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When you’re in need of inspiration or just want to study the greatest  graphic designers – where do you look?
The following are lists of those that others in this field consider to be the best and most well-known designers. As someone with 3 daughters I’m not about to see females excluded from the list of most well-known and popular graphic designers. Louise was actually  a book jacket designer previous to opening her New York City firm, she designed over 2000 covers.
The first thing that comes to mind when a layman hears the term graphic designing is the idea of computerized illustrations.
Graphic designing is relatively a new field that emerged as an independent subject in the mid-twentieth century. In its early years graphic designing was merely concerned with communicating the ideas and thoughts in a more aesthetic fashion.
Across the globe from Europe, United States to Asia, countless famous graphic designers emerged and abundantly contributed to this art form. What connects Zach Klein, Chad Hurley, Rob Kalin, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky and Jason Putorti?
Who: The American entrepreneur is barely into his thirties yet has assisted and co-founded some of the biggest online sites. What: Vimeo was originally a side project for the web developer and designer and first came about in 2004 after Zach Klein and a fellow College Humor staffer began experimenting tagging and uploading short videos primarily for their own friends. Who: Chad Hurly is another famous graphic designer who co-founded a successful, behemoth video sharing site, this time YouTube. What: Since its inception by Steven Chen, Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley in 2005, YouTube has become the most popular online video sharing destination where millions of users upload, watch and share videos, most of which are original and user generated. How: After leaving the job as a graphic designer at Paypal, Hurley and the YouTube founding team were looking for a better solution for people to share and publish video clips online. Who: Robert Kalin started Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, in his Brooklyn apartment.
What: Etsy originally started with and debatably has maintained a hipster image, much like Vimeo, thanks to the company having an emphasis on art, photography, clothing and jewelry among other miscellany. Who: The designer-founded startup Airbnb was launched from a San Francisco loft and spans more than 190 countries and 33,000 cities. What: Airbnb is an online service platform where anyone can list a spare room or lodgings for someone to rent short-term.
How: Instead of the politicians being the design focus of the website, Jason Putorti focused on the voters while designing the website.
After reading these famous graphic designers and the companies they founded, here are the 5 things you should be thinking about your business and how design should be an important part of the discussion. You can visit their websites to see for yourself just what makes these recommendations the most inspirational and famous people in graphic designing on the planet. Doing this she says she learned the intimate art of connecting with an audience visually within a very small frame. However, in reality the process of graphic designing is far more complex than using mere designing tools to develop computer-generated images. Its development dates back to late 19th century when the first printed design was published which then officially separated fine arts from graphic designing.
During first and second world war, several of graphic artists protested against the cruelty of war by designing posters depicting their anguish. In the recent years graphic design is came to known as a creative process that fuses art and technology together to convey ideas. Milton Glaser is one of the celebrated graphic artists, known for designing the ‘I love New York’ logo. All are successful graphic designers who co-founded some seriously great companies known all over the world.

He can claim to be a co-founder of online shopping site Svpply, assistant in the development of College Humor, CEO of DIY and chief product officer of Boxee besides a whole other heap of accomplishments.
The business didn’t see any significant amount of investment until 2006 by which time Google had purchased video sharing site YouTube.
When the idea of Vimeo first came about, Klein was the interface designer responsible for the UI design. Chad began his career working for PayPal and in doing so designed the company’s logo that PayPal went on to use for several years.
Google acquired the startup in 2006 with an astonishing pricing tag of 1.65 billion, leading to its even faster growth ever since.
It came as no surprise that it was the brainchild of someone heavily into graphics and art. One of its popular selling points is that pictures of products are not done in the usual commercial catalog style but are artistic and done so in an editorial style, and that items tend to be unique and one-offs rather than mass-produced. For those unacquainted, Airbnb is valued at approximately $2.5 billion which must come as something of a shock to CEO, Brian Chesky, and chief product officer Joe Gebbia seeing as the pair launched the site from their modest abodes some five or so years ago. One secret that makes Airbnb stand out from other vacation rental websites is the gorgeous photos of the properties listed on Airbnb. By having empathy for these people and getting to know their situations, Putorti and his team built a solution to help voters connect with like-minded people via social media. These include those from the most familiar, like Williams-Sonoma’s, to the far more exclusive. What this term truly entails is the creation of innovative and unprecedented artwork which provides solution for visual communication. The term ‘Graphic Design’ was coined after the publication of Raffe’s book Graphic Design (1927). Over the decades, graphic designers were being commissioned either by government or big corporations to design posters or create an artwork that would propagate certain ideology. There are multifarious types of graphic design based on the requirement of the project, such as image-based, type-based, symbols, logos and logotypes based designs. One of those other accomplishments includes being co-founder of the video sharing service site Vimeo.
Consequently, the site became the world’s first video sharing site to offer consumer-focused, Flash-based playback in HD. In October 2006 the Fine Art graduate and Steve Chen sold YouTube but waited until 2010 to step down as CEO of the video sharing site.
These days the online video business is one of the most strategic sectors inside Google as the search engine giant shifts focus to brand advertising where huge growth opportunities reside. Instead of making assumptions upfront, they learnt from how customers use their site and make improvements little by little. He picked the name Etsy because he wanted something nonsense so that he can build the brand from scratch.
This makes it a haven for professional artists, some of which make a living off of sales from their Etsy stores.
What they learnt was that people wanted a good place to sell handmade things online, and ebay was not cutting it. Chesky is a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design and began his career working for a design firm in Los Angeles whilst Gebbia landed a job at Chronicle Books before telling his friend he had a spare room for him if he wanted to move in. However, he is best known for co-founding Votizen, a company that connects registered voters via social media to their national, regional and local representatives.
Verified voters on the website, known as votizens, can get their voice heard by leveraging their own social network to self-organize and advance their causes and interests. It was the connections and conversations that the designer had with these people that drove his product vision and design decisions, not the data and experiment. It is different from painting in the sense that it requires more than drawing and painting skills, which is the vision and motivation behind the work.

