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We tested the Lens with IPhone 5s and overall it worked great, the attachable lens attaches to the phone without a problem, but here is the problem with it. The lens has no internal memory so evey picture that it takes is trasfered via Wi-Fi to your Phone. If you have a phone that supports NFC then you are in better luck but NFC transfer speeds are pretty slow compared to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
For The current Price tag of $199.99 you are better of buying a Point and Shoot camera which will produce better results.
If only Sony had added Bluetooth connectivity, this Portable attachable lens could see a lot more attention, but because it has few major limitations we have to say that we will not recommend this product.
Since both are used by leading award winning photographers around the world saying one is better than the other is just really a matter of preference. Nikon D800 DSLR offers an impressive 36 megapixel sensor, while the Canon EOS 5d mark III offers a mere 22 megapixel that’s a 14 megapixel difference for a camera that’s costs is about the same.
The design and placement of dials, controls, flip screens and shutter release buttons differ from Canon and Nikon, they’re almost always opposite. For years Nikon has had some kind of secret they’ve patented to ensure perfect and consistent flash exposure, while Canon users struggle with the variation of frame to frame exposure. Most DSLR cameras have two distinct types of autofocus speeds, a slow contrast detection or a fast phase detection.
While Nikon and Canon have the same screen dimensions, their ratios differ, Canon has a 3:2, the same as it actual images, while Nikon’s differs so image appears smaller on screen. Nikon has more advanced features that lets you embed your images without having to upload to a computer first.
Nikon offers easy data transferring without any software to install, folders can be created within the camera settings itself for easier transferring too. While there are other features where one is better than the other it’s always best to talk to a professional and ask why they prefer their favored brand.
It’s so common to watch videos on YouTube and being uploaded every then and now however; just uploading a small video clip of a performance of dancing or singing and then looking for audience can be of a hard task.
CyberLink PowerDirector has a long list of tools that are too impressive and unique for users let it be experts or just beginners.
It has three modes that can accessible that are Easy editor, Full Feature Editor and Slideshow Creator according to the user’s level of using it. CyberLink also offers tutorials on website to help the beginners learn much more techniques than they are aware of. The amount of color saturation that is within your image is often dependent on the color levels your camera is set to pick up. If there is no definition in your image, then what you’ve got going on is a contrast issue.
The worst feeling in the world is to have a stunning close-up image that your eyes can see, but the focus on your camera can’t see at all. Macro photography is taking close-up shots to the extreme, some of the best images are those that capture fine details unseen by the naked eye. Short Macro 30-50mm   This lens would be a step up from the macro rings, but better suited for stationary subjects like flowers, fruit, food, or portraits. Standard 60-105mm Macro    This lens will allow you the distance of 9 to 12 inches from your subject, an improvement from 6 inches. Black and White   Although black and white photography is not trendy, it has staying power and will remain a classic among photographers.
Film Cameras   While film does have its disadvantages, cost, limited shots, and the inability of preview, it does have a soft and rustic look. Digital Infrared   Playing with infrared effects is far more easier than it was when photographers used film cameras. The Tilt and Shift technique is growing in popularity, although it’s not a new technique, technology has taken it to a new level of artistry.
Shift   A shift lens will stay parallel, but move up and down via rails that are built into each side of the lens. Fake Miniaturing   If done right, this technique can have the most amazing effect making a picture of a large yellow dump truck look like a child’s toy, for example. Black and White Photography has been around for ages, some of the most iconic photographs in the world today aren’t anything more than a simple black and white image. This takes some practice, but operating on a manual mode in the front and the back end will produce the best images, especial when it comes to Black and White Photography. Black and white photography is about the subtlety of a contrast instead of the stark reality that a color image provides. If you utilize a software program to manipulate your photographic images, then you may wish to actually shoot in a color format and then convert the image into black and white photography digitally.
This free photo app is more for those who take portrait or landscape shots with their cameras and want to take advantage of the rainbows, unicorns, and cats that are so popular on the internet today! Made with the iPhone in mind, this is one of the easiest apps to use when it comes to digitally manipulating specific focus points of an image.
If you want all the basics of what you’d find in an Adobe program, then this is the free photo app for you. Photoshop photo manipulation is a powerful tool in the hands of a really skilful designer or photographer. In today’s post we bring together fresh Photoshop photo manipulation tutorials released in 2012. Very Stunning Examples Of Digital Art at it’s best wish I could learn to do this myself.
However, it is also very expensive and might not be suitable for the (simple) editing needs of an average person.
This is a nice add-on to your phone to take pictures, but perhaps Sony has come up short when developing this attachable Lens.
