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The history of the noncommissioned officer can be traced back to 1778 during the early years of the Continental Army. NCOs continued to play a key role in educating, training and inspiring cadets at West Point through the mid-19th century, where enlisted leaders of the engineer platoon provided instruction in practical military engineering.
However, cadet interaction with NCOs was limited to these few training opportunities until the early 1980s, when NCOs were formally assigned as staff members of the Brigade Tactical Division.
DeGaray’s report said the BTD NCOs started off at the cadet regiments, where they became known as Tactical Noncommissioned Officers, or TAC NCOs, and were assigned at a ratio of one NCO per 360 cadets, or one NCO per cadet battalion for a total of 12. The position transformed for the last time in 1992, taking on its current structure, where one NCO is assigned to each individual cadet company, totaling 36 TAC NCO positions. Achieving Leader Development through Strategic Broadening Seminars: The Red Team NCO Education Experience. Since then, the NCO has been a storied fixture, leading Soldiers in battle and training them in peacetime.

Military Academy at West Point, New York, where the NCO has played an active role since its establishment in 1802. Unfortunately, this practice was ended in the late 1950s, but that gave way to the summer Cadet Field Training of the 1960s and 1970s, when active-duty NCOs brought in from various Army units oversaw the training and instruction of basic military field skills. At that time, the BTD consisted of Army officers whose primary mission was to develop the U.S.
During the late 1980s, the position persevered through several resourcing and structural changes because of the belief of academy leadership that TAC NCOs played a critical role in the cadet’s development.
In a 1999 report on the history of the Tactical Noncommissioned Officer, the academy’s Department of History Instructor Capt. Corps of Cadets through the integration of the academy’s programs, training them to be leaders in the U.S. DeGaray explains that Sylvanus Thayer, the third Superintendent of West Point, also known as the “Father of the Military Academy,” relied heavily on the enlisted Soldiers of the ordnance platoon in the early 19th century, as they cleared large boulders from what is today referred to as “The Plain.” This made way for many of today’s facilities positioned around the West Point central area, including the academic buildings, barracks for the cadets and offices to house the staff and faculty.

Before this point, the officers of the BTD served as the principal leadership for the cadets and were known as the Company Tactical Officer, or Company TAC. Mike Clowser, Army University Command Sergeant Major, provide updates on Army University during the Association of the United States Army Symposium Oct.
During the ceremony, the Class of 1967, the 50-year affiliate to the Class of 2017, presented each cadet with a commemorative coin bearing the class crest and motto.

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