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Photo editing is simplified with its tools ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. Image EditorsDownload and read reviews on some of the very best image editing software today with access to some of the best names such as Corel, Adobe, Photoshop and ACDSee!
Freeware Image EditorsCheck out some of the freeware downloads available in the image editor category. Xara Designer has a presence on social networks.Xara Designer download been highly rated by our users. Xara Photo and Graphic Designer (the package formerly known as Xara Xtreme) is a one-stop graphics package with the power to satisfy all your creative needs. If you're looking to create web graphics then Xara Photo and Graphic Designer MX can produce simple Flash animations (visuals only, no scripting or sound), animated GIFs, image maps, buttons, headings, icons and more.
And if you're just wondering what's new from the previous edition, there are some useful additions.
Text styles make it easy to change an entire document (font, colour, line spacing, more) in a few clicks.
And along with some powerful new tools (colour selection, hue adjustment, shape eraser), the program includes improved image optimisation, enhanced import for many areas (SVG, PDF, RAW, web URLs), faster publishing, and a stack of usability improvements. Dennis Publishing Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London W1T 4JD, is a company registered in England and Wales with company registration number 1138891. Please read and then click the "I have tested the trial and am happy with the terms" in the yellow box before continuing. The most important thing for any business or organization is a logo which must be unique and recognized by the customer about that particular organization or business. FatPaint is a free, online graphic designing, painting, drawing and photo editing software.
FatPaint has features for doing colour manipulation, which can be used to retouch old photos, and it also has support for doing vectored drawing, layered brush painting, photo editing, and page layout on Zazzle merchandise. FatPaint is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer with cookies and JavaScript enabled. With so many features, and it being completely free, FatPaint is clearly the best Online Graphic designing software out there.
If you want to design a logo, but not want to pay through your nose for it, then, LogoSnap is what you need. LogoSnap is a free online Logo Creator, where your creativity and imagination can come together and even without knowing any technical skills, you can create an attractive, eye-catching logo. Using LogoSnap, you can make Logos in just 3 steps, and it will take you less than 10 minutes to finish a logo.
LogoSnap can be used not just to make Logos, but also to design and create affordable business cards, letterheads, envelopes and flyers to go along with your new logo.
LogoSnap offers a lot of style options while creating your logo, so that it can stand out among other logos. Every symbol on LogoSnap has been created specifically by Professional Logo Designers for use on LogoSnap.
Once you have designed your Logo, it is easy to incorporate them into your business cards, stationary etc. Eximioussoft is a feature rich, software application which can be used for designing Logos, Banners, and Business Cards. Eximioussoft also lets you change the background color, resize your logo, add captions, import or export objects, use standard drawing tools, zoom in and zoom out, and much more. Once you have finished designing your logo, you can export it in various formats such as, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF or TIGA. Shapes and text can be filled or stroked with solid colour, gradient colour, images and textures. Each separate object can be rendered with drop shadow, reflection, glow and 3D bevel effects.
With its intuitive layout, cheap price, and numerous templates to help create Logos; Eximioussoft will be able to capture the market and please the users. SoThink’s Logo Maker Pro is an Office lookalike – downloadable software, with a free trial, to create and design logos.
The SoThink Logo Maker can be bought for $35, while the Logo Maker Pro can be bought for $59.99. SoThink Logo Maker has a huge number of templates to choose from while designing the logo and also features a lot of effects that can be used to create an attractive, eye-catching logo. A free trial for the software can be downloaded from their website, which lasts for 30 days.
No technical skill is needed as, SoThink helps you out on the way, with smart color tools, 7 vector drawing tools, and a few dozen special effects, which can be applied to individual letters. SoThink has a wide number of features and all this can be accessed for either $35 or $59.99, making SoThink a cheap, but excellent software for creating Logos.
Even for those who don’t have any technical skills, or any previous design experience, creating a logo will be easy and can be done in a few minutes.
If you are just starting a business or just want a quick logo, but don’t want to spend too much, then LogoMaker is the place you should be.

