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The first purpose-built gallery in Britain, Dulwich opened its doors to the public in 1814. Designed by Sir John Soane as a series of interlinking rooms illuminated naturally through skylights, the Gallery is an architectural masterpiece that sits quietly on extensive lawns. It must also be the only gallery in the world with a mausoleum at its heart containing the tombs of its founders.
On show are some of the world's most important European Old Masters from the 17th and 18th centuries.
Three rooms showcase works by British artists, including Sir Joshua Reynolds's theatrical portrait Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse.
Rubens, Claude, Van Dyck and Cuyp are well represented, but the real stars of the collection are Rembrandt and Poussin. The three granite boulders of Peter Randall-Page's sculpture Walking the Dog sit on the lawn outside the gallery, their decoration echoing the frieze that runs round the building. Inside, Sir Peter Lely's Portrait of Bartholomew Beale shows the curly headed young boy with his hand resting on a bust of Homer. Housed in Dulwich's modern extension, the cafe offers breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and an indulgent afternoon tea with scones and finger sandwiches. The building was designed by Sir John Soane to house our collection of some of the world’s most important Old Master Paintings. Offering a wide variety of activities for the families such as Learn Together Art Club -Encouraging parents and their young children to engage with visual art – at the Gallery and in their communities – through storytelling, puppets, costumes and creative art workshop. TestimonialsAs well as me finding it great, Olivia had a brilliant day and loved the activities.
Find out more about the National Children's University and public learning destinations across the country. When you think of London art galleries, the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery and the Saatchi instantly spring to mind and are often the typical tourist’s first ports of call before they have barely touched down on the runway at Heathrow.

It’s important to note, as well as being at the forefront of modern day art showcasing, the gallery is conveniently located east of Brixton, a must for locals and tourists alike.
With an exciting world of celebrated and undiscovered exhibitions and artists brought to life through practical classes and an exciting Internet community, it’s time to experience a different take on the London gallery scene. Support Us For Free!As a small publisher, we rely on word-of-mouth and traffic from Google to survive.
If you liked what you read, support us for free by +1 this page or add us to your circles on Google Plus below! At the core of the collection are the pictures amassed in 1795 by the art dealer Noel Desenfans and the artist Sir Francis Bourgeois.
The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity, making for relaxed rather than exhausting visits.
There are also several Gainsborough portraits of elegant society figures, the highlight of which is the handsome Linley Sisters.
Rembrandt's famous Girl at a Window is an intimate scene that shines out amidst Dutch flower pieces, genre scenes and landscapes. David presents Goliath's head on a pole to the joyful Israelites, and the composition is a riot of colour and gesture. Acquired in 2010, the painting is a companion piece to Dulwich's popular A Boy as a Shepherd.
Free Gallery guided tours of the permanent collection take place at 3.00pm each Saturday and Sunday. But it’s important to escape the hustle and bustle of eager tourists and go a little further afield to experience something different to write home about. Not only is it only 12 minutes from Central London but it acts as much more than a stuffy art gallery. With a ticket to the gallery, ‘Family Artplay’ is free twice a month, as well as Art in the Garden during the summer and courses for young people and adults starting at ?40 for six weeks.

With exhibitions boasting Andy Warhol’s print portfolio and John Sell Cotman’s works, (England’s most famous water-colourist, for those amongst us without a degree in History of Art), there’s at least a whole day’s visit to be squeezed out of this undiscovered South London gem. It has video clips in abundance with interviews and explanations from the staff about their most famous paintings, and a few surprise ones too.
With major pop culture references and a lively music scene, Brixton prides itself on its music venues and bar and pub scene, spiced up next to Brixton market, with its Caribbean and Jamaican influences always remaining a popular flavour. They were originally intended for the King of Poland, but after Poland was partitioned and the King abdicated, the pictures were left to Dulwich College on condition that they remained on public display.
There's a lively programme of temporary shows in the special exhibition galleries, the unexpected displays of modern British and North American painting reflecting the Director's enthusiasms.
Adults and children can be creative together at drop-in workshops with a different art activity each session. GalleryFilm runs once a month, with free refreshments all night and a relaxed atmosphere within England’s first purpose built art gallery and creative space. There are also stories and descriptions about the gallery’s past exhibitions in case there is anything particularly special which you have missed, as well as a stunning 360° tour of each room in the gallery and the stunning gallery surroundings to browse in the comfort of your own home. The collection grew organically in the 19th and 20th centuries, and it is now double the size it was when the gallery was founded. With an array of art classes, film nights, lectures and exhibitions there’s something to suit even the least artistic person in your midst.
With a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page as well, there’s no excuse for not getting online and checking out the wide selection of well-known artists and pieces the gallery has to offer.

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