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Eliza, at Stitch It Cheap, said she had an extra and would send it to me–no charge.  What!#$%???? But after several tech savvy employees and I tried to recover the coupon, it simply was not there.  The app was, but it showed no coupon for that week.  Groan!
Closer to home, my dear friend Dawn was at the receiving end of another act of kindness from a stranger.
Believe me, she is one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving people I have ever known.  What happened to her and her family was a genuine tragedy. But sewing is therapeutic.  She had sewn and smocked for her 3 children and was now ready to do the same for her new grandchildren. In dialogue with the de-stashing seller, Dawn  explained to that she had almost nothing but a recently purchased sewing machine and would be interested in buying just about any supplies.

Lois, a reader of this blog, has started her own outreach program with Lezette’s Angel Gown. This entry was posted in free patterns and designs, patterns, uncategorized and tagged charity sewing, free embroidery design, sewing kindness. Give the Gift of Kindness on a regular basis and you will be see a change not only in the lives of those around you but also a positive, more fulfilling change in your own life. The purpose of the card is not to elicit a reward or response but rather to be used in times of autonomy where the recipient can appreciate the act. Instead of just taking your food and pulling off, give the Gift of Kindness and pay for the person behind.
After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list.

Sure it may cost you $5 but the simple act will have a profound impact on that person and in your own life. You then hand the cashier a KINDNESS CARD and ask that they give the card to the person when they pull through to pay. Later in the day or week, this person will look at the card and it will remind them that they were the recipient of a the Gift of Kindness.

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