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After our day at Venice Beach, I took Annie and Justin over to Flagship Society Tattoo Parlor in Garden Grove, where their ride back to the Northwest, Ian Dillon, was getting some new ink.
This entry was posted in Bohan, Random, Travel and tagged bohan, california, flagship tattoo, garden grove, tattoo parlor, will land. There were lots of people in attendance, so it was pretty tough to find parking outside the shop.
Outside the venue, there were a bunch of fresh cars lining the streets, but I wasn’t really too keen on getting my camera soaked to take photos of them.
Up front, we see Big Mike‘s internet famous Honda Prelude, which has a ridiculously clean engine bay… AND he drives it on the street!
Sitting right next to it is Tony Khamly‘s red widebody NSX, which also was soaking up the rain outside the event, parked right next to the food stands, which were giving out bacon-wrapped hot dogs and tacos to people for free!
Inside the Flagship Society garage, right next to the L-Con area, where our boy Louie does all his welding and race car chassis fabrication… there was an open bar, with generous bartenders pouring out lots of Singha Beer, RedBull and Vodka to all the event participants. Right across from the L-Con fabrication area was the Suicide Machine Co area, where super dope custom motorcycles get welded and built… on top of super clean hardwood floors. On the other side of the shop, there’s a storefront which is accessible from the street. Before I forget, they had several prizes and giveaways at the party… including a ported and polished cylinder head?! Even at the end of the night, there were plenty of people in attendance, chillin and drinking, having a good time… damn!
Sitting on one of the lifts on the L-Con garage… check out this Honda CVCC… with a tube frame?! I asked if I could take a photo, but he insisted that he doesn’t want to appear in any photos.
I'm addicted to taking photos (especially with my Canon SLRs and my iPhone) - I shoot at least one photo every single day. I've been involved with the emerging drifting scene in the USA since the late 1990s, and back in 2004, I decided to quit my corporate job as a Director of Sales and Marketing for a technology company so that I could chase my dreams, traveling all over the world to document drifting as it evolved from Japanese subculture to pop culture. After several years of working with print magazines worldwide, I accomplished a big goal of mine in 2006, by authoring my first hardcover book, entitled "Drifting: Sideways from Japan to America," the first book ever produced on the topic of drifting.
In fact, one of the many doors that my book opened up for me was that of a big video game company in Canada - Electronic Arts. A few years later, I was headhunted by a company called Cie Studios to spearhead a similar project - to develop and launch a content website for Nitto Tires. The success of that project led to the website winning top advertising awards from the Content Marketing Institute, but soon thereafter, I left the project so I could team up with a few close friends to develop new automotive events as part of the overall MotorMavens Movement. In 2012, we launched a car meet for Toyota, Scion, and Subaru enthusiasts called 86FEST when the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ were announced, and it grew to become the largest 86 event in North America. Driving my car in that rain storm was one of the sketchiest things I have done in a long time, but it was worth it for damn sure!

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He’s originally from the Seattle area, but then moved to Socal and then to Vegas last year where he opened shop. This was a weekend of Christmas Parties and get togethers with good friends, but it was also a weekend of really bad weather in Los Angeles – with ridiculous amounts of rain causing car crashes for non-rain trained drivers. There were tons of fresh cars on the streets lining the shop, but it was raining so hard, people weren’t really hanging out by the cars.
TONS of S2000s were in attendance, braving the inclement weather to come out to this fun gathering of friends. Brendan’s gorgeous widebody JZA80 Supra won an award at Mass Appeal also, because it is just so different and well put together. The storefront is actually a car parts, skateboards and clothing shop, selling all the newest wares from the DTA line, from the Rogue Status family.
Well, you obviously don’t want drunk people bumping into the master tattoo artist as he’s inking up a customer!
Ballade handles all the shop’s engine building, porting, polishing, and blueprinting. My background is in shooting advertisements and editorial photos for print magazines, as well as working with major motion picture studios in Hollywood. I have a huge collection of vintage Toyota memorabilia and rare parts to go with all the cars in my collection. One year later, I was contracted to create the first mass-produced and internationally distributed calendar on the topic of Drifting (2008 release).
One of the art directors stumbled upon a copy of my book at the local Chapters Bookstore, and they eventually decided to contact me.
This year, we are launching an all new event for Forced Induction vehicles called Boost Bash!
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With exhausts and skateboards hanging on the wall in the showroom, the last thing you’d expect to find is a tattoo parlor.
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It was hydroplane city out there on Southern California freeways, but it still didn’t stop people from coming out and packing the hell out of the Flagship Society grand opening event last night! Instead, everyone was having fun inside the shop itself with DJ A1 in the mix, getting everyone to bop their heads and groove as they walked around and checked out the shop with friends. They even had soda for the people who didn’t want to risk getting a DUI on a rainy day.
This thing will probably be crazy on the racetrack, but speaking to the owner, he told me that it’s actually going to be a street car.

There he is in the background… but have a look at this dope gold-and-graf laden newpaper rack. Again, I just can’t believe how immaculately clean this shop is… not to mention stylish! These projects were just a labor of love for me, so I never expected them to be as successful as they were; I certainly didn't expect to randomly see my book on bookshelves and coffee tables in other countries.
I was shocked and honored when they told me they used my photos and stories as a reference to add authenticity to their video games.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our mission to share our website and our authentic passion for the automotive scene!
Hey, you know what… I wonder if you guys might be able to help MotorMavens step up its coverage of Hondas and related info! You might have seen Big Mike’s award winning Prelude at the Castrol booth at the MotorMavens Mass Appeal Show at Irwindale Speedway! Good lookin’ to the MotorMavens clique for showing me love in person and here on the coverage. Blog had a table inside the event, passing out posters, with a bunch of scantily clad Vietnamese coffee shop girls smiling for pictures… and sometimes not. My life revolves around photography, cars and car culture; I am extremely passionate about these things!
I became one of the presenting hosts on camera for EA's Birth of Pro Street documentary film that aired on SpikeTV and Motors TV internationally. The rain sucked although didn’t effect people rolling through, love the Socal scene which is always going strong. And much respect to the homie Louie for throwing a damn good party that went strong throughout the day, regardless of the weather. At the same time, I grew up around the culture of hip hop music, with a reverence for graffiti art, underground mixtapes, and street fashion. Soon after, we formulated some plans and began working to create one of the biggest corporate-owned car culture blogs on the internet - Speedhunters. Just want to thank the shop owner for assisting me in getting a parking spot in the back since the streets were so crowded of JDM goodness.
Respect to you and congratulations on your accomplishments and success that years of work led to. Having a relationship with someone with herpes having a relationship with someone with herpes.

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