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Each treatment is $75.00, for five minutes on the clock, which will allow our practitioner to make one complete pass at a pretty large tattoo or area.
Tastes change as we get older and wiser :-) Getting a tattoo at a young age is the most common reason for tattoo removal. How successful the tattoo removal is depends on many factors, the patient's immune system being one of the more important. With every treatment, there is damage done to the surface of the skin, leaving scars behind. Getting laser removal generally costs at least about $150 per session and can be as high as $800 or more per session. Tattoo removal may take time and it may prove expensive in the long run, but the results are worth it to anyone who doesn’t want to live with an unwanted tattoo. Some people try a tattoo removal cream like Tat B Gone and Wrecking Balm because of the pain and expense of lasers. There is little scientific evidence that a tattoo removal cream will remove a tattoo, but there are some reports online that it may work to lighten a tattoo by fading the colour of the ink. Besides creams and laser tattoo removal there are some other (usually older) removal methods. Chemical Peel: chemical peel is originally a body treatment technique used to rejuvenate the skin. Bleach: stories go round on the internet about people who have used bleach for tattoo removal. Dermabrasion: this is a technique in which the top layer of the epidermis of the skin is removed by sanding.
Surgical Excision: with this technique a tattoo is surgically removed, then the edges are brought together and sutured. If you're not happy with your tattoo design and you're not too fancy about tattoo removal, you can choose for a cover up tattoo. Well-done cover up tattoos make the old tattoo completely invisible, like you can see on the before and after image on the left.
The Clean Slate Program offers free (or affordably priced) tattoo removal for youth who are involved in street gangs and want to quiet the gang lifestyle.
There are Clean Slate Programs in many cities and states such as Houston (Texas), San Jose, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Troy, Albany, New Jersey, Florida, NJ, Portland, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, Oregon and Seattle. Ask your doctor for a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist that is a specialist in tattoo removal.

Our facility can handle any color, any area and will always achieve the highest level of results. The clock will not stop, if the individual wants to take a break they can at anytime but the clock will remain running. After all most of us would like to think that a tattoo is forever – that’s why we get them in the first place! That’s a thought that goes through everyone’s mind at some point, and the fact is, some tattoos do end up being a source of regret.
A typical tattoo removal requires 8 to 12 treatments, with 6 to 8 weeks between treatments.
Removal also leaves blisters behind as well as scabs over the places where the laser destroyed the tattoo ink. The ever-evolving technology of lasers has made it safer than ever to have laser tattoo removal and less likely that it results in scarring, but there is still a chance of it occurring.
Colours like yellow, green and fluorescent colours are the hardest tattoo colours to be removed. Recently a new brand of ink surfaced, called Infinitink, that enables tattoos to be removed 3 times faster that conventional tattoo ink. While getting a small tattoo generally costs $100 - $200, depending on the intricacy of the tattoo, removal of that same tattoo might cost you up to ten times that amount!
A small, dark tattoo that is not too deeply placed may take only one or two sessions for complete removal, but most require several sessions to see a dramatic difference.
I'll tell you in advance: forget about homemade tattoo removal, that the only method that really works is laser removal. For people really determined to get rid of a tattoo, this might be acceptable – but for many, it was a catch-22.
The colours of the new tattoo have to be darker than those of the old tattoo to successfully hide the unwanted design.
These are medical clinics that specialize in the latest laser techniques to get rid of a tattoo. There are a couple different options for numbing that we offer to each patient before the procedure.
If your looking to remove the past or maybe clear that skin for some new ink let the experts at Pacific Dermatology Institute take care of you. In fact, it may turn out to be substantially more expensive and painful than it was to get the tattoo in the first place, so no one should make the decision to get a tattoo with the idea that it can be removed later on if you change your mind!

People with regrettable tattoos once had to endure surgery to get rid of a tattoo, but today there are far less invasive methods such as lasers and creams. Lasers work by using short pulses of light to target the tattoo ink that is under the skin.
Often, the chance of scarring depends in the size and colour of the tattoo as well as the thickness of the skin, thin skin scars more easily. The type of tattoo ink that was used as well as how deep the artist injected the ink also play a part in how many sessions it requires to remove the tattoo. The size and colour of a tattoo, its placement and the overall skin tone of the person will determine how easy it is to get rid of a tattoo.
There is some controversy over whether they work at all, and if they do, to what degree they work. While we know this procedure has a reputation of being painful we are confident we can help get you to the finish line. This light is a highly concentrated type of light that can break apart the ink into very small pieces. In case of tattoo removal that deep layer of skin needs to be accessed and that is very difficult to achieve with do it yourself tattoo removal methods.
At a tattoo removal clinic, there may be several options other than a laser as well, including cover-up tattoo services and fading of a tattoo. That’s why we have carefully designed our prices and treatment plans to get you there.
All topical medications are prescription based and will require a quick, no hassle, free consultation at anyone of our four convenient locations.
These pieces are then small enough for the body’s own immune system to attack and carry away. Maximum distribution allowance for each purchase and medication can only be dispensed from office. Multiple treatments will be required for removal and individual results vary based on quality of tattoo application and color. One problem with this method is that this process can take time, money and it may take many treatments before it is successful.

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