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As a passionate and long-time practitioner in the field, I’ve seen HR go through many changes — one of the most positive of which is that the HR function is no longer perceived as an administrative, tactical and paper-pushing role.
When exploring job postings, take some time to research the “competencies” associated with that HR area. It also (almost) goes without saying that if you do have industry experience (through volunteer work or internships for example) you include trigger or key words in your resume that will help get your resume noticed. Consider becoming a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) — the world’s largest association devoted to human resources management. There’s also The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK and the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). Take advantage of social networking sites to share content (your profile), find answers, view jobs or make new business contacts. Not only does this give you valuable real-world HR experience, it also demonstrates to future employers that you are taking initiative with your career by seeking out career opportunities in a variety of ways.
And even if it doesn’t, you’re building a career network and future employee references for yourself.
Dominique is Halogen Software's Chief People Officer and has over 20 years experience in the talent management industry both in Europe and North America. The latest talent management case studies, ebooks, articles, and seminars delivered to your inbox! The Halogen TalentSpace Blog is your go-to-place for the latest thinking on how to build a world class workforce.
Get our daily TalentSpace Blog email "How to Excel at Goal Management"--> delivered right to your inbox. William decided to book three full-day sessions consecutively, and after roughly 24 hours (8 hour sessions a day x 3) he walked out with the incredible piece you see here.
All throughout his tattoos there are details which tie-in each of the main pieces together. There is a high likelihood that when you get a tattoo on the spur of the moment, you’re probably going to regret your decision later on down the road.
You should really think about where you’re going to get your first tattoo put on your body for many different reasons.
Also, you want to find a reputable tattoo parlor, because you want an artist that will be able to give you a kick ass design. When you find the tattoo artist that you’re going to go with, you should communicate with them as much as possible.
You may want to ask a friend or family member to come with you when you get your first tattoo. After the outline was finished, my friend had to eat before the tattoo artist would allow him to continue. Some tattoo parlors will tell you straight up that you will get free touch-ups for x amount of time after you get the tattoo.
You may need multiple sessions for the tattoo you’re getting and it could depend on many factors. Today's post is for anyone feeling brave and thinking about getting their very first tattoo.
So I'm going to assume you're 18 or over, with a design in your head that you love and you've thought carefully about for quite some time. Your artist will have already discussed your artwork with you when you book an appointment.
Once you're ready, you'll be able to sit or lie down in a comfortable position and your artist will start with a small line so you can feel what the sensation is like.
Getting your first tattoo is never as scary as you imagine, it's an important event and should be celebrated but try not to make it too much of a huge deal or you'll become stressed out.
Getting a tattoo is more common than it used to be, but that doesn’t make it any easier when it comes to your first one. My classroom didn't have any windows and was entirely too small to fit me, 10 to 15 teenagers and the oversize whirring floor fan. We only had five weeks to cover an entire year's worth of material, and with students of "summer school" caliber, it seemed that the odds were against us. I used pop-culture references to describe the characters in our novels: "You know how the OC's Ryan doesn't fit in with the rich kids? One morning before class, a student asked if I had interviewed to teach at her high school. When asked if I had ideas on how to increase community involvement in the school, I tailored my answers to fit the district. The exhilaration of landing my first teaching gig still ranks up there as one of my best days EVER. I learned some really valuable interviewing tips that have helped me get hired for teaching, freelancing and advertising jobs.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your first paying client is your first step toward having the writer’s life you really want. And the entire AWAI family wants you to be successful as a writer … so that you, too, can experience all the rich lifestyle and income benefits that come with a strong writing career.
The single most important thing you can do to start your career as a paid writer… and we can guarantee you, it’s not what you think! An astonishingly easy self-marketing plan — it takes less than 30 minutes a day and will have your inbox exploding with new writing opportunities in just four weeks. You’ve completed your formal education or training program and you’re ready to go forth into the world and secure your first fulltime permanent job. Today, the modern HR organization is significantly more strategic and involved than it was in days gone by. And, if your passion has led you to pursue a career in HR, here are some tips you might find helpful in landing that first HR job. The Internet provides a wealth of information on everything from HR lingo to HR competency models. If you intend to work in Canada, you can join the Human Resources Professionals Association.
Your goal should be to gain the skills, knowledge and experience that will help prepare you for higher-level roles. Social networking gives you the power to reach a larger audience of people and to connect with people who share the same area of interest as you — whether it’s recruiting, compensation and benefits, organizational development or another function within HR.

It’s always a good idea dress more professional than casual — you can’t go wrong with over dressing but you can with under dressing.
Using her extensive industry experience across the retail, manufacturing, financial services, consulting and professional services sectors, Dominique is focused on providing practical insights that help HR positively impact business performance.
