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Small Feather tattoo artworks are mostly preferred by those who are the first timer or want inexpensive good looking tattoo on their body.
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Ear tattoo is a perfect choice for those who love tattoos so much and want to use tattoos to express themselves. Like bird tattoos, feather tattoos are very interesting as they can communicate a wide range of feelings and emotions, as well as covey different meanings. Feather tattoos are a great way to create a personal style statement that really speaks of who you are.
It is also suitable for those body parts where large or medium sized tattoos may not fit well or look odd.

There is no make up that could hide your tattoo inside or behind the ear, just like ear piercing. The infinity symbol often appears with some meaningful words and symbols representing eternity of the subject.
It looks weird and you will see minimalist style of a lot of popular tattoo ideas in or behind ears. Feather tattoos can be very delicate and ethereal, and may signify a love for unrestrained freedom and flight. These are in lovely shadings of color and one tattoo will positively be finding a permanent place on your body parts. They may have other meanings as well which may differ according to the type of bird whose feather is being depicted in the tattoo.

An owl feather tattoo may signify various ideas like death, mystery, intelligence, wisdom, or protection against various evil spirits. A peacock feather tattoo is symbolic of beauty, royalty, rebirth, renewal, kindness, good luck, compassion and pride.
An eagle’s feather carries with it a sense of bravery, the ability to fly soaring heights and depths, and farsightedness.

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