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The availability of a wide selection of free tools enables graphic designers, illustrators and web developers on a tight budget to learn graphic design and present their work in a similar manner as if they would work with purchased software. GIMPGIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a raster graphics editor mainly used as an editing and image-retouching tool.
XARA XTREMENo matter what’s your level of experience, Xara Xtreme is a fast yet powerful graphics tool, illustration and vector-based drawing program for Windows. MORE FREE, COOL & CREATIVE SOFTWAREARTWEAVERArtweaver is a Windows freeware program, allowing you to create sketches from photos and existing images, experiment with colors and simulate natural brush tools with the help of a huge range of creative painting tools. SMOOTH DRAWThe good news about Smooth Draw is that this powerful freehand drawing program let you produce smooth and expressive design strokes with your graphic tablet, but also adapts mouse input for digital artists who don’t have a tablet. Join our weekly newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests, freebies & exclusive discounts! Are you interested in trying your hand at a little graphic design, but you don’t want to throw down the money for an expensive image manipulation program like Adobe Photoshop? The best and most popular design software programs are Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw Graphics Suite and Xara Designer Pro, but this software was designed for professionals, not beginners. It’s pretty amazing that this program is free, because you can do so many things with it; including photo retouching and manipulation, image composition, image authoring, painting, batch processing, image format converting and much more. Inkscape uses the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format that is very popular with many professional graphic designers. According to its website, the program features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for both text and brush strokes, and it supports multiple layers and alpha channel editing.
For those interested in 3D modeling, SketchUp is an easy-to-use program that allows you to share your designs with others online. This guest post is brought to you by Mariana Ashley, a prolific blogger who provides web content to a number of blogs and websites. Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. These are great free resources for a beginning graphic artist to check out before investing in Photoshop. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Draw logo elements using hand-drawing tools -- pen, pencil, brush and more in a WYSIWYG interface. All-round graphic and logo design software, helps you create awesome logos and vector artworks like professionals. Logo Maker Professional provides sufficient tools and rich templates which offer a quick workflow when designing logos. With logo design maker, we managed to provide you with solution that meets any requirement for logo design. Besides making logos, you can also design and generate graphics from this web design software. This selection of cool image and photo editing software is your 12-way ticket to create cool vector graphics, graphic design artworks, digital sketches and paintings, photo manipulations, logos, original clip art, cartoons, animations and web graphics.
Well known design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, FreeHand or Flash that are being used for years are going through constant upgrades to provide their users the hottest and the best tools and techniques. This program can also be used as a basic paint program, an online batch processing system, an advanced photo-retouching program, mass production image render software and an image format converter. The Paint program started as a college design project mentored by Microsoft, but is currently maintained by alumni who originally worked on it and an enthusiast group of volunteers.
This top-notch program is suitable for your illustration projects, compositing, web graphics, technical drawings, cartooning and animation. Similar to commercial programs like Corel Painter and Photoshop, Artweaver produces artistic effects as airbrushes, pencils, oil paintings, acrylic or pastel strokes to create natural looking creative images. The free version of Smooth Draw is limited, but offers several kinds of cool graphic effects: pencils, pen, bristle brush, airbrush, image hose and dry media. There’s great news for you, then, because there are several free downloads on the internet that give you just the right amount of tools to learn the basics of digital design.
However, the following four free programs were created to give novice designers the opportunity to get their feet wet before diving headfirst into the water. Although the GIMP code was written under X11 on UNIX platforms, there are options for installing and running the program Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The program describes itself as being similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw and Xara X, because it supports many advanced SVG features like markers, clones and alpha bending). Unlike GIMP, though, Seashore has been redesigned for easy use on the Cocoa user interface (UI) for the Mac OS X. She’s most interested in providing guidance to prospective college students who wish to attend online colleges in Montana.
Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard.
Save some cash when it comes to needing certain design components using these free graphic design tools. There a lot of free graphic design programs out on the net today with some falling short of what they claim to be able to do. Created by the Serif Company, based in both the EU and USA the set of free graphic design tools are offered in hopes that people will then but the professional set of software that the company produces.
You choose a dominant color and a pattern in Color Wheel, we list four-color palettes to colorize your logo.