Folks are still getting names, roses and smaller items, but more and more people (both men and women) are opting to go big and that’s exactly the case with William Thomas.
From roses, to skulls and smoke, the overall piece is impressive and speaks volumes about Williams commitment to getting it done while doubling as testament to his pain tolerance and careful planning. First of all, some areas of your body are going to be more painful to get a tattoo on than other places of your body.
That way, they know exactly what you want, where you want it, etc… They will also be able to give you suggestions based on their own experiences.
If you have something important coming up that requires physical involvement, you may want to reconsider when you get your tattoo.
While my friend was getting the outline of his tattoo done, my friend said something about not eating. The tattoo artist actually said that he had someone pass out on him while he was tattooing them, because they didn’t eat before getting their tattoo. A drunken person stumble into a tattoo parlor and gets a horrible tattoo that they regret for the rest of their life.
The artist may not have enough time to finish your piece, so they could ask you to come back in the future. Also, if you have any tips or personal tattoo stories, you can feel free to share them below in our comments section.
I'm in the process of healing my third tattoo so I thought why not include some of my top tips and advice for first timers. Perhaps you've even drawn it on your skin with a biro to see how it looks, or kept a picture of your design attached to your computer screen so you can always see it?
They will draw something up for you either before you arrive, or whilst you wait (depending on it's size, how complicated it is etc.) A stencil will be made up which is a basic outline of your tattoo and put on to your skin (like a temporary tattoo sticker) so you can see the placement and decide if it looks ok. I have low blood pressure and get quite dizzy often, so when you're about to put your body through peculiar stress you need a good amount of food in your system.
I had my last tattoo done on such a hot day but thankfully the shop had great air conditioning.
But the general rule is remove the wrapping once you get home, wash in luke-warm water with fragrance free soap three times a day and apply a light layer of Bepanthen cream after washing. There’s a lot of fear and misinformation involved in getting your first piece of ink and the whole process can seem more intimidating than it needs to be.
You can get with a tattoo artist ahead of time if you’d like, or you can create your own design to bring into the studio when you’re ready.
You want to make sure that your studio has a good reputation, and a quick internet search should give you a baseline as this industry relies heavily on word of mouth when it comes to generating business. An ancient chalkboard on wheels loomed over us, swaying back and forth each time I scrawled notes on it. But this newbie quickly learned that summer school students are anything but incapable; if they are interested, they will learn. Similes, metaphors and hyperbole abound in singer Lauryn Hill's lyrics, and the students enjoyed listening to music while they wrote. Collectively, within an organization, HR executives, directors and managers are now considered a “strategic partner” that helps drive and deliver on the overall goals of the company through talent management best-practices.
When starting your HR career, you might not know which HR area interests you the most or which area you have an aptitude for.
Familiarizing yourself with industry – and job-specific language will help with resume preparation and the interview process.
It doesn’t matter how well you did at school or how impressive your references are, you have to be realistic about your prospects. Career fairs and HR-related functions such as networking breakfasts, are ideal for making connections and building your professional network. Prior to joining Halogen Software, Dominique was most recently a regional vice president with a global talent management consulting firm. After doing his homework on artists, William made the decision to fly in from Colorado to get tattooed by SDT resident artist Fernie Andrade, and the end result was nothing short of stellar.
That being said, you should definitely be prepared for what all comes with getting a tattoo. Some people are going to be interested in your tattoo and ask you about it, but some people may look down upon you.
You’re not going to want to have someone in a garage stabbing you in the arm with a tattoo gun made out of 9-volt batteries and cigarette ash as ink. You may find that they have something even better in mind that will take your tattoo to the next level. For instance, if you have a big basketball game coming up you may not want to get a tattoo on your shoulder the day before the game. Yes, this could happen and definitely happens more than it should, but alcohol will also make you bleed more than usual, which is another reason why you shouldn’t drink alcohol before going to get a tattoo.
However, some tattoo parlors will not hook you up with this sweet offer and will charge you for any work or adjustments you have done to the pre-existing tattoo in the future. The size of your tattoo may be too big to complete all in one session and may need to be spread out over future sessions. I got my first tattoo age 18 and I fully recommend waiting until you are legally old enough. I now only ever book tattoo appointments in the afternoon because I can never eat in the morning and eating is so important so I don't feel queasy or faint. Take sugary snacks like sweets or chocolate to keep you going or act as a 'pick me up' afterwards. While the process isn’t likely to be completely painless, so long as you plan your tattoo out ahead of time and make smart choices you should be well on your way to a healthy tattooing experience.
It’s important to remember that this design is going to be on you permanently, so there are some things you should keep in mind before you solidify your design idea.