The connectivity between the phone is with either Wi-Fi or NFC, since IPhone does not support NFC we were limited to using Wi-Fi connection. There are some biased photographers that swear by their favored brand and claim to be un-compromised when it comes to their beloved camera brand they have used since first being bitten by the photography bug.
And it’s pretty impressive that some of the latest action packed block buster movies were recently made using the Canon 5d Mark II.
For example, Canon places their quick control dial at the rear of its camera while Nikon has two dials one in front and one in the back of its grip and a D-pad on the rear of its camera. Just recently Canon’s 5D Mark III has perfected this flash exposure issue and is now equal to Nikon’s. The fast autofocus is best used for shooting through the viewfinder, while the slow autofocus is generally best for live view autofocus. Canon also has a very specific coating on it’s screen that resists oil smudging from fingers while Nikon doesn’t. Canon has just caught up with Nikon on this, where as before one would have to load the images and use special software to embed images on their PC. Canon still requires special software you must install in your PC before you can transfer your images. There is always a trade off and if you’re on a tight budget it’s best to try out each before you decide on which you’ll be investing in. So for grabbing attention of maximum number of audiences it is important to have a high-quality video along with a video editor where files can be merged, add music, tiles, transitions and much more. PowerDirector also facilitates nearly all file types like MPEG, MKV, MOV and also fewer ordinary ones! Would you love to make your digital camera create stunning images that don’t require any additional processing once you transfer them to your computer? Because of this, most people judge the light based on what they see and then use the auto settings of their camera to compensate for this.
A good number of digital cameras have a default setting that mutes the green and red levels of the colors that you pick up, creating images that are unnecessarily dull and lifeless.

Instead of leaving the auto-focus on your camera, try using the focus settings through the back of the camera. Most photographers will use very small subjects like an insect resting on a leaf, or the droplets of water on flower petals or a close-up of the human eye with extreme detail. Before you purchase the lens, make sure it’s compatible, newer cameras and lenses are sized differently than their older models, you may need to purchase an adapter. You won’t get the finer details, but you’ll have the ability to be up close without blurring and a wider depth of field. If you’re itching to capture that elusive butterfly resting on a rose blossom, the 105mm focal length is the lowest you want to go. If, for example you take an image of a deeply green forest thick with fog and change it to black and white, you get a different vibe or story. This may be due to camera’s sensors and its remarkable ability to capture light, especially natural light. It required special film and filters plus it had to be stored in certain temperatures, it was only for the serious and most dedicated photographer. Many creative photographers are purposely creating a blurred or fuzzy effect of background lights making them look like orbs, while keeping the subject’s image clear and clean.
It’s been around for more than 60 years, using specialized adapters or lenses, though its effect differs from what you are seeing most recently. Traditional lens are parallel or vertical to the camera’s film, ensuring that your focal plane is in focus, say for example a child on their bike. This special lens comes in handy with vertical perspective distortion that is too tall to fit within the camera’s shot, e.g. You can find plenty of Tilt and Shift applications for your smart phone and all your mobile devises that you can play around with. The first step is to get into your menu settings to create a black and white file instead of a color file. For macro-photography, look into your digital aperture settings for an enhanced digital zoom.
You want to put some digital grain into the image, but you don’t want to put a lot into it because it creates an effect like the static snow on a blank over-the-air television channel. When you’ve got a day that is gray, cloudy, and feels like rain, then you’ve got the perfect day for working on your art! This will give you more control over the brightness and contrast of the image while letting you blend in some of the lighter spots that show up with ease.
Before you share your images on your preferred social network or start creating your own memes, you’ll want to perfect that shot you took with a variety of filters, enhancers, and beautifiers so the image can be stunning!
With the beautify function, you just have to touch one image to maximize the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of your image.
You can quickly give any photograph a vintage look, add a little grunge to it like you had a high ISO setting on your camera, or just splash a little color into the image if you want.
Add cutout images to photos, insert new dress and hair styles, or just completely invade an image with a wide variety of clipart that will give you the customized image you want. Image recognition technology will help you isolate specific subjects in the image and allow you to apply different filters to different focus points. If you want to learn new techniques which you might not see yet then the below Photoshop tutorials are for you. Fortunately, there are dozens of free photo editing apps available that will let you change your photos in mesmerizing ways.They might not be as good as Photoshop, but their capabilities are good enough to satisfy most users. The worst part is that you can only use it where you are able to connect it to Wi-Fi, this makes this Sony Lens usage very limited.