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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer takes the tools and features of other drawing software and improves on them.
This software is an all-in-one application, which means you can edit photos and put pages into layouts as well as make full use of its drawing tools for sketching.
Web publishing features have been pumped up considerably in the latest version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. We still love many features from previous versions of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, such as the contour and bevel functions, which are not included in all drawing software. This drawing software can import and export a wide range of files types, so you don't have to struggle to work with the files.
Other new design features include tabbed document windows, exportation of animation documents as AVI files, new paste functions and quick alignment of selected objects. One of the great advantages of using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is the abundance of video tutorials that are available to help new users learn to use this drawing software.
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer also features a tip of the day that teaches you a new trick every day to familiarize you with the drawing software. The software has the feel of an almost cartoonish design, but that doesn't detract from its professional look.
An excellent core set of features caters for all the most common requirements (crop, resize, fix red-eye, sharpen, fix perspective issues and so on).
The built-in Designs Gallery gives instant access to templates for all kinds of projects (brochures, newsletters, greetings cards, calendars, covers, labels, stationery, more). In case you do not want to engage an expert, there are very reliable logo design software using which you can design some amazing logos for your organization. Once you are done with making the logo, you can download in any of the 3 file types that they offer. With its user friendly website, and large number of symbols and huge range of designing options, LogoSnap is a must-use website for new companies, who want a Logo or a Brand, but don’t want to pay too much.
It offers a wide array of tools to help create professional logos for websites, banners, presentations and other purposes. You can select from their given list of templates or you can start a new project from scratch.
You have the choice of building on a free template, or editing an existing one, or starting one of scratch.
Anyone can register and sign up to Logomaker and immediately start creating their logo and be done in 10-15 minutes. LogoMaker makes it possible to create a simple but attractive logo without much hassle, and at an affordable price.
This drawing software contains all the expert tools and features to compete with high-end art software.
It has great applicability for home users and professionals alike with its full range of illustration features. The original brush stroke options mimic the texture of crayon, marker, airbrush, felt tip, chalk and other natural drawing tools.
With the gradient tool, you can create a gradient line that you can use to easily adjust all aspects of a gradient. Just by clicking a button on the tool bar and dragging the mouse on a 2D object, Photo & Graphic Designer will create a realistic 3D object with the snazziest effects we saw in the drawing software we reviewed. You can now make intelligent repeating headers, footers and watermarks because the program automatically updates all occurrences of a repeating object any time you edit it. Normally, when you are working on a project and you want to undo the changes you have made, there are a limited number of changes the drawing software can undo. Potential buyers should be aware that Xara Photo & Graphic Designer does not support AutoCAD files. On Xara's website, there are 18 categories of video tutorials, with each topic containing 3-15 videos. In addition to the video tutorials and the tip of the day, Xara also provides in-application links to the Xara support site, where you'll find learning resources and an online forum. This drawing software has superior features that are comparable to the features included in professional-grade illustration software. Perfectioneer uw opnamen met behulp van de retoucheerfunctie of maak creatieve fotocollages. And if you need more, the program supports Photoshop plugins so can be extended just as much as you like (and there are 46 bundled filters to help you get started). If you prefer to start from scratch then bundled photos and clipart (3,000+ items) will help. We give below a list of such good softwares for the design of logos that will help you to create stunning and creative logos for you. With a huge number of graphic tools and resources incorporated into this lightweight software, it is one of the best graphic editor for working with page layout and creating 3D text and logos. It is possible to add or edit shapes, add images, move anchors, add extra effects and includes much more features.

SoThink lets you create attractive, professional looking logo designs from a variety of logo templates and vector objects. LogoMaker offers a seemingly endless list of icons and color schemes that can be used to create your logo.
You can add text, choose your font, style, and play around with the color schemes and spacing to create your very own attractive unique design. But if you need a high resolution version to print on business cards, letterheads or other stationary, these can be bought for $49. Xara was actually the creator of many of the traditional features that come standard in drawing software, including anti-aliasing and transparency.
The unique aspects of this drawing software are why Xara Photo & Graphic Designer deserves the title of TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner. You can move the line to adjust the start of the gradient and how gradually or suddenly the colors blend into each other. Previewing your artwork in a variety of browsers is also very easy, and the preview window now includes navigation buttons. For example, a beveled edge makes an object look like it is slightly raised up from the rest of the objects. Because you cannot undo your changes past a certain point, those before that point have become permanent, so you have to spend time reconstructing what you have already done if you need to make further alterations.
These tutorials are succinct and precise, teaching you exactly what you need to know to navigate and use Designer. Xara provides further technical support through FAQs, email support, online forums and digital manuals.
It also has traditional features that are easier to use than the features of other drawing applications. 3D extrusion means you can drag any shape to create a properly lit and rendered 3D version, and it's just as easy to apply transparency, feathering, blends, shadows, bevels and more. And powerful print and various export options (including PDF and PSD) make it easy to share your creations with others. This logo designing software has a drag and drop interface with layer support, colour presets, text effects and much more. What makes this so impressive is that the light source, or the shading on each side of the object, changes as you rotate it.
If this has ever happened to you, you will appreciate the value of the unlimited undo function in Photo & Graphic Designer. Xara provides excellent support and learning resources to help you understand the software. MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer 9 verenigt foto- en grafisch design in een programma-interface.
Most drawing software has a sharp learning curve to become familiar with its interface and limits, but Xara is intuitive to use from the start. These simple tools are included in all professional illustrating software, but not in all drawing software applications.
If there is an important feature lacking in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, it's the lack of an event log to display each step you took to get to the final product.
Photo & Graphic Designer also has excellent file compatibility that allows you to import and export most file formats. Because these features are included in Photo & Graphic Designer, they further suggest that Xara's drawing software is able to compete with professional graphic design software. Overall, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer has all the benefits of a professional illustrator, but you don't have to be a professional to enjoy this excellent software. Met het nieuwe reparatiepenseel kunt u storende beeldelementen in uw foto's, zoals bijvoorbeeld straatbordjes, moeiteloos verwijderen. Reparatiepenseel en Magic Erase 3.0 Verwijder bijvoorbeeld puistjes en rimpels bij portretfoto's met het nieuwe reparatiepenseel. Magic Erase 3.0 helpt u storende beeldelementen te verwijderen, zoals bijvoorbeeld straatbordjes. Door de Intelligente zoom kunnen centrale motieven van achter naar voren worden gehaald, zonder het formaat aan te passen of de foto te vervormen.
Zo kunt u beeldelementen nieuw positioneren, plaats maken voor tekst of afbeeldingen voor de bovenkant van uw website maken. Alle kleuren en eigenschappen kunt u zelf aanpassen en desgewenst kunt u ook losse elementen gebruiken en verder bewerken.
Dit soort vrijstaande elementen, bijvoorbeeld personen, kunt u vervolgens vrij in het beeld plaatsen en daardoor de betekenis van de afbeelding veranderen.
MAGIX Online Album Premium Presentatie van uw afbeeldingen op internet Maak indruk met uw foto's en videoclips op uw eigen albumwebsite.

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