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Ebola, much like the plague of the 14th century England, has presently caused a state of medical emergency in different regions of America and Africa. To all of us, Albert Einstein has always struck as a genius man, who is a source of inspiration for us all. After the British Colonial rule ended in the United India in 1947, Pakistan emerged as a separate state by slicing out a part of India. What we cannot express or convey through words, can be put forth very effectively and appropriately through pictures.
This is a powerful, yet tragic, image of a young Liberian basketball player, Kaizer Dour, taken by Daniel Berehulak. Appreciated and admired largely for his contributions to science, the genius had a lighter side to his personality. Many Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan and in the same way many Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan migrated to India. The focus is always on the ship itself, however, the ice berg is always neglected – maybe for the reasons we all can understand. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.

It shows famous people who were killed, who killed them, when they killed them, and how they did it. Pictures do not have any language – they can be interpreted in million ways; or in as many ways as many eyes fall on them.
Stories regarding the existence of this monster have been around for the last many centuries. Declared as one of the most valuable players in the Liberian team, last season, the young man fell victim to Ebola and lost his life.
During this migration, which is known as one of the biggest migrations in the history of the world, millions of families were affected. A man, who could come up with the complex Theory of Relativity, could also stick his tongue out like any other person with average intelligence. This powerful image, in the remembrance of the migration, gives a strong message of human strength to endure hardships. If you take a closer look, you would be able to notice the scratched paint of Titanic on the side of the ice berg that caused the ship to sink.
The image speaks of the bleakness of Ebola, and is therefore termed as one of the ten most famous real life photos on our list.

This image which has made it to our list of ten most famous real life photos was taken in March, 1951.
Just so that you know, the ship carried 1, 317 passengers, out of which only 705 survived the shipwreck. These have made history and become an important treasure for the mankind, for its significance in history. Well, the first real image of ‘Nessie’ was taken back then; the same image that it posted right here. Let’s take a look at these ten most famous real life photos that we have compiled here for you!!!
In the year 1994, the family, who had claimed to have taken this picture of the monster, confessed to the world that it was a fake.

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