Other works that play a pivotal role in the development of design industry include renowned typographer Jan Tschichold’s book New Typography. For instance, a noted graphic designer, Erik Nitsche was hired by General Dynamics, a weapon developing corporation, to design posters that would redeem their image in public’s eye. As there are several forms of designing, similarly there are many sorts of graphic designers possessing expertise in varying domains of design.
German designer, Erik Spiekermann is recognized for creating numerous fonts and launched FontShop International. The makers’ high standards and passion for quality videos and graphics clearly didn’t subside judging by the length of time it took to make the Vimeo App in comparison to its peer YouTube. Klein had the biggest breakthrough in the design process when he realized the inherent difference between how people view images and how people watch videos. Like Zach Klein, Hurley eventually moved more into the realms of smartphones by launching MixBit, a video-editing service for smartphones, again taking advantage of his knowledge of video and graphics.
As more people watch on YouTube instead of traditional TV, brands are going to move their spending on traditional media to online video platform like YouTube. The goal was not to build a beautiful website, but rather a video sharing website that is extremely easy to use for anyone with a video camera. The design and aesthetic of the Etsy site caters greatly to the primary user base of the site – 97% of the Etsy users are women.
Pretty soon, the pair got the idea of turning their apartment into a bed and breakfast and made over $1000 in a weekend. The free photo service ensures the listing gets the best light in the picture and sure helps it get booked faster.
Typography is an art of organizing and setting the type in such a manner that it not only attracts reader’s attention but also appeals to their aesthetic sense. It exemplifies how graphic designing soon became a powerful instrument for communicating ideologies.
Some design logos, typefaces, pictograms, while others create book jackets, magazines, comics, thought-provoking posters, record covers, film’s campaign artworks, corporate identity solutions and more.
A highly controversial artist Stefan Sagmeister has made a reputation by designing record sleeves for Lou Reed and poster for AIGA. Instead of taking users away from the player, Klein and the team focused on the user experience within the player itself and made the player highly portable in the sense that users can easily share, embed and take the video anywhere with them to their other online habitats. A passion for graphics is what helped Vimeo stand its ground when faced with huge competitors like YouTube.
Hurly switched to the Fine Arts major from Computer science in his second semester at college. As a loyal user to his own site, Kalin designed the website in a way that resonates very well with the hand craft community.
Using their graphic design skills, Chesky and Gebbias created special edition breakfast cereals called “Obama Os” and “Cap’n McCains”, taking inspiration from the two presidential candidates, whilst trying to fund the site in its early days. Besides Tschichold, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, El Lissitzky and Herbert Bayer are some of the famous graphic designers and typographers who played an influential role in shaping modern graphic designing. Pioneering book designers, Muriel Cooper and Chip Kidd are credited for designing books jackets.
What perhaps separated the two video sharing sites from each other is that Vimeo was designed with quality in mind rather than quantity, a site for the uploader rather than the viewer aiming to be amused for a minute or two before mindlessly searching for another video and forgetting the whatever experience had gone before in the process. The American cinema would seem tasteless without John Alvin’s inspiring input to the film’s art campaigns such as E.T, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Batman Returns.
FamousGraphicDesigners.org lists and provides biographies of influential figures who helped built the infrastructure of graphic designing today.

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