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Picture of the Edinburgh Tattoo cast with the saltire flag projected onto the Castle in the background. Image of fireworks at the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh with the Scottish flag projected onto the castle ramparts. Photo of the entire Edinburgh Tattoo cast with fireworks being fired from the castle ramparts. Picture of Edinburgh Military Tattoo and its cast, taken from the East Stand, with fireworks being fired from the castle ramparts.
Image of the dancers and Massed Pipes and Drums taking part in the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh Castle.
Picture of the Massed Pipes and Drums taking part in the Military Tattoo getting ready to leave the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle at the end of the show.
Photo of military bands taking part in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo with the magnificent Edinburgh Castle as a backdrop.
Picture of the Massed Pipes and Drums taking part in the Military Tattoo getting ready for the end of the show.

Atmospheric shot of Edinburgh Castle during the Military Tattoo taken just before the Lone Piper plays the Last Post from the Castle ramparts. The pixel size of the original images is up to 3456 x 2304 (resolution is up to 8 megapixels). The photos are ideal for use in a tour website and for other commercial uses (such as conference booklets and posters) as well as for private use as large and extra large framed Scottish prints for decorating office spaces or homes, for example. Keywords: Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Fireworks, Castle Esplanade, massed pipes and drums, bagpipes, Scotland Capital, panorama, cityscape. Prices, online booking and seat recommendations including where to find late availability and last minute tickets.
Short breaks to Edinburgh for the Tattoo for 1, 2 and 3 nights including links to Tatoo coach trips. Guide to the biggest New Year celebrations in Britain and continental Europe with four days of events. Tourist information on quality accommodation schemes, hotels and how to choose accommodation in Edinburgh.

Classic Edinburgh panorama with the National Gallery, the Scott Monument and a double-decker bus, taken from the Mound. According to the Scottish Place Names dictionary, the name Edinburgh means 'Fort of the Rock Face'. Some more obscure (and quite funny) ways of writing Edinburgh include: edinburough, edingburg, edinbourg, edinburh, edinurgh, edenburg, edinbough, edinbourough, edinbrgh, edingborough, edenburgh, edinberg, edinborgh, edinborugh, edinburge, edinburhg, edingbourgh, etc. Include the reference numbers of the images you're interested in, the intended use and whether you require a high resolution file. There are hundreds of ways people write it and the most common writings include 'edinburg', 'edinborough', 'edimburgh', 'edinbourgh', 'ediburgh', 'edinbugh', 'edinboro', 'edingburgh', 'edinbrugh', 'edimburg', 'edinburugh', 'edingurgh', 'edinbrough', etc. The 'edin' part comes from Scottish Gaelic and means 'rock face', while 'burgh' comes from Old English meaning stronghold.

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