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There are some female tattoo designs that are only for the very daring and this includes wrist tattoos for women which are guaranteed to attract attention. Perhaps one of the most popular reasons for getting wrist tattoos for women, has to be its bracelet style design which is just like a permanent piece of jewellery and most women love their bejeweled adornments. Fortunately wrist tattoos for girls are one of the most versatile designs and can include other images within the overall tattoo.
When you're getting a new tattoo, the location of your tattoo is just as important as the design.
As with all other tattoos, the depth and significance of the design are entirely up to you.
Owing to the connection between the wrist and the heart, some couples choose to have the names of eachother tattooed upon the underside of the wrist.
Eva Longoria: has the date 7 7 2007 in Roman numbers (VII VII MMVII) tattooed on her inner wrist. Keyshia Cole: has a flaming black rose together with her initials KC, done by tattoo artist Mister Cartoon.
Rihanna: has a Maori tribal on her hand and wrist, done in New Zealand in the traditional way. You may be put off by some of the options available for wrist tattoos for guys as many studios and online galleries offer more feminine designs. Other cool designs could be a name or word that has some significant meaning to the wearer whether this is simply for inspiration or in memorial of a departed loved one perhaps. Another idea that works well for this type of tattoo is a single image as the focal point on the inner wrist area, although this does not work over the full wrist. This is a very prominent design that is hard to miss so only the very brave or the most confident women should consider this type of tattoo on one of the most noticeable body parts. These can also be used to make a strong statement in a very subtle manner depending on the selected style and design.
Popular additions to wrist tattoos for women Zodiac signs, vines, letters, names and words or any other small symbol that appeals.

The inner wrist is one of the most intimate yet visible parts of the human body, a place where the heart's blood pulses close to the surface. Your wrist tattoo can be full of meaning or it can be used like a permanent bracelet - an accessory that accentuates your forearm and beauty. Your wrist is a place you look upon a lot, that's why it's an ideal place for a motivational quote, Biblical quote or other life wisdoms. Kanji (Japanese characters) have been very popular, but nowadays you see more and more tattoos in Sanskrit, Tibetan or Hebrew (especially Bible phrases). On her other side she's got a Roman date (May 8, 1997), apparently the date she and David Beckham first became intimate. Later the question mark got incorporated into a partial sleeve with butterflies, a swallow and a peace sign. However, with a bit of research you will be able to find many designs that look good on either sex. Some of the most sought after words used for wrist tattoos for guys include positive nouns and adjectives like love, hope, belief, purpose, live, discipline, life, God or family. This symbol could be your zodiac sign, a star, a rosary, a Celtic or tribal design and even Kanji characters. Logically, when you think about it, there is very little we do with our arms and hands that does not involve movement so it is not surprising that any adornment in that area will easily attract attention.
This can take a variety of social or personal themes and can be as simple or elaborate as the individual prefers. It may not even be something that is obvious or apparent at first glance but the wearer will know that its there and what it represents, which will enhance the tattoo’s personal value overall. Patterns in the Celtic or tribal style used to be a popular choice, but are lately being replaced by some more-inspired ideas. One of the more popular choices in the bracelet design which wraps around all or just half of the wrist. You might even consider two opposing words such as life and death, heaven and earth, yin and yang, now and forever and many others including that old favorite love and hate if that appeals to you.

You may feel that wrist tattoos for guys have limited designs for you to choose from but a good tattoo artist can help you customize any of these tattoo ideas to make it more masculine and personal for you. Eating, drinking, talking, gesturing and pointing are things we do a dozen times every day, all of which will draw the eye’s attention to an inking on the wrist. One with minimalist tastes may simply want a solid, black band inked in the area while a woman who wants to emphasize her feminine attributes may opt for a floral chain or similar design. However, as this is one of the most prominent locations to have a tattoo, a woman needs to bare this in mind before she rolls up her sleeve for this particular type of tattoo. Words, flames, vines, barbed wire, Celtic signs and other symbols all work well in this area. Inspirational words can be very powerful when inked on the skin so if this is what you want, make sure you choose something appropriately uplifting as you will read it every day of your life.
However, it is worth remembering that a detailed tattoo will not just take more time and be more expensive but it will involve more pain and extra healing time. Tribal designs with interlocking shapes and patterns may be the preference of a well balanced or spiritual individual while a strong woman who wants the world to know she’s no pushover may go for a more aggressive design with thorns or barbed wire and even a bracelet of harsh flames.
Not only will this be with you forever, but it will be difficult to conceal so it is imperative to ensure you choose the right design that you will be happy to display with pride. Many guys who choose a text design may decided on their favorite quote, a short phrase or sentence and even script in a foreign language.
After all, no girl wants to wear long sleeved garments for the rest of her life and even then, the tattoo would still be visible when the arm moved. Most fonts look good for this kind of tattoo although Sanskrit is particularly effective on a bracelet design.
Finally, if you are happy that you have the right design that you can show off with pride then make sure you have slim well manicured hands and slender wrists that will do this design much more justice than stubby nail bitten ones!

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