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In my previous books Angel Prayers and Angels Whisper in My Ear, and when I’ve spoken about angels, to make things easy I’ve said our guardian angel is given to us at birth.
It may not have been easy to get to the point you’re at now and your guardian angel may have helped you through many challenges. Take some time to write them a letter to tell them how thankful you are to have reached this point on your journey and to have realized that they are with you now.
Thank them for any synchronistic events or signs you have received that could be due to them and thank them for where you are today. Editor's note: Angels by Kyle Gray is out now and is part of the new Hay House Basics series of books.
Kyle Gray is an angel communicator, medium and motivational speaker based in the west of Scotland where he was born and raised. This year, Italian watch and writing instrument maker Montegrappa follows up its Chaos collection of watches, pens, and accessories from 2013 with the 2014 "My Guardian Angel" collection of watches, pens, and cufflinks. Thus, there is a degree of boldness and humor at the brand, which exists in tandem with their rather serious outlook on quality and design. The real design imagination for the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel collection comes in with the pens. If you don't have the ability to wear something that communicates so loudly on your wrist, that is fine. Rather than having the skulls and snakes motif of the Chaos watch, the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel has angel wings and clouds as engraved case decoration. What is interesting is that the My Guardian Angel watch doesn't actually have any angel motifs on it aside from wings. I like to imagine the scene when Ariel receives this review sample  package and see this for the first time. I happen to be in Morocco now, and I am sure one of the thousand or so silversmiths I have seen lately would have been more than happy to make and fit a shell like that if you brought a movement. It’s depressing to think there might be someone, somewhere, right now wearing this thing. Montegrappa My Guardian Angel Ballpoint Pen - 18kt Gold features intricate low-relief engraving. Montegrappa My Guardian Angel Ballpoint Pen - 18kt GoldLimited EditionMy Guardian Angel is a writing instrument that recognizes the positive energy common to all faiths, in a form that is uplifting and life-affirming.An angel embraces the pen, in the way that goodness acts as a cloak around the soul. They’ve been with you through every up and every down and it’s always wonderful to take the opportunity to acknowledge them. These introductory titles cover core topics in the areas of self-development and mind, body, spirit.

Available in sterling silver or 18k gold, the Chaos watch was a limited edition item that came in four versions imbued with a lot of personality. There are various versions, and they are priced up to $85,500 for the rollerball version of the My Guardian Angel pen in all gold with the full set of "climbing and armored angels" around the body. Montegrappa is under no illusions that the My Guardian Angel watch has the classic point of a Patek Philippe or the admirable dedication to utility of a Rolex Submariner.
The dial is ringed with a sun flare style design which is associated with the sun and diving light.
Actually, since the caseback on this prototype model is blank, there may be something here for the final version, but as of now, the watch doesn't have creepy little crawling (literally) angels on it, like the pen does. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces, and Ariel has become a contributor to other online publications such as Forbes, Departures and Tech Crunch, to name just a few. I think I liked the raw evil appeal of the Chaos watches (and pens) better than this piece.
You mean that there might be people who actually *dislike* this superb work of art, this acme of the watchmaker’s skill, this heartbreakingly exquisite comment on the human condition, this metallic paean to all that separates us from the apes?
The stitching on it is so bad, you’d almost want to think they made it look that shitty on purpose. Truly bad taste this watch… and unveined turquoise looks faked like the rest of this atrocious homage to comic books and dark angel hocum. I haven’t been around this site for long and I am beginning to feel a bit patronized. Ariel, you simply have to define a decent level of acceptable candidates to this site – and stick to it. I couldn’t ever see myself wearing anything like these, but someone else might find them ideal. It takes the form of a celluloid cap and barrel in a cloud-like color, embraced by low-relief engravings in sterling silver inlaid with sky-blue enamel and turquoise details.
They’re in constant communication with each other, they don’t like to lose sight of each other and they’re connected through love. Their energy is subtle, so their communication won’t be in your face, but if you’re alert and prepared for it to happen, you’ll begin to feel their frequency. Think of them as an amazing counsellor and know that they’ll read your letter without judgement. In a sense, the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel watch is the thematic opposite of the Chaos watch with its "light" and angelic themes, in contrast to the skulls and snakes of the Chaos watch and related items. To call it polarizing is an understatement, but those who really disliked it seem to not understand the point.

Like the Chaos pen and other more "high-end novelty" style writing instruments Monegrappa makes, the My Guardian Angel pen isn't exactly totally ergonomic, but no one is going to be penning their last will & testament with one of these.
While precise measurements aren't available at the time of writing, the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel watch likely comes in the same 43mm wide by 54mm tall case in both sterling silver and 18k gold.
His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that's just the way he likes it.
But while the price seems insane for an ETA 2824, it is no doubt a bargain compared to the Chaos watches (withe same guts).
Too many articles I have to read as exercises in positive writing about ridiculously expensive stuff.
The design features an angel standing tall on the barrel, with sword and shield, the clip taking the form of an angela€™s wings. When you learn more about them, you’ll realize that they’ve loved you unconditionally since the time of your creation.
So, even if you haven’t connected with your guardian angel so far in this life, you’ll already know them.
Montegrappa is very dynamic in its ability to produce extremely classic writing instruments, but also completely silly items that don't take themselves too seriously. Come to think of it, this is the exact type of pen I want to use when hand-writing my will. I really like the swirly could patterns engraved in the central part of the dial which is done in mother-of-pearl.
An example is the 2014 Montegrappa CASH pen collection that has dollar signs on it and has a diamond-like stone at the end.
So what is the opposite of a Sylvester Stallone designed "bad-ass guy" watch and pen set with skulls and snakes all over it? So if this watch looks a bit silly compared to a traditional tool or dress watch, that is because it is. I understand the authors want to be good friends with the companies and all, but there have to be a limit. It comes in a box that looks like a stack of money and, according to the brand, was originally titled the "Montegrappa Motherfucker" pen.

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