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This is Caroline, Curtis’ Millennial marketing manager, and I just got sucked in by something FREE. It was a free oil change, and though I knew that Valvoline, where I normally go for this service, does a fast, clean, cheap job, I decided to go with a competitor service station because I had a FREE coupon. The car service shop I went to may think they won a new customer by giving me something FREE.
It cost me extra stress, due to the fact that they ignored my appointment time and proceed to serve other customers who had not reserved that time slot. Maybe I just caught this shop on a bad afternoon, when they were abnormally busy and understaffed.
If you’re going to give away something for FREE, you are paying to get new customers in the door.

In 3,000 miles, I bet you can guess where this Millennial won’t be getting her oil changed. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects BUT you must not use it for abuse. It can achieve a higher open-rate in email marketing, it can spark interest in a disengaged customer, and it can pull clients from a competing brand.
It got me into their shop, it got me to test their services — I was a potential gold mine for all future oil changes. But the experience got me thinking about how important it is to use the word FREE with care.
Those FREE products or services had better be high-quality products and services that you’re proud of, not just the rejects off the factory line that you can’t sell anyways.

Even a customer who is loyal to one brand or service will find it hard to ignore something that is FREE.
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