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There's more to Chinese tattoos than just the symbol tattoos, although tattoos have quite a negative connotation in traditional Chinese culture. Despite the negative connotation of the Chinese tattoo, there has always been tattooing in China. Even in modern China today, tattoos are considered to be connected with the underworld and triads somehow, although this attitude is slowly changing. The Chinese tattoo doesn't have a very interesting history, but there are several ethnic minorities in China who do have a strong tattoo tradition. The woman of the Drung tribe used to tattoo their faces when they reached the age of 12, as a symbol of maturity. About 3 centuries ago, the women of the Drung tribe were often attacked by other ethnic groups and to avoid being raped, they used tattoos to make themselves less attractive. Of course, modern tattoo equipment was not available 300 years ago, thorns were used to puncture the skin and charcoal was used instead of tattoo ink.
When girls reached the age of 12, they receive their first tattoos on the neck, face and throat.
As opposed to Western beliefs, the dragon in Chinese culture is a benevolent creature that wards of evil spirits. In Chinese culture there is the belief that wearing the image of a dragon on you is considered very unlucky. Sometimes you see a person with a tattoo of a dragon combined with the Chinese dragon character. The phoenix (aka firebird) is a Chinese mythological creature (it also exists in Greek mythology).
A phoenix tattoo combined with a dragon symbolizes the union between husband and wife (yin and yang). Yin Yang tattoo art is popular in the West and again it's easy to see why: the symbol is simple yet dramatic and can easily be combined or incorporated in other tattoo designs.

Many people are interested in Eastern spirituality nowadays and the yin yang is a meaningful symbol of balance and harmony.
THE POLYNESIAN TATTOO HANDBOOKfinally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos! When considering an Asian lettering tattoo it is important to research the translation, or have someone proficient in translating the language verify the design you have chosen to be sure it means what you believe it is.Kanji is a very complicated writing style and even a very subtle difference in a brush stroke can completely alter the meaning of the design. With some research, creative choices and a good tattoo artist, even the most basic word or phrase can become a beautiful piece of body art when using Kanji.
Another reason these tattoos are becoming so popular are their ability to be incorporated into almost any tattoo design style. When a person chooses to have a name tattooed onto their bodies, these too can be translated into Japanese calligraphy. Despite the dubious attitudes towards tattooing, there is some evidence that tattooing and other body art are making inroads among Chinese youth today. The tattoos were done between the eyebrows and around the mouth, resembling a butterfly or diamond design. Children as young as 5 were tattooed, and then again at the age of 14, as a symbol of maturity. Tattoos play an important role in the Li women's life and their tattoo tradition can be traced back to 3000 years ago. In Chinese culture the phoenix is known as Fenghuang and was used to represent the empress.
This is symbolized by the black dot in the white part and the white dot in the black part of the Taijitu. The yin yang symbol can be rendered in almost any size – a small yin yang tattoo the size of a quarter or even smaller is very tasteful, while still making a strong statement. Like writing in English, where we have printing or a€?block lettersa€? and cursive, the Japanese have three different writing styles.

After a tragic car accident, one person chose to get the word a€?paina€? translated into Kanji on their back, (see above) another person, after several shoulder injuries and surgeries chose a€?The pain is only temporarya€? for a forearm tattoo. Our children, people we have lost and those we still care deeply for are often the inspiration behind our tattoos. If you have a Kanji tattoo, and would like to share a picture please use our contact page to send it in.
These are:1) Kaisho a€“ This is comparable to the English printing style, boxy and standard writing. This lettering style is beautiful when paired with other common elements of Asian tattoos, including cherry blossoms, dragons and Koi fish, just to name several of the more commonly seen. Love, pain, tragedy, loss; these are all common themes for tattoos in general and specifically lettering tattoos. We would also love to share the translation and if you have a story that explains the meaning the tattoo holds for you, we would love to share that as well. Practically anything can be translated into this writing style and there are many experts who offer the service of translation. With these lettering tattoos, if the relationship ends there are only a certain group of people that could interpret the true meaning, and with just the brush of a tattoo gun you can change the meaning entirely! Please remember, our website is a clean website, therefore we only post appropriate pictures and stories.
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Like English cursive, this is a flowing, prettier form of Japanese writing.3) Sousho a€“ This is the most beautiful form of Japanese writing, very much like English calligraphy, it is very formal and elegant.

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