Once you’ve found a few good studios check out the portfolios of the artists that work there. Each day, I began class by simultaneously welcoming the students and sweating off my makeup. Despite the belief that a completely silent room facilitates better writing, these students were motivated and inspired by music.

I found new and different ways to reach them on their level, to personalize the lessons, and the results were fantastic. If you don’t have your first paid client within 90 days, you can return the program for a full refund. This will enable you to keep current with the latest industry trends, network with experienced HR professionals, pick up knowledge through special events and activities, and learn about potential opportunities. With limited experience and skills (but limitless enthusiasm), you’re looking at an entry-level, foot-in-the-door job, not an executive-level position.
Research organizations you’re interested in and find out if they offer internships or unpaid work experience. If possible, use the connections you’ve made in your social networks to find out more about the company than what the Internet can tell you. Regardless of how you got there, it’s a decision that could be nerve-racking to say the least. Back in the day, your first tattoo might have been a name, a rose, a pic of a pitbull or something small like a tribal band. For instance, a lot of people will get band tattoos on the spur of the moment and then realize that they didn’t even really like that band that much.
Either way, it all comes down to what you want, so make sure you’re on the same page as your artist. Tattoos are going to be sore after they’re finished and you may find it difficult to properly operate a vehicle.
You will also want to have the necessary items you need in order to take care of your new tattoo.
You may begin to bleed too much or become way too sore to finish the tattoo all in one session. I dived in at the deep end getting my first one on my foot as it's a bony area with not much flesh or fat.
Then there are the obvious ones; don't drink heavily the night before and get a good night's sleep. Something that looks great on flat paper may not look as good on your stomach, which folds and stretches as you move. Ankles, your inner wrist and your shoulder blades are going to hurt a lot more than your stomach. If the studio doesn’t have a website you can still find them on social media – most artists have Facebook galleries or Instagram accounts where they show off their work.
All he knows is that he wanted it off and his father wasted no time figuring out how to get the darn thing off as completely and as fast as possible with as little pain. Whether or not I got the job, I felt like I had nailed the interview because, much like my summer school lessons, I had personalized the experience.
My brain was celebrating and I was mouthing, "I GOT THE JOB!" to my parents who were excitedly huddled together approximately 3 inches from my face, eyes imploring me to share the news. The best part of doing your homework: turn it into some great, relevant questions to ask your interviewer. Also, bands change, so they may end up selling out in the future or changing their style of music. You should have these items before getting your tattoo, because more likely than not, you’re not going to feel like driving around and finding these things right after you get tattooed. Do this before you leave the tattoo parlor, so if there’s any adjustments you need, you can let them know immediately. A good tattoo artist will spot your discomfort or tell you that you’re losing too much blood and need to come back in the future. This will allow you to see which artist is skilled in the area you need them to be: if an artist is excellent at lettering, for example, it doesn’t mean they’re good at doing realistic portraits.
I was polite and articulate, but rather than pull responses from the stock in my memory, I related the questions to my summer school students and my brief experience as an actual teacher.
As if she could read my mind, my new principal (I had a principal!) said, "Call me tomorrow and I'll repeat all of the stuff I just said. Andrews University in Scotland, as well as the Institute of Personnel and Development (IPD) certification from the United Kingdom. No matter what the case may be, you should realize that you may need to have multiple sessions to complete your tattoo. Any shading feels like the scratch being dragged back and forth across your skin repeatedly. I know it can seem such a huge pain to do this when you've worked so hard to heal the thing in the first place but touch ups are usually included in the price and are so worth it in the end. If it seems like something you aren’t likely to be excited about in a decade’s time, you may not want to get it etched into your skin forever.
After you’ve made a decision, you can reach out to that artist and set up an appointment to come in and get your piece done at a time that works best for the both of you. I patted myself on the back for choosing the right profession, then continued my "nobody will hire" me pity party. When asked how I planned to engage students, I mentioned a few students by name and explained how I held their interest and attention in summer school. Dominique spends her free time with family on their farm, tending her horses and rescued donkeys.
I later learned that those were some of the "tougher" students in the district: beautiful minds, but zero motivation, but I had proved it was possible to reach them.
So I did what any professional sophomore English teacher would do: I forced them to play Hangman with me. All my tattoos are quite small, but the pain still varied depending on which part of the tattoo was being done.
If you do end up needing to get your tattoo removed via laser later on in life, green, blue and black inks are some of the easiest to remove. The Vikings were their mascot and when they realized what my Hangman message of "I am a Valley Viking" revealed, they started clapping. He'll show me things on his phone and make me laugh so I don't think about the process at all.
Feeling a bit defeated and a lot frustrated, I signed on to teach summer classes rather than landing a contract for a permanent position.

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