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HD Video Converter is top video converter for GoPro Hero 3, with it you can easily convert GoPro Hero 3 video to best codec for Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Just free download and install this GoPro Hero 3 to Premiere converter, run it on your Windows or Mac computer, you will see the interface.
You can load GoPro Hero 3 video files by directly dragging and dropping, or you can click add button to load clips. Photos for Mac stores your images in a dedicated library file, which can pose a problem when needing to deal with individual files.
In Photos 1.0, dragging an image out of the app would save your selection as a downscaled JPEG file.
However, you can avoid this behavior and preserve the original image file format, resolution and other parameters when exporting images from Photos to the Finder. As shown on the screenshot below, dragging a photo without the modifier key, at left, exports the processed image as it appears in Photos, with all your edits.
Step 3: In the image export window, optionally click the File Name minute choose how to name your exported files. In the Subfolder Format menu, optionally select whether to export images from several different moments as a subfolder named after the moment (select the Moment Name option) or export as individual files without subfolders (choose None).

Tip: Click the Export IPTC as XMP checkbox to also export any assigned image metadata and keywords in the form of a sidecar XMP file. Again, both methods preserve the original file formats in which the images were imported into the Photos library, without downscaling, recompression, cropping modifications, image filters or any other effect.
Exporting images from Photos to the Finder comes in handy when you need to work with them in other apps, such as Adobe Photoshop or Pixelmator. For convenience, join the added multiple files into a single one by this powerful Merge function, the output files will be as a single one.
Adjust the video brightness, contrast and saturation if you are not satisfied with them, you can choose to apply the effect to all the added files or separately.
Maybe you just favor one part of the video file, well, this Mac FLV Editor will help you trim video into clips with the exact time length, the simple step and wonderful output effect satisfy you a lot.
There may exists some black areas when you play the added flv files, take use of the crop function to cut the black or unwanted areas, the suitable frame size will be right within the least time and clicks.
Don't hesitate to download this Mac FLV Editor, the best video effect will be achieved with the assist of this powerful flv editor on mac, just to enjoy! As we know, H.264 MP4 video is not so good for Adobe Premiere Pro editing, the best way to edit video files with Premiere pro native is to convert GoPro Hero 3 video to best format fort Adobe Premiere Pro.

In this GoPro Hero 3 video converter, you can crop, trim, add watermark, or adjust effect to the video. You can easily export images from Photos for Mac by way of dragging, but know that the app’s changed its export behavior since its initial release. In the most recent release, dragged images retain their original resolution but are still recompressed as JPG files.
You can name the files using the titles you’ve given them in Photos, or their original filenames, or opt to have a filename numbered sequentially, in which case you can specify text to appear before each number (for example, Image001, Image002 and so on). With it, you are not only allowed to convert flv files to other popular formats like AVI, MOV, MP4, etc., but also to edit the flv files with easy steps and fast speed, for instance, merge added files into a single one, trim video clips, reset the video encoder, audio bitrate and so forth. With the Option key pressed, the unmodified source image gets exported in its original file format and resolution, as seen at right.

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