It may be that most brand snobs don’t realized that it can come across as snobbish (and insulting) when they respond with “I only use [insert brand here] I’d NEVER use [insert your brand here]”  when asked what brand of camera they use. Both Nikon and Canon companies are based out of Japan have been rated as #1 in camera sales over the years, they both have produced high quality equipment and are backed up with quality assurance and excellent warrantees. Nikon’s D800 is no slacker, it’s been used for TV broadcasting in serval studios from TV shows to nightly news.
When it comes to zooming and focusing, exposure, and mounting the lens, they’re at opposite ends. The only draw back is Nikon still out performs Canon by way of user friendly flash settings. Each of these systems are different and non-compatible, until Canon created an advanced system, its 70D features a Duel Pixel CMOS AF than enables an 80% of the sensor area to be used as phase detection so you can switch seamlessly from video to picture. The materials the screens are made from also different, Canon has a high-quality screen that’s anti-refection and easy to view in daylight, Nikon remains uncoated and difficult to view in outdoor light. If you offer to do an internship with a professional, you can get hands on experience and an insight to the differing features to these two amazing camera systems.
Everything that you need must be made certain before purchasing a program as to satisfy your requirements.
Theme Designer tool permits the beginners to make their projects in no time with only 3 step process. Most digital cameras need to be adjusted in some way [and sometimes multiple ways] in order for them to take the best image possible. The only problem with this is that it causes your image to become overexposed by about 10 to 20 percent.
Consider pushing the saturation levels up by a point or two in the green or red spectrum to breathe new life into an image. A manual focus will give you more control and let you really manipulate the image in a custom way.
Without the aid of special adapters or lenses this kind of close-up will blur and be out of focus. With having to be as close as 6 inches you may cast a shadow over your subject, which is why this isn’t a good lens to use for capturing moving objects like bugs that will be startled by you moving around too much. This mid-range cost lens will give you greater detail than that of 30mm to 60mm but the higher the number the greater detail will be picked up. Film cameras are impractical for professional use, but for the hobbyist and the artistic photographers, they have a value and quality above digital. Today, most digital cameras have built in IR filter, you can also have yours customized too. Just remember if you’re new to photography it’s about the numbers (60mm to 200mm) not the label, learn the difference between macro lens versus macro zoom. For example if the subject image is a glass of champagne, the background lighting might be candlelights, or fireworks. By using a special lens that tilts you can narrow your focal plane to a one particular point, like focusing in on the child’s face while the rest of the picture is a blur, this gives the picture an artistic flare or depth to your subject. You can achieve that “plastic”toy look with adjustments in your photography software, like photoshop. There are even websites where you can upload any picture and give it a tilting effect or fake miniaturing look. Keep your ISO as low as you can so that your image can be clearly perceptible instead of overwhelming the viewer of the image with the image noise a high ISO has produced.
The best images will have a variety of different shapes and tones to them so that the viewer has different points of interest.
You could pay hundreds of dollars per year for professional photo manipulation software… or you could utilize these free mobile apps to make the most out of your images. You can also manually adjust these items, add in specific filters, and even create new focus points in a format that is incredibly easy to use and works across all platforms. There are 194 different effects and filters to use AND you can add watermarks to your images to make sure they don’t get stolen from your account.
Automatic filters will help you compensate light settings and a number of different filters will let you add plenty of effects.
These tutorials are made for those people who have creative mind and like experimenting with different effects.

Click on the images to go from where the images has been taken and learn more about their creators and to appreciate them. You can checkout our list of the 5 best free photo editing tools to choose the best one for you.1. Both of these camera systems have models that offer full HD recording with range of frame rates, available headphone audio monitoring & stereo sound recording, manual controls for exposure, that are capable of high quality high-definition footage, pretty impressive.
So as to why most photographers have a biased camera brand when it comes to handling, it’s no wonder that why there’s a favored brand, if one were to switch back and forth between the two models (in one photo shoot for example), it’d be a recipe for frustration and disaster. While Nikon has easy to find and select options, Canon requires some research and thorough reading of their manual to find how to change settings like flash sync and speed. You may find that a Nikon fits better in your hands, or you may discover a you favor Canon’s LCD touch-screens, but the only sad part is, as stated before is deciding what your trade-off is going to be. With no doubt, fancy software might prove to be difficult and complicated to use and the ones who do not know much about the basics are bound to stuck in it. Reduce the exposure levels through your menu settings so that your automatic settings can be a better replication of what your eyes can see. It takes a little extra work, but change the settings based on your lighting and you’ll create a better overall temperature and hue in your image.
You can use your regular lens, there’s no need to purchase special lens, just use the adapters or rings. If you’re using the Four Thirds system, double the focal length as the field of view cover twice the field of view. This lens is perfect for getting extra close to jumpy subjects and narrowing the field of depth of your subject.
