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Whether having a tattoo is your long-waited plan or just a popping up idea, you can be perfectly tattooed in Singapore.
And with the recommended tattooing list of the five best tattoo studios in Singapore, you may find the best match for your tattooing. HighlightsThe legend of Johnny Two Thumb is continuing: Johnny Two Thumb was a renowned pioneer tattoo artist in Singapore in the 1950s, his superb gifted tattoo skills and strong passion about tattoo had made him a famous tattooist all over the world. HighlightsTattoo artist Ael, the best realism tattoo artist in Singapore: Probably one of the best realism tattooists in the world, Ael found his passion and real talent in tattooing in 2007. HighlightsTattoo artist Su, the first and the best female tattooist in Singapore: Honored to be the 3rd generation of Johnny Two Thumb and well inherited tattoo skills and passion from her grandfather, Su has been providing excellent tattoo services for more than 15 years and creating hundreds of beautiful tattoos for her customers.

While a tattoo is paired with personal meanings for some people, to others, it just means that they have a tattoo.
The city has some of the best tattooists to offer you an artistic creation that makes you proud of.
The studio follows a strict standard of hygiene as all the equipment and tools are perfectly sterilized. Since then, he has been creating plenty of wonderful tattoos, especially realism tattoos such as human faces and animal faces.
Brand new tattoo needles and ink caps are newly – used before every use for every customer.

Plenty of customers from many countries have engaged Ael's tattooing services to have their body adorned with their beloved portrait. Noticing the needs for privacy and respect of ladies, they always create a comfortable and private environment for female customers.

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