You can adopt Pencil, Pen and Brush to draw any curves on canvas and cut or split shapes as any way you like. Top-quality templates guarantee perfect results!All functions for image editing in one program: quick photo optimization with just one mouse click, sophisticated bitmap editing and intelligent vector graphics design.
Impressive effects and brilliant drawing tools are just a few clicks away with these amazing open source programs, add-ons and tools with capabilities similar to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or CorelDraw - but without a heavy price tag. Unfortunately a premium price has to be paid for the licenses of these software packs, especially if you wish to use them in numbers. Xara Xtreme supports CMYK colors for print, zero-memory bitmap editing and 32-bit alpha-channel bitmaps.
Artweaver supports TIFF, PNG, PSD, GIF, JPEG and BMP formats and offers image editing tools like magic wand and lasso selection, crop, fill, emboss, mosaic, sharpen, blur and gradients tools and pen tablet support for a realistic results.
You can easily manipulate your pics with Picasa and use the 1GB of free hosting to upload your images and share them with the friends, family and the creative community. Definitely a great application for illustrators starting to explore the world of digital freehand drawing.
And if you have any additional questions, just ask a fellow designer through the online help forum. When she’s not writing or researching online education trends, she enjoys riding her horse, George, and spending quality time with her four nieces.
The goal is to take a closer look at those free tools that work and can enhance a graphic designer's set of established creation tools. The free set, however, is such a good program that many people use their free graphics design tools almost exclusively. By defining canvas size from minimum 13*10 to maximum 2880*2049, you can apply the output graphics in kinds of aspects in business, like icons, cards, banners and posters. Take a look at this list of stunning alternatives to the pricey programs, download them for free and start creating fabulous designs. Thankfully open source volunteers have introduced free software, which can considerably reduce your expenses, and yet provide the capabilities of the propitiatory ones. You can draw with the pen tool, quick shapes function, shape editor or pressure-sensitive natural media brushes or create navigation bars, rollovers or image maps and export your images as optimized web graphics.
Free Artweaver program downloadDRAW PLUSDrawPlus is a cool graphic software pack by Serif's creative design program developers that enables you to create vector images, eye-catching layouts and high impact animations.
Picasa supports TIFF, JPEG, PSD and standard movie files and let you fix red eyes, crop without quality loss and enhance your original pictures with several handy tools.
In addition, there have been several books published about the software, and there are tutorials available on the Inkscape website.
For more information on DTP tools, check out Useful Tips for Creating a Graphic Design Job Timeline and How to Feather Edges in Inkscape. Serif DrawPlus SE allows users to create bitmap images, vector images and even web animations. This freeware design program features an innovative and intuitive user interface with support for special effects and a wide variety of useful tools. With the new photo tool, you can also enhance bitmap based images and photos, crop or rotate them without leaving the program.
Features include vector drawing tools, color selection and schemes, studio resources, editable envelopes, blends and transparency functions, backdrop and watermark wizard functions. Download the free Picasa applicationSPRAY VECTOR GENERATORSpray Vector Generator was originally developed to be used with Xara X, but the program also functions with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Some of the key features that come with this software package are drawing through use of the QuickShapes tool, exporting images with optimized quality and the ability to snap images into established grid lines. Inkscape is comparatively easy to execute and does not require a lot of experience to be able to use it. Since the beginning GTK+ has evolved into an individual library, and is now available as part of the setup engine. You can add shadows, transparency, bevels and feathering effects to bitmap or vector-based objects. If you are a design enthusiast or vector art lover, DrawPlus is an excellent creative weapon of choice.
Spray helps you to kick start your graphics by generating a huge number of shapes with random positions.
Karbon comes with a user-friendly interface that lets you chose where to put your toolbars and supports graphic formats SVG, PNG, PDF, ODG and WMF.
The user-friendliness of Inkscape makes you realize that there is not much difference between the capabilities and user experience of Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator. Using GIMP you can also create simple animated images in the GIF format, and edit and create original graphical essentials of web pages, images, icons, and art for the user interface elements of free software.Although GIMP was originally designed for Linux, it has evolved for easy usage for Windows and Mac as well.
The open-source freeware editor includes tools to resize images, rotate, crop, create collages and adjust colors. Download free DrawPlus design software by SerifPENCILPencil is a free and open source drawing and animation program for Windows, Mac and Linux.
