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Published: 01.12.2014. Category: Music Tattoo Designs

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Let’s face it, handwriting fonts are not for everyone, nor are they for every project. Check out these ten free fonts you can use to inspire and weave into t-shirt designs, and then share your favorites. Worstveld is another font that may seem feminine at first glance, but carries masculine undertones, especially with its capital letters and numbers. MarkerScript may seem like an odd font to include, but we think it has a lot of personality.
Jenna Sue is similar to Halo in its feminine qualities, but it offers a more serious connotation that can appeal to a wider audience. Don Quixote is not an average font and cannot be used for every project, but it will absolutely set off the perfect one.

T-shirt designs are the perfect match for blocked letters, and when they are combined with hand-drawn letters – the result is pure magic. We hope you enjoyed this free font list and would like to hear about your favorite fonts for t-shirt designs. It is too mature for child or kid designs, but will work perfectly in a variety of projects. This handwriting font can be used in a plethora of projects with its thick and sleek letters.
It gives off a culturally distinct feel and will work great for businesses, hobbies or sarcasm. KG fits the handwriting description perfectly with its natural spaced letters that do not measure a tad above normal. The fonts bring flair and personality to material designs and offer a flavor not found in the normal serif or sans-serif fonts.

The capital letters are clean, easy to read and lowercase letters are reminders of what fun cursive used to look like.
The tall, scratchy letters remind us of music bands from the 90’s, but there are plenty of ways to use it outside of the musical genre.
The random thickness and width of the letters lead it to a sort of spastic emotion, but all it needs is the right design. But Neo Retro Draw is incredible because it can be utilized for all age ranges and designs.

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