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Fish is a underwater animal found all around the world having many different species with different size, colors and shapes. As mentioned earlier, fishes are of many types, more than 25000 according to the ichthyologists. Free Finding Nemo Fish Wallpapers - Enjoy Finding Nemo Fish wallpapers for your computer desktop.
Toys are fun, however a real living fish doesn't need to draw electrical power from controversial sources to keep itself going.

Remzz i agree, but i think it is a good solution, coral reefs were almost fished dry of nemo type fish after the movie, and now when it is floating it means battery empty, not fish dead. The skin looks fake, could have looked a lot more realistic provided they used higher quality plastic. Out of all the living things on earth, fish is the animal with the most diverse range in the all vertebrate groups.
The four-day event will open to public at Tokyo Big Sight on Saturday, showcasing a total of about 35,000 products by 144 toy manufacturers.

Also, there are many farms where fish are kept and bred to provide this food source to the human community.
That’s why many people love to have fishes of different attractive colors in aquariums at their homes.

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