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When planning to set up a tattoo business, it is advisable to have an affordable  tattoo kit so that the required equipment, is present.
When working with the kits, practical knowledge and some trial and error on skin replacements is recommended before someone upgrades to real skin procedures. Recommended cheap and high quality tattoo kit for beginners is the Grinder tattoo kit, read our detailed review here. If you start you tattoo artist career, you should keep an album or portfolio of those designs which you know you can draw easily. In reality, a number of tattooists attract clients because they have unique designs which not every tattooist has an easy time drawing.
The tattooing equipment varies in technical advancements and that is why someone is better off starting with simple cheap tattoo kits before he can upgrade to the very complex tattoo systems. As you progresses in the industry, you can always acquire better equipment so that the investments are also proportional to the amount of money that is coming in from drawing tattoos for clients. Manual applications during the old days used to be very painful, using only an organic ink and pointed tools. Successful tattoo artists also learn from experience, but a genuine creative talent is a must for success in this field.
Collect images, drawings and designs that you make yourself over the course of your learning experience. When you pay attention to the details of how to become a tattoo artist from scratch, there?s no other way but up. I’ve done tattoos on teachers, principals, police officers, politicians, as well as punk rockers, you name it.
You’ve got to go through a minimum of 6 months apprenticeship, Health Department requirement. I LOVE the thought of being a tatoo artist, its my passion to draw, sketch, doodle, whatever else anything to do with art I love!
It feels good to know that they offer job shadowing at tattoo shops, this would get me even more prepaired in the tattooing business.
I don’t worry about anyone else who is staging their own listings or other stagers in my market.
I am in a Career Exploration class in 7th Grade and we have to interview a person who has a career that we are interested in. Seems to me there is an overabundance of aspiring “tattooers” out there now trying to get into this great industry of ours and want to learn how to tattoo.
Fast forward a little, after much of my youth and early adulthood spent locked up for being an idiot, I entered into the world with the sole purpose of doing tattoos. I believe out of respect for my Dad and his friendship with him he allowed me to hang around his shop a couple of times a week and watch him work. Aspiring tattooers looking for apprenticeships come into the studio with two or three shitty drawings that look like an 8-year-old drew them. My whole purpose for this little blog is to recommend on how to approach this great art form of ours.
If you stroll into a tattoo studio with a portfolio filled with the nicest, most mind-blowing , original tattoo designs you’ve ever seen, you’ve already jumped a HUGE hurdle. In the end, if you can be taught to do on skin what you can do on paper, you’re going to make your mentor money and you will be an asset to the studio as a whole. Your gonna clean some toilets, you’re gonna wash windows, set up stations, break them down, scrub tubes, wash the floor, do stencils and just be all around shop bitch. The next major thing to consider ( there’s a ton of minor things that we won’t cover) is the fact that you will make no money, for at least a year.
It’s all about the creative art, impress the right people and you’ll get your foot in the door. Much appreciated and feel free to tell me your opinion below. Share your thoughts in the comments pls…are you considering to become a tattoo artist, tells us what you have personally experienced?
We would like to thank Horimyo for taking the time to talk to us and for allowing us to film his very personal work. If you would like to know more about Horimyo, see more of his work, or even talk to him about possibly creating a tattoo for you the next time you’re in Tokyo, please check out his official website.