However, creativity is something that an illustrator or designer must posses, so don’t expect miracles. You have to follow a set of steps to install GIMP, just like any other purchased software that in installed on your operating system.
The pleasing interface supports layers and history functions, has an action manager and basic effects as a red-eye removal tool, dents and crystallize effects and surface blurs.

Professional designers and illustrators who require high-end features such as multi-processor support, advanced output and color separations can purchase the Xara Xtreme Pro Version. You can export the generated Spray shapes through the clipboard to your favorite vector illustration program. Inkscape is cross-platform and operates on various operating systems like Windows, Mac and all variants of Linux. You can download the appropriate installer the website and save it in the desired destination folder or select the default install option on GIMP. If you're just getting started with illustration software, Xara offers video demos and tutorials to help you design and create your own images. That makes Pencil a great application for illustrators wanting to create breathtaking, funny and original cartoons and animations. Download free Spray application from XaraxTV.atPAINT STARDigital image processing software suitable for such tasks as image morphing, composing and authoring digital artworks, retouching of images.
Inkscape imports formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF and exports PNG as well as multiple vector-based formats. You can control specific aspects using the custom install feature, but the ideal way to do it is through the full install. Paint Star supports the common editing techniques and offers many tools and filters: gradient fill, transformation tools, pencil, paintbrush, blur and sharpening effects, filter brushes, smudge, cloning, airbrush and eraser. Shapes, text, markers, transforms, patterns, clones, paths, gradients, alpha blending, and grouping are supporting features included in the program. Using Inkscape, you can brand your projects, create icons for desktop, design web pages, create marketing materials, as well as create maps for gaming.
These features make Inkscape perfect to be used instead of a proprietary SVG graphics editing utility. GIMP has import and export support for popular image formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF along with the file formats of several other design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop. All objects created by Inkscape and other SVG files are easy to modify and edit using vector editing programs.
Affine transformations, grouping objects, Z-order operations, copying and pasting objects, alignment and distribution commands, multiple layers are some of the features available to the designers.The work of a designer is not just limited to image creation and manipulation, but also includes working on typography.
The advanced selection tools include the select by color tool which selects adjacent regions of color, and the scissors select tool which semi-automatically creates selections between areas of highly contrasting colors. Just like designing and aligning the layouts of print projects and magazines, designers also need to adjust, align and layout the text provided. Inkscape provides graphic designers with tools to adjust the text elements according to their needs. You can extract foreground elements such as a person or a tree in focus with the help of the foreground select tool. A few tools of importance concerning text manipulation can be used to work on multi-line text, right-to-left scripts, kerning, installed outline fonts, letter spacing, line spacing adjustments, text on path and text in shape.
Inkscape supports Creative Commons meta-data, complex path operations, layers, flowed text, bitmap tracing, direct XML editing, node editing, text-on-path and more advanced features. Paths can be applied to create complex selections around natural curves, which can also be named, saved, and painted with brushes, patterns, or a variety of line styles. To obtain dynamic images, you need to play around with color, layers and gradients in an image. You can select a variety of colours through palettes or use an eyedropper tool to select your color of choice on a canvas.
GIMP has native support for indexed and RGB colour spaces, whereas other color spaces are supported using decomposition where each channel of the new colour space becomes a black and white image.
Inkscape facilitates this and provides node editing, converting to path, Boolean operations, path insetting and outsetting, Bitmap tracing features and path simplification for achieving the best possible results. The GIMP includes several default gradients, and you can also create custom gradients with the tools provided.With GIMP, you can import any image using the open image option from the files menu or even through drag and drop. The layers toolbar on the right side of the software can be used to separate different channels of the image.
The common tools in GIMP include a pencil, paintbrush, airbrush, eraser and ink tools that create new or blended pixels. The smart tools feature the clone tool that copies pixels using a brush, and the healing brush which copies pixels from one point to another and corrects the tone and color. The bucket fill tool and blend tool are used to blend images and change large regions of space in an image. The GIMP transform tools include the align tool, crop, shear, rotate, move, scale, perspective and flit tools.
GIMP has approximately 150 standard effects and filters including blur, drop shadow, motion blur and noise filter. An image is made up of several layers that are all stacked up, and each layer is made of several channels.

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