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Firefighter tattoos enjoy huge popularity among the masses as well as the firefighters themselves.
The firefighter tattoos are inked on various parts of body but the ones that are more exposed find favor from the tattoo lovers because the purpose of wearing this tattoo is to show one’s acknowledgement and respect. Tattoo inked on arm of a firefighter with headgear bearing his identity number engulfed in flames. Large, black and white tattoo inked on back stands for the fearless spirit of the firefighters. A firefighter’s strong-arm wielding a scythe along with his number inked inside a bright orange flame wheel. Fire rescue written on bright red flames with a ladder and head-gear of firefighter showing the rescue operation preparedness.
Blood red flame placed side by side with the black silhouette of a firefighter carved on sleeve. The rescue ladder and the building surrounded by orange flames symbolise the fire accident site. A firefighter’s glorious prayer dedicated to his service inked in simple black fonts on both hands. This black and white tattoo shows a firefighter fully geared up and running up to the accident site to perform his duty. The bravery and fighting spirit are clearly visible in this tattoo showing a firefighter ripping through the flames to rescue the victims. An emblem sits on the arm of a fireman exhibiting the pride and glory associated with the service. Neat, colorful logo of a firefighting service organisation with the rescue operation gears.

Logo in the form of tattoo inked on a firefighter’s body associated with the custom fire Maltese.
The lady has got a tattoo inked on her leg with date in the loving memory of her beloved fireman. The skyscrapers of Boston and the logo of the city fire service symbolise alertness and promptness engraved on the arm of a fireman. A small, neat tattoo on upper back shows the fireman’s number inked on a scroll lying inside a floral pattern.
Maltese cross engulfed in flames and rescue tools stand for the fighting spirit of the warrior group. This firefighter has got the lucky number 13 inked on his arm for success and good fortune.
Colorful tattoo with birds and flames flying around the Maltese cross and fire fighter embossed inside it.
Awesome tattoo with flame background and a firefighter holding out his hand to a victim during a rescue operation. An edgy firefighter tattoo showing a skull wearing a helmet inked on a background covered with flames. A skeleton firefighter inked in red and black looks deadly and capable enough to tackle any major fire.
A black helmet and fireman number inked on leg with a flame backdrop and two axes placed cross ways..
A grim reaper fighting the dreaded, horrendous flames with his scythe arouses fear and awe.
This faceless firefighter stands for all those countless men who save people without caring about their own lives.

A beloved in the form of a fairy holding on to the shoulder of a fireman assured that the knight will bring her out safe and sound.
A firefighting service emblem framed by flames has the lettering fire rescue written on top and bottom carved on arm. Two axes and a helmet bearing the fireman number placed against a backdrop filled with raging flames.
Somber tattoo with a large green cross logo having flames rising from the edges has a call of duty. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The tattoos are mostly inked in bright, vibrant colors like red, orange and other such shades because the fire flames find resonance with these hues. Below is a list of 40 firefighter tattoos from which you can choose a good design that fits your idea of the perfect tribute to the firefighter.
The common folks who get firefighter tattoos inked on their bodies do so as a mark of respect towards the risk firefighters put their lives into while saving the lives for others.
The fire fighting workers really do a commendable job and tattoos are a good and stylish way of paying tribute to them and it is done versatile images and one liners.

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