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1891Returned to India in 1891 and began practicing law though found it difficult to earn a living.
1893Went to South Africa as a lawyer for an Indian firm there and was persuaded by the Indian community to remain and help them overcome discrimination.
1919Planned all-India Satyagraha campaign in response to the British passing the Rowlatt Act that perpetuated wartime curtailment of Indian civil liberties. 1933Fasted for 21 days on behalf of the untouchables – he was released at the beginning of his fast to relieve the British of the responsibility if he should die. Kasturbai Gandhi, gandhi’s wife, became more politically active – she was arrested six times in 2 yrs. 1936Moved his ashram to Wardha in central India where he continued to publish his weekly newspaper, renamed ‘Harijan’ though (based on what he renamed the untouchables.

1947August 15: India and Pakistan were partitioned and became independent – Gandhi fasted in sorrow and in an effort to quell the communal strife that broke out between Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. 1948January 30: Gandhi was assassinated as he walked to the daily prayer meeting he held in the garden outside the Birla house in New Delhi.
His body was cremated in New Delhi, on the Jumna River at Rajghat that became a national shrine, and his ashes scattered in the sacred rivers of India. Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan and Head Asian Business Exhibition & Conferences Ltd Balbeer Gandhi during the inauguration of Glamour Style Walk 2013 in Mumbai on Friday, August 30th, 2013. I appeal to people from the subcontinent of India who have settled in the USA and who have had the good fortune to realize many aspects of the American dream. We owe it to future generations to reach out and make the epic, and profoundly inspiring story of The Frontier Gandhi known to the world.

McLuhan wishes to move forward and create a DVD of the movie for schools throughout the USA, Canada, and South Asia — with a global outreach program to follow. I urge you to put your best instincts forward and become a sponsor of peace and non-violence — so nobly and courageously exemplified by the lives and legacies of our Mahatma Gandhi and his kindred spirit The Frontier Gandhi.

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