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A photographer seeking to document the next generation of Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia discovered a 13-year-old girl who has taken to the male-dominated tradition.
Photographer Asher Svidensky made a four-month trek through western Mongolia, mostly on horseback, and found Han Gohadok and his daughter, Ashol Pan, who had expressed a desire to take up the full-time profession that is centuries old. Good thing, too, since the ancient pastime is said to be a dying part of Mongolian culture, as young men are leaving their families and the hunting duties behind.
Gohadok told the Mail Online that his eldest son was to become the eagle hunter of the family but was drafted into the army.
Eagle hunter Ashol Pan of Mongolia holds her golden eagle, giving perspective on the size of the bird. Eagle hunters use golden eagles to hunt foxes during the winter months when the gold-colored foxes stand out against the snow. The training is rigorous, as the master and its eagle develop a long-term and trusting relationship that is all consuming. Svidensky was looking for something different when he set out to document eagle hunters in Mongolia. In his photos, Svidensky depicts the evident joy Ashol Pan has in her new role, one her father never would have forced upon her unless she had asked. Eagle hunter Ashol Pan of Mongolia is developing a trusting relationship with her golden eagle. Photographer Asher Svidensky shooting a photo of an eagle hunter’s father on horseback, which is the customary method for eagle hunting.

A photographer who snapped what could be the world's only girl hunting with a golden eagle says watching her work was an amazing sight. The skill of hunting with eagles, Svidensky says, lies in harnessing an unpredictable force of nature. Young Israeli-Russian photographer Asher Svidensky recently went off to document traditional Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia. For ages, the traditional art was only taught to boys, but now girls are being taught to be able to replace their brothers, who have to leave the land.
Having spotted many ever-so- tempting pieces on Oracle Fox blog, I thought I'd shed some much deserved light on this goldmine of ethnic, Native American inspired beauty. As a result, more girls are becoming eagle hunters to replace their brothers, according to the Mail Online.
Kazakh boys in western Mongolia start learning how to use the huge birds to hunt for foxes and hares at the age of 13, when the eagles sit heavily on their undeveloped arms.
A hunt begins with days of trekking on horseback through snow to a mountain or ridge giving an excellent view of prey for miles around.
Female eaglets are chosen since they grow to a larger size - a large adult might be as heavy as seven kilos, with a wingspan of over 230cm. His photographs of her engaging in what has been a male activity for around 2,000 years say something about Mongolia in the 21st Century. Once there, he encountered something of a departure from the long tradition of eagle hunters – Ashol Pan is a 13-year-old girl who is the first female to be trained for this old Kazakh art.

Ashol’s eldest brother has been drafted into the army and she was the most likely candidate to take his place and continue her family’s line of eagle hunters.
Founded, operated and designed by Terry Cronin who grew up riding horses and dreaming about being in the Wild West, her work is a reflection if not a transcendence of the wild, free spirited culture of the American Plains and Wild West scenes. Typically, the training of young men begins at age 13, when they are strong enough to carry a full-grown eagle on their arm. Svidensky, a photographer and travel writer, shot five boys learning the skill as well as the girl, Ashol-Pan.
After years of service, on a spring morning, a hunter releases his mature eagle a final time, leaving a butchered sheep on the mountain as a farewell present. Here is a selection of images from Buffalo Girl's latest look book titled Comanche Eagle Woman.To view more images, click hereBuffalo Girl's range includes beautiful one-off, hand-carved leather bags, vests, belts and head pieces, while her much anticipated clothing range Senorita Bandita by Buffalo Girl is a collection of flirty, flowy pieces with her signature Buffalo Girl embellishments. After a fox is spotted, riders charge towards it to flush it into the open, and an eagle is released. Ashol-Pan, the daughter of a particularly celebrated hunter, may well be the country's only apprentice huntress.

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