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Mochten Sie zur Sicherheit einzelne Programme mit einem Passwort schutzen, zeigen wir Ihnen hier, wie das geht. Wahlen Sie nun die EXE-Datei des gewunschten Programms aus, indem Sie auf die drei Punkte klicken. Eine einfachere Methode ist, den Zugriff fur bestimmte Programme auf einzelne Benutzerkonten zu beschranken. Beachten Sie: Jeder Benutzer sollte ein eigenes, individuelles Passwort besitzen, um Missbrauch zu vermeiden. In einem weiteren Praxistipp sagen wir Ihnen, wie Sie in Windows Programme sicher deinstallieren konnen.
Autor werden Sie trauen sich zu, fur den deutschen Marktfuhrer im Segment Digital Lifestyle zu schreiben? You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless you make specific arrangements with the artist. Share Alike: If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting creation only under a license identical to this one.

Downloads 141270.zip Running programs on remote computers is a common administrative task, and there are a number of techniques available to accomplish it. 0x80070035 translates to error 0x35 = decimal 53 - "net helpmsg 53" tells us "The network path was not found." One possible cause is that there is a firewall blocking communication.
However, I was annoyed to discover that, at least from Windows 7, you can't connect to remote XP systems using either the TaskService or Schtasks method. For example, Figure 2 shows some sample output strings, one of which contains an error message. However, the output strings make parsing difficult, especially if you need to execute a Jt.exe command for more than one computer. You can omit the -ComputerName parameter name if you put the computer names first on the command line. Because the parameter is a DateTime object, you can specify the date and time in any valid format. Note that for remote computers, this parameter refers to the date and time on the remote computer, not the computer on which you run the script.

This parameter can include a path to a network location if the credentials you specify have the appropriate permissions. The parameter needs to be enclosed in double quotes (") when it contains embedded spaces. Note that if you're running a program on a remote computer, the working directory is relative to the remote computer, not the current computer. This means that a clear-text copy of the password is temporarily available in memory while the script creates and executes the Jt.exe command. Thus, there's a remote possibility of password exposure if a rogue process has access to this memory or if Windows swaps the memory to disk.

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