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People who have respect for the art of Tattooing also have respect for the man who creates them with his or her perseverance and even for the man or the woman who takes it on his or her body. Practically there are not a lot of places that can carry the designs with an aura that will make the design a mark of the personality of the man. A slim and slender Chinese dragon tattoo lying in a wavy fashion on the lower back looks sexy. The sitting dragon on the back of the girl inked in black and white has a calm and mysterious display. The sky blue dragon breathing fire surrounded by flowers presents a complicated mix of softness and severity. The black Chinese dragon with moustache inked on shoulder and moving up to chest has a comic touch.
Black and orange dragon with its body coiled around roaring aloud resting on the thigh is looking ferocious. Red Chinese dragon carved on collar-bone and chest with its mouth wide open that clearly shows its sharp teeth. This one is a cute tattoo design with the dragon picture carved on neck at the back in black. A funny Chinese dragon of red color looking afraid and running away presents a humorous picture.
The vibrant look of this Chinese dragon is well-captured in the bright colors adorning its body. The favorite place for wearing the Chinese dragon tattoo for the men is the arm which is evident in this picture. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.

In Western cultures, dragons tend to be portrayed as embodiments of evil that destroy villages and guard hoards of treasure. The art of Tattooing is one of those acts that have been going on in the world since the dawn of the earliest civilizations.
A man can effectively choose a great design and hence get it tattooed on him anywhere on his body, but the real worry is the fact that where does he gets it tattooed.
The mythical creatures hold quite a charming stronghold on the minds of the people and the latter like to get the former inked on their body parts as tattoos.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. These mythological beasts have managed to capture our imagination for centuries and you cannot deny how great they look when they are proudly displayed on someone’s skin.While styles of tattooing will come and go, over time, the popularity of dragon tattoo designs remains pretty constant. In modern fantasy literature, dragons are often depicted as friends of man and as highly intelligent and noble creatures.
None, zero, nada, zip, squat, etc… No double blind studies have been enacted, no individual studies have shown more that a minimal connection and then in only 3 patients. I decided to go with it on my chest, which was, to say the least, a bit painful but well worth it. Tattoos have always had some or the other kind of stories attached to it, which refers to some deeds of heroics or chivalry.
A tattoo cannot just be done on any part of the body and expected that it will look good because it has a great design.
The chest region has a grand flat space, which can be effectively used for the creation of the perfect chest tattoo designs to portray your own image or nature.
This is primarily down to the fact that a dragon piece can be moulded to be as big as the wearer wants and can be tattooed onto absolutely any part of the body. 3 patients is not a measurable group and in NO way does it lead any scientist to believe in a connection.

A major role is played by the body part when it is about looking good of the tattoo design. Thus it can also be used as a mark of the perfect and yet vulnerable nature that a man possesses. The dragon is believed to wield power and strength in China and countries like Vietnam, Japan, Korea and Bhutan. From the side of the neck, right down to your ankle, trust me, there are numerous designs that will look great on you.This genre of tattooing can work well for either sex. A emerald mother Dragon with wings spread with adolescent dragons colors vary by birthstones. Thus, we can surely call the designs that one is embedded in himself as the kind of nature he is or precisely the kind of things that he has done!
Not all men can carry great designs of tattoo and even more precisely not all the body parts of the men can carry the great designs. The beauty of this tattoo is that it attracts attention and people can’t miss going in the details as the contours of the image are very tangled. Ladies may prefer to opt for a less aggressive-looking dragon design: one with ample color and surrounded by other more womanly features. To show that a man not only can bear a lot of strength but also have positive attitude we have some example of best chest tattoos for men. Regardless of the interpretations in these cultures, the Chinese dragon tattoo makes for a cool display.

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