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Word tattoos are tattoo arts that are mainly comprised of words or phrases having some form of personal significance to the wearer.
You can choose from the word tattoo ideas presented above or create your own tattoo by taking inspiration from these. Today, people are more open to the idea of ??Words to tattoo on your foot as body decorations.
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This bold one word arm tattoo written in a stylish and angular shaded font seems to draw inspiration from Manga comics. This one word tattoo written inside a rolled-up scroll makes for an elegant tattoo for the upper back. Styled in an elegant traditional font in black ink this is a beautiful one word tattoo on the foot.
This single word tattoo on the arm is inked in black in a strong angular font for a rich impact.
A short word can be expressed with a single letter inked on each of the four fingers of a hand as this tattoo design idea shows. This elegant pair of name tattoos perhaps celebrates the memory of a beautiful girl, with an intricate butterfly in one tattoo adding to the beauty of the design.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Tattoos can be of two types One where in there are just pictures or symbolic designs and second, there are only words.
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This tattoo talks about making mistakes so that one can learn from them and improve in life. This tattoo has been inked on the wrist with the words Elysion and a leaf on top of the words.
She has inked the tattoo on her inner arm indicating that she needs to be strong after whatever tough times he has gone through in life. A tattoo on the shoulder with the words individuality inked talks about a highly independent person.
This tattoo has the words I will almost die for this beauty inked on her thigh close to the knee.
This person has the words never again inked to remind him or her of never making such a mistake again. This tattoo is a message about himself or herself that the person wants to send across to the world. Inked on the wrist, this tattoo talks about not giving up and holding on until the problems are resolved.
They are quite popular among people who want to create a style statement that is cool yet different. Perhaps it is the fact that unlike words written on paper your favorite word remains close to you right on your skin.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. You can choose to do a word tattoo that illustrates the lines of a poem, a personal motto, an inspirational idea, or maybe even lines from the Bible. Elsewhere in the world can not accept it or not, but are a million and one reasons why women choose to have their backs tattooed.
Thousands of years ago, ancient cultures look at body tattoos sign of power, virility, and loyalty within the tribe. The best designs followed the natural curvature of the spine and improve the shape of the waist.

Even a single word can pack a huge amount of impact and deep meaning, which makes One Word Tattoos very popular.
Both English word tattoos as well as tattoos in other foreign languages are equally popular among tattoo lovers. When you look at powerful tattoos consisting of just one word you get to step into the stories of the people who got the word tattooed. Sometimes a word tattoo can also be accompanied by other shapes and designs such as floral prints and swirls. For the more adventurous to go for symmetrical Celtic designs such as circles and black stars. The choice of font, traditional and ornate, or simple and modern, can also add to the impact of a single word tattoo. They want to express themselves elaborately and let the world know what their tattoo means. You can experiment with the font styles, sizes and colors to create variations in your word tattoos. So instead of spreading negative rumors about lower back tattoos, trying to see through the heart of this nature. A brief look at some One Word Tattoos gives you an idea of the creativity and original ideas that go into the art. The third type is related with the occurrence of certain incidents in a person’s life which have made an impact in his or her life.
They are popular with both men and women and can be worn practically on any part of the body. It is about coming face to face with your fears or reminding yourself of the lessons learnt from the event.

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