous dove represents commitment and devotion to one’s lover. The person got this dove tattoo with a name in the loving memory of his friend with a wish that his soul may rest in peace. Wings stretched out and tail in motion, this flying dove asserts the glory and bliss of freedom that is the aim of every individual’s life. This back tattoo piece having so many doves flying together in the stars is a symbol of peaceful co-existence.
The light blue dove and the flowers symbolize the serenity that universal peace brings for the people on earth. This majestic dove tattoo with a rising sun in backdrop and a quote symbolizes the belief of the person in god and his guiding spirit.
This plain dove tattoo, carved behind the ear, depicts the fact that the girl always listens peacefully to what her heart says. The hunger for peace leads us to eternal bliss and the result is a heart full of love; this is the meaning of the grey dove tattoo.
The girl got this dove tattoo along with the hands to express her wish that the soul of her deceased grandmother may rest in peace.
The mother exhibits her love for her son with this dove tattoo carved along with his name as the bird too is a caring and affectionate mother. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The dove tattoos present in this site are quite elegant and classy in appearance, thereby greatly enhancing the wearer’s look. Dove tattoo designs are the most popular models of bird tattoo and by far, but the history of mankind, the relationship with the pigeons is worth a thorough look, even independently of their effects on the world of tattoo. Pigeons as messengers in various wars, mainly used by the Allies in World War I and World War II, during the 32 pigeons were awarded the Dickins Medal for service. Pigeons are often depicted with an olive branch, and independently as a recognized symbol of peace. A popular way to get more space without increasing the size of the bird to surround a number of attractive lines and spirals, appear as the dove, if they were on the flight.
Pigeons are just full of meaning is illustrated by the fact that probably for this article, you immediately thought of peace, hope and love, even before you had to really aware of it. The delicate and peaceful bird is widely known as a harbinger of peace and love but it has more to itself than the famous symbolic meaning. The pigeons are the most common and are a religious symbol in religious tattoo designs, but they are also a symbol of war and peace both used military and protest groups. This is natural, given their overwhelming prominence as a symbol of peace – after all, the dove symbolizes a set of ideas, full of hope. The New Testament refers to the image of a dove, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus at his baptism.
Picasso’s dove of peace is one of the most recognizable symbols of peace in world history. It seems that the hands cradling a dove, perhaps injured or dead, a sad, yet sweet style that differs greatly from each other.

The shape of the pigeon and the face may also be the result of more realistic, more stylized and varied, and that the. This is the effect of this symbol in society, the transfer of a wide range of powerful positive feelings, despite the very simple form.
The dove is also a symbol of purity and hope and Christians consider it as a lucky sign because according to the Bible, it was the dove who told Noah that the flood was on the wane and that they would find a place on the shore to start a new life. The dove is a committed avian who are monogamous in nature and also love their young ones like no other creature. Their white features and innocent appearance has made them the grace of the palaces of ancient kings. This results in a long series of stories (mostly religious) with pigeons as messengers or symbols, heralds of hope. While most white doves in the art, a fine white color is used for tattoo artists to be good to work with, as is often the tattoo of a dove and an overview of the natural color of your skin. Dove tattoos work well on almost any body part, especially because the designer can be a single bird, a flock of birds or flowers to choose and flanked by select lines, etc.
It is the only bird that is said to produce milk and leaves foraging just before the birth of their babies so that the young ones could digest the milk easily. It is also associated with loving your partner and taking care of your loved ones, which makes it a favorite among couples. Together, the two appeared in the art of the early Christians as a symbol of peace of mind and, ultimately, peace among the civilian population. The shape is immediately obvious that it works, and Picasso’s peace dove contains bright colors and simple. Every good artist in order to improve the situation, a pigeon, which is obvious to your taste. Well, there is lot more to the doves that you will get to know through this post that has 40 dove tattoo designs. Sometimes, as in this design, the pigeon is a branch of flowers or other anonymous instead of the olive branch.
Dove tattoos are very beautiful and rich in meaning, which makes them popular among people from all backgrounds. Peace in HeartAs the dove is symbolic with peace, a dove tattoo on the left side of the chest means the person, at last has found peace at heart.Peace in Heart4. Shining Dove TattooThis tattoo, usually done on the upper back, is made glittery to add a touch of shine to peace and love.Shining Dove Tattoo5.
Flying Dove TattooA dove in flight means it carries love, peace and harmony across the world, with no jurisdictions.Flying Dove6.
Peaceful Dove TattooThis tattoo shows a dove with the sign of peace on its body, and holds twigs in its beak.
Heart and Dove TattooHaving heart with dove tattooed on your body means you are responsible for great peace and love in your life.Heart and Dove Tattoo8.
Foot Dove TattooWith a beautiful blue dove tattooed on a foot, the message is clear.Foot Dove Tattoo9. Alluring Dove TattooThis tattoo, with the doves wings curled together, presents fraternity for the whole world.11.

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