1K Films is a full production independent video company working in both the US & Japan.
Having the right tattoo kits ensures that the upcoming tattoo artists are not overwhelmed in situations where they need to carry out a certain procedure and due to the lack of tools, they are forced to improvise too much. Someone can rate his progress by checking how well he delivers a certain design from concept stage to real ink. At the end of the day, uniqueness of the designs are a major selling factor because the interested people know that they are having a design that is potentially permanent.
The good thing to know is that once someone has learn how to use the tattoo simple kits, the advanced features kits will not be that much of a problem.
The supplies in cheap tattoo kits are still good (the Grinder tattoo kit for example) to learn the tattoo art and to bring out professional tattoos. Check websites which has picture gallery features tattoos so that people can compare myriads of designs.
You do not have to be a graduate of an art school to develop your skills, but this would be a good credential in this business. There are tattooing classes organized by some tattoo mentors or even tattooing schools, but they are not yet widely available. A tattoo parlor does not require a huge investment if you are doing all the tattooing yourself.
Usually you are either rolling fast or not at all, so make sure you set things to the side and you plan for the future. I’m not going to school to be a tattoo artist by any means, but tattoos have always interested me. Is if is posible to get a tattoo licence in California eith out having a ss number or a green card? Leave a comment!You can also ask questions and answer them in the comments section as well. I have a few words of wisdom on this subject from my own humble beginnings and years of experience in the business of tattooing.
Before reading this part you should know that what I’m about to describe to you is the WORST way to get into tattooing. Besides that I had no idea what I was doing, did half ass tattoos, despite my best efforts, and after all that time still couldn’t tune a machine perfectly, the sheer amount of time I wasted was probably the worst part. The difference, most of the time, is they don’t give a shit about getting better or learning how to do anything the right way. Their Mom or Grandmother or friends told them that the drawings were amazing and they should do tattoos.
You may have to live with your parents, mooch off your girlfriend, have a trust fund or win the lottery. This could be the beginning of cleaning up the malicious & spammy search results Google delivers to ignorant people.
While most tattoo artists today use tattoo machines, all of Horimyo’s art work is applied by his own hands. Tattoos have become very popular and it’s nice to see other people that have the same interest. If you have basic artistic talent, it can be developed into the skill it takes to become a tattoo artist.
When the artists improvise too much, they will end up having a final product that looks shoddily done. Even if they are not expansive tattoo kits, what matters is that all the kits have the tools that are needed to enhance skills and some material for practice designs so that someone does not have to rely on real skin to experiment. Perfection remains a non-negotiable issue because there is very little room for error when something will be visible on your body all your life.
This is more hygienic and less painful, but requires the same creative skills as before on the part of the tattoo artist. Get recommendations from contacts if you do not have direct access to any of the well-known tattoo artists in your area. These are useful when seeking employment at tattoo parlors to give you hands-on experience. And you’ve got to be willing to stick your neck out there and stand on your own two feet, literally. My boyfriend does tattoo work on the side and really enjoys it, and I really enjoy getting tattoos.

Long, hard and morally unacceptable. Avoid Early Mistakes in your Tattoo Artist Career now! Had I been taught properly all aspects of the business, technique, needle making, shading, sterility, etc, I could have learned in a year or two what instead took me 7 or 8 years to figure out. They get turned down, buy an Ebay machine, and scratch away in the kitchen. Just like I did!!! But and trust me on it this, shouldn’t encourage you on how to tattoo the way i started.
Full color stuff, smooth black and gray, perfect line work, nice composition, attention to detail and anything else that would set you apart from the next guy. In recent years, many younger Japanese people have begun embracing tattoos as fashion statements, like people do in many western countries.
He also took time to tell us about why he strongly believes in traditional Japanese tattoo and the power of art made by hand. You will hone your craft by taking classes, working with other artists, watching videos, reading books, online training courses, and of course, practice. The idea of the cheap tattoo kits also means that someone is not spending too much on stocking up on crucial tattoo kit items. This will help the person draw the clients and as someone starts with the the cheap tattoo kits, he can soon get more experience and more capital to get newer versions and more expensive kits and become a bigger then life tattoo artist.
It is better to work with more experienced tattoo artists for a while, to learn more tattooing skills, than to go solo immediately. As you can see our hours are different for example Monday and Tuesday 1-9, Fridays 1-11, sometimes we have a chance to get out of here early, sometimes we’re here until 2 or 3 in the morning. After i graduate Im hoping I can get into tattooing right away but the thing is I think im not really ready I want my skills to get better more advanced.
I would look forward to getting to know anyone with the same intrest as me.I think that a tattoo artist is a beatiful job and i hope someone responds to this. On top of that there would be a whole lot less crappy tattoos out there with my name on them. Keep reading and discover some more from what i have experienced and try to be less naive than me.
And when you stop sucking at tattooing continue to be humble, because there’s always someone better than you, and you NEVER stop learning. I’d give ANYTHING to have had a guiding hand from an educated professional those first couple of years. However, there remains a group of traditional Japanese tattoo artists who look at body art as something more than fashion – something spiritual and deeply personal.
Some business people even end up concentrating on what was once upon a time considered just a hobby. Here are some tips that have been seen to make them excel as well-patronized tattoo artists.
Also learn effective tattooing techniques that will make it easier for your clients to bear. Btw you can clearly see that the “artwork” on the napkin already showed my destiny and what not to use for your own portfolio. Do right now and see for yourself but before please share, bookmark, reddit, stumble or Like this article to make a difference eventually. Many people want to know how to become a tattoo artist, hoping to have the same fate as their successful predecessors.
That’s the difference between a tattoo artist and a tattooist, which are two totally different things. After at least 7 long years of wasting my time, doing mediocre tattoos and struggling I began to get it and start to improve.  I tried to get a job with Bruce Bart Tattooing. He checked out my portfolio, critiqued it and told me to check back with him after I’d done 100 more tattoos. Tattooing becomes your life, and if you think otherwise you are mistaken and you won’t succeed. I took a blood borne course and applied what I had picked up by hanging at that other studio, and off I went. Just wanted to get information from you on where you are studying and how you plan to continue in this direction.

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