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With Nerdy Day Tips you can choose your next travel destination based on nerd touristic places to visit. BMP Image Editor is a small and portable application that enables you to view, edit and analyze BMP images. Since installation is not a requirement, you can drop the program files to any location on the hard disk and just click the executable file to run (found in Bin -> Debug directory). It is also possible to save BMP Image Editor to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, to be able to run it on any machine effortlessly, without previous installers.
The interface is made from a standard window with a clean aspect, where you can open a BMP file using the file browser only, since drag-and-drop is not supported. BMP Image Editor uses low-to-moderate RAM and low CPU, so it does not hog system resources.
Conventional wisdom says that the technologies used to build websites are poorly adapted to the hotter and newer world of smartphone apps. The Web approach has proven its worth, said Redmonk analyst Stephen O'Grady, and he's optimistic Web apps will expand if not supplant native apps for Android and iOS."Virtually all of the things people said could not be done in a desktop browser are now done in a desktop browser, daily," O'Grady said. The Web offers a way for programmers to reach a lot of devices, but it's far from universal. Although it comes packed with just a few options, most of them are advanced, primarily catering to experienced users. It is possible to tweak the image using an average or median filter, equalize the histogram, convert the picture to binary mode, as well as to invert colors. On Android, the key limit is older devices with underpowered graphics hardware.That makes testing important -- but with so many devices, also difficult.

Although it is not possible to undo actions one step at a time, you can revert the picture to its original state. Polarr broke from convention and utilized that Web technology as the foundation for its app, veering away from the idea of using code specifically intended to run on Apple's iOS software. Its first product was a Web-based photo editor that 300,000 people a month use on personal computers. And JavaScript-based apps use more memory than native apps, Wang said.One new technology from the browser teams at Mozilla, Google and Microsoft could help reduce memory usage and cut down on the app launch time. Polarr now sits atop the App Store ranking for best new apps, and is downloaded by iPhone and iPad users 111,000 times a day.
Over the course of two months this year, Polarr re-crafted its user interface to work on iOS devices and released version 1.0 on June 25.
It's called WebAssembly, and it's designed to open Web apps up to more languages than just JavaScript. Now the Android version is in the works, scheduled to arrive at the end of July if all goes well."For Android it's going to be even faster," Wang said. Then they sent staff to Best Buy and Verizon stores to load the test site with a multitude of phone Web browsers. Greg Pollack, founder and CEO of online learning site Code School, predicts WebAssembly will dramatically expand the abilities of Web apps by offering new horsepower."Right now in order to do video editing effectively you have to download a native application" because JavaScript isn't up to the task, he said.
With features matching many of those in Adobe Systems' Lightroom, which sets the standard for photo editing, Polarr lets you tweak color balance, adjust specific colors, fiddle with contrast using tone curves, and a lot more.
It was awkward -- especially for actual customers waiting in line to try the phones -- but it was enough for Polarr to figure out it could only support its software on the latest version of Android, Lollipop.Welcome WebGLWhat changed over the past year to make a mobile version of Polarr possible?

It raised $1 million in venture funding from Pejman Mar Ventures and Stanford StartX, Wang revealed, and its ambition is to be a profitable company, not a "lifestyle business" that merely supplements his income. In a word, WebGL.This technology, developed initially by Firefox maker Mozilla then picked up by Google's Chrome team, lets a Web app tap directly into the power of a computing device's graphics processor. The company plans to raise another round of funding later this year, too, so expanding to new operating systems is crucial for showing growth.Polarr is free, but the company makes money today through in-app purchases that unlock higher-end features aimed at people who want more than Instagram but aren't willing to pay $10 a month for an Adobe Lightroom subscription.
That means higher performance and lower battery consumption for the kinds of tasks an image-editing program does. That means programmers can spend their efforts adding new features instead of recreating them for a new operating system. The company doesn't plan to expand into online services, a move that would put it in competition with companies like Google and Flickr, but it does plan to add advanced new editing technology, Wang said.
It also means that an app is also more likely to work for the millions of people using the BlackBerry 10 operating system, Firefox OS, Windows Phone or other second-tier operating systems.Polarr made it to the top ranking for best new app on Apple's App Store. I have an artificial intelligence background," Wang said.Polarr commandeered a bunch of phones at Verizon and Best Buy to test its software on some of the wide variety of Android devices.

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