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You could have it on like, a polarm held by a chaos marine or something, that would be cool. Our editor Alice Snape was asked to pose for an Art Macabre lifedrawing session at Museum of London, which was part of the Tattoo London exhibition. Last bank holiday weekend, we had an absolutely blast at the 9th annual Brighton Tattoo Convention. How would you describe your style? My style is Katy Perry meets Marilyn Monroe meets Jeremy Scott meets Yayoi Kusama meets tween girl in America all wrapped up in a Miami in the 1970’s colour palate. What inspires you? I am inspired by day to day life and everything that goes along with it.
On your website you say that your garments are your personal diary, what do you mean by this? I mean it in both a very literal and theoretical way. How do you hope to empower and inspire other women? I chose to start designing and creating clothing because I had gone through a bad break up and wanted to do something to empower myself and reclaim the person I knew I was.
Can you tell us about your own self love journey? My self love journey has been a long one with lots of ups and downs. It took years and years and years but over the past two years especially I have developed an intense love and acceptance for my body. Taking inspiration from Torture Garden’s 25th anniversary this weekend, Hunger beauty editor-at-large Andrew Gallimore and photographer Louie Banks have teamed up to recreate some of the looks you may encounter tonight at the legendary fetish club.
We LOVE tattoo conventions, here at Things&Ink, and one of the highlights in the tattoo calendar is always Brighton Tattoo Convention. And we have TWO weekend tickets to give away, all you have to do is share one of the images in this blog post on Instagram and use the hashtag #BTCTIcomp. Here at Things&Ink we are big fans of the Inkluded blog founded by freelance journalist Beccy Rimmer. Inkluded have created a clothing range in which every design has been drawn by tattoo artists. Founder of Inkluded, Beccy Rimmer, said: “At Inkluded, we’re passionate about showcasing and sharing amazing tattoo art. Inkluded was set up with a strong mission, to raise awareness of exceptional tattoo art through blog posts, art exhibitions and by creating an artistic community that people can feel included in. 23-year-old Eric Ceballos is an actor, print model, TV personality, activist and tattoo enthusiast from Fresno California, who currently works at Hot Topic. There are so many people I look up to in this industry, but currently, I’d love to work with actor and musician Jared Leto. Growing up, I had no one to look up to when I was battling all of this which contributed to my self harm. My Family, faith and my supporters all equally done so much for me and been so supportive that I feel like I owe them. I have so much I want to do in my life, so many dreams and ambitions and I have no intention of stopping until I get there. This Sunday 13 March, we’ll be teaming up with blog Women with Tattoos to stage a pop-up photo booth at the annual WOW! Come see us and get your tattoos photographed by Eleni (the brains behind Women with Tattoos) and chat to Things&Ink editor Alice Snape about what your tattoos mean to you. Samantha Fielding is a 42-year-old photographer and creator of the Performer portrait project, a book celebrating the creative minds and secret worlds of night performers.
Performer is a homage to the night performer the strong and creative minds that make you forget about the everyday world we wonder in. As both a photographer and interviewer, I shone my light back stage and focussed on the characters behind the parade of masks, eager to capture both the practised pose and the unguarded moments.
I want this book to cover all walks of performance artist’s from burlesque to drag, fire eaters to contortionists. Latvian artist Jana Brike creates oil paintings that explore notions of innocence and coming-of-age narratives. I was thinking about the Chaos Star first but later i realized it reminds very closely Russian nationalists symbol so, no thanks, I wouldn't like to be misunderstood in this way. She told me to: Breathe and relax into poses and, on a practical note, bring a dressing gown to wear in-between poses and during the break. I listened to the sound of pencils and quiet concentration, eyes looking up at me and back down to the blank canvas, pictures of my body and tattoos slowly forming on the pages. As the night drew to a close, each of the artists lay their work onto the floor to share it with each other and the models… Looking at each work of art, I realised I have grown very fond of my body as it has become more covered with tattoos.