Black and white however, gives this scene a haunted, foreboding feeling, the fog becomes menacing, a danger.
The demand for vintage high-quality film cameras is climbing, and sadly some are purchased as collections doomed to sit on a shelf and gather dust. Photoshop and Elements have settings to convert colored photos to infrared black and white or monochromatic. Macro lenses are very specific and corrected lenses that allow the photographer to get up close and personal to small subjects like insects and flowers. Its effect, when used properly, can make almost any picture look like a miniature diorama, giving the subject a toy-ish look. This technique is a great medium to use for those photographers that love to use their photos to tell a story or grab their audience and force them to focus on one particular spot within the whole image.
If you’re too close to your subject plane, the tree per example, the top of the tree will be cut off. That’s the benefit of the digital format, however, because you can tinker with your camera to get the light settings just right through your ISO and F-Stop. Incorporate shadows when you can, otherwise the higher light levels will create less subtlety in your image and you’ll end up with a result that is monotone. This will bring about a natural focus, create interest in the work, and give you a stunning result in the end.
You can also crop and rotate your image in a number of different formats, including the 4×3 ratio for personal prints if you want too. The tutorials listed below will help you learning various techniques of how to manipulate images using Photoshop.
I appreciate to all those talented designers who created these excellent graphics with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to see these wonders.
GIMP When we step down from Photoshop, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is the first alternative we look at. However, Canon first came up with a excellent focus tracking system, its Duel Pixel CMOS AF used with STM lenses that’s been designed for video, the autofocus is smooth, fast and an accurate.
However, that being said, there are professionals that carry both and are used to switching back and forth, but with novice or hobby photographers it can be frustrating at best. Unfortunately Nikon’s hybrid AF system is limited to Nikon series 1 in their compact system. If you’re looking for a clear close up without losing the your depth of field, you’ll want a shorter macro between 30mm and 60mm. It’s a simple process of removing the traditional lens, fitting the reversal ring to the filter side of your lens then reattaching your lens to your camera. An added benefit of MILCs are their shutter noise is quieter, and may be less likely to startle any edgy critters.
Black and white photos also uses light and shadow that will give more depth to the image, and presence to your subject and can express strong emotion. If you want a clean detailed and sharper image, it’s best to convert your digital to an IR dedicated camera.
This effect can be accomplished with your standard camera or you can upload such an image and use photo editing software or look for online applications where you upload your image and apply the effect.
Even though the latter is often referred to as Tilt and Shift photography “tilt”and “shift”can be two separate photography effects. But, if you point your camera up, you get perspective distortion, giving the top of the tree a narrow perspective while the bottom or trunk of the tree looks wider than it actually is. With patience, you can transform the most blasescenic picture and give it a dramatic look or an imaginative aura. However, it’s a great place to start and play around with different effects besides Tilt and Shift, for a lower cost.
You can still get good images with auto settings, of course, but you’ll create stunning images when you go manual.
This list is not long in numbers but I promise you that when you start browsing them in details it will surely refresh you and force you to know more about these designers. When it comes to body styles and placements of knobs, dials and controls this is all a matter of tastes, one is not better that the other, so it’s just a matter of personal opinion and preference which is better than the other. If you jonesing for that minute detail and a narrowed field of depth, you’’ll want 150mm minimum. This distortion effect is actually great artistically and most photographers enjoy and appreciate its quality, but if one is trying for an accurate representation, a shift lens can be a real life saver. These are the mind-blowing creations of creative designers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference. Pixlr One of the most famous online editing tool, Pixlr offers amazing editing features which are perfect for novice and professional users. With the help of photography processing software you can layer your multiple exposure level images for maximum effect and a realistic image that’s closer to what the human eye sees. It has comes as a  free app, but has a paid membership, however, the free one is more than enough for most users.
You can also modify your photos with it, like crop, resize, white balance, auto-adjust, resolution, contrast, red-eye removal and whiten teeth. Furthermore, it also has desktop and smartphone clients to edit your photos (offline) on your favorite device.
It is a very simple free editing tool that offers tons of features, perfect for very basic editing tasks. It offers effects like, distortion, noise removal, blur, different effects, shapes, embossing, red-eye removal and 3D zoom. PhotoScape If you like to have a photo editor that could edit your photos and also offer other handy photos related tools, then PhotoScape is for you. When it comes to editing, it doesn’t offers any robust features like the above mentioned tools, but it organizes photos very well.
So if you just need a simple yet quick basic editor that takes care of your pictures, then Picasa is waiting for you.It will show all the available pictures on your PC or Google drive in the main interface, where you can easily access or edit them.

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