Everyone sees an object through their own eyes, putting on that object their own preferences.
When I first started designing I pulled a lot of inspiration from past relationships and break ups and now I like to view my work as an autobiography or visual diary where I can talk about things I’m experiencing and going through as a 23 year old woman in the world today. Everything that is for sale on my online store you’ll also be able to buy in my shop!
A lot of my pieces have imagery or doodles that have been scanned directly from my diary pages and printed on the fabric. That was a pivotal, breakthrough moment for me and led me to discover something I was truly passionate about and a future that I wanted for myself. I’ve done a few empowerment workshops where I tell my story, talk about relationships and ambitions, and create shirts with the girls. Which was your first, do you still love it? My first tattoo is a big feather that turns into birds on my lower back. The results are absolutely stunning and a real insight into the contemporary tattoo community. Inkluded has worked with five UK tattoo artists, Hannya Jayne, Dan Metcalfe, Mike Love, Clare Lambert and Kat Winifred, who have all designed something from scratch for the launch range. As well as browsing the new products, readers can meet the artists through a series of interviews published on the blog.
Life is short and the goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will! The result is a series of portraits that capture the beating hearts of a world I feel fortunate to have been able to document. From a young age I was curious of the glitz and glam of the drag queens that had a night club next door. I have given myself three years to travels to London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Las Vegas,  Los Angeles and San Francisco. I hope this book brings an understanding to the every day person that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Probably my tatoo will not be connected to Wh40k, rather to some old, Slavic ornaments unless I will find a common ground between them. All day before the event, I was a bag of nerves, running different scenarios though my mind – a constant reel of what ifs! I thought about how my body might look through the eyes of everyone in front of me, during one pose I focused on a determined looking woman who seemed lost in the movements of her pencil. I have taken ownership of my body by choosing where each tattoo goes, and I love my colourful skin.
It was enlightening and uplifting to see that subjectivity about the form of my own body – no one is ever going to be as critical of it as myself. I like to translate these ideas and emotions through traditional textile processes, imagery from my diaries, and colour play.
I think its important to realize and understand that your body is something that cannot be labelled. I think this is down to the wonderful nature and talent of the photographer James, who made me feel instantly at ease in front of the camera – I normally hate having my photo taken and he even managed to capture a natural smile (see below). Growing up I was really heavy and a little awkward at times so becoming a model of any sort had never once crossed my mind. I fun to leave your world and your worries behind and step into another persons shoes for awhile. I support organizations such as The Jed Foundation, NEDA, Love is Louder, My Life My Power, NAMED, Proud2BMe. Everyone has this illusion that men have to be macho, a alpha male who has to seem strong and bullet proof. I try to be a voice for the voiceless, raise awareness, break these stereotypes and stigmas. Every piece on my body represents something personal whether it’s a person, a phase I went through, a trial I overcame, an idol of mine, mantras and mottos I live by, lyrics from my favorite songs and quotes from my favorite authors. I grew up the black sheep, I wasn’t the best looking kid and I grew up being extremely hard on myself. I will say that not only is this book an homage to the featured artists, it also challenges the judgements and preconceptions that we make of others.  Either way, I hope my lens conveys a sharper understanding of this misunderstood world. Through my journey I have met some of the smartest, happiest, well travelled and well versed artists.

I hate having my photo taken, and I am very critical of my appearance, which probably comes from years of self-conscious anxiety and a childhood spent in a chubby awkward body that I was never quite comfortable in – I think I am yet to grown into my nose! But when I was asked by Nikki, who runs Art Macabre, to be a lifedrawing model for the evening, I had to say yes. But, the moment I took step onto that platform and got into the first pose (five minutes to warm up), I felt incredible, empowered, strong and beautiful. A few brief moments of self-doubt flitted through my mind – what if I am not interesting enough to draw? Over the past couple of years, I have also started exercising regularly and even ran a marathon!
Also, I’ve brought in a lot of work from some of my favourite brands and artists from around the world! I think every women should feel that way — like they are capable of attaining anything in the whole goddamn world.
My tattoos act a lot like a diary as well — I get them to record exact moments in time, experiences, feelings that I never want to forget. We won’t have a stand this year, but we will be taking pics and enjoying the convention, so come say hello! I have acted in everything from movies, major music videos to independent films and everything in between. But I have modeled for Hot Topic, Craze Watches which is an organization who’s funds support cancer foundations and research. I’m lucky to have worked with good artists in the past and my current one, Christian, is one of the best young artists in Fresno. Letting go of all of that, being confident in my skin and liking who I am today has gotten me here.
Bursting free from the limitations of routine and shedding the skin of an every day identity, they become someone else. It felt like one of those experiences that should be on your bucket list, and as a 32-year-old woman who has worked really hard on overcoming that teenage insecurity and becoming comfortable in her own skin, there didn’t seem like a better time to do it.
I love the fact that my body is fit and healthy, and that has boosted my confidence hugely. I think the thing that a lot of women connect to in my work is the way I tell stories openly, without shame.
It was hard to have a healthy and accurate relationship with my body because it felt like something that was always changing and that I had no control over. That your body is the one thing that has been with you since the beginning and helped you get through every hardship you’ve endured.
In a grand room in the Hilton in Brighton, which you can see glimpses of in each image behind the backdrop. The first major role I ever auditioned for was Freddie Benson on Nickelodeon’s Icarly.
I like to think of it as a badass collective of work made and designed by extremely talented female makers.
He was very supportive of my work and he made me feel like the dream I was chasing mattered.
I always think they are chunky, they have bumps and cellulite that no matter how much I exercise will not disappear. I have a diamond tattooed on my ring finger (my love for myself will always be the most important, I will always belong to myself). We always looked at tattoo magazines as kids and always said “look how cool these tattoos are! Someone truer.For the night time performer especially, there is a certain isolation that comes with putting their vision and endeavour out there.
I have tally marks on my hand counting how many people I’ve truly been in love with in my life (right now there are two, I hope to add more to it someday).
The irony is that they find exhilaration and purpose in their respective acts or identities, and yet they are often judged and mocked as oddballs, outcasts, or freaks. I have always loved dressing up and have a garage filled with feather head dresses and costumes for all styles and occasions.

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