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The image on the top right also works because it displays a collection of similar toned seascapes in different frames. The home of Lindsay Buckingham, features a gallery wall where the artwork is scrunched so tightly that it gives the appearance of wallpaper. Lastly, the image on the bottom right works because the frames are all thin and in shades of blacks and whites. I love the style, I have been doing this since I was about twenty two, every persons house would have these books full of pictures. I had both sets of frames from previous places, (4 Ribba frames from Ikea, 5 by 7 photo size and 4 that I bought from a consignment store nearby) but I only thought to put them together here. None of them suited me, so I took a look at one of my pins that I’ve been saving for this very reason.
I find it much easier to inspire myself from a framework like this (no pun intended) rather than starting from scratch. I’ve asked Ikea staff if they have anything specifically made to hang these frames (they love making designs that only work with their products), but they don’t.
I did not know there would be such things as models for hanging frames, but reading your post, your pin and seeing the results, now I totally get it, and will bookmark this!
It’s a great way to display family photos, art collections, prints, and kid’s art – you name it! I’m definitely for cutting corners whenever I can, but sometimes it just pays to spend the proper time to ensure accuracy on the very first go. It’s so much easier than nailing that first one in and then realizing it’s not quite what you wanted.

This design features a collection of different artwork in various frames, but it works because every piece uses bold graphic lines, thus creating cohesion.
It’s successful because the darker toned pieces are placed in the middle of the grouping and surrounded by lighter pieces on the outside. I didn’t want to do that, I wanted not only live to make or take pictures, collages, painting, writing, clipping,or quotes. Her motto is "a creative mess is better than tidy idleness" and she lives each day accordingly. I love the idea of going for a random assortment like the top left image, but I always end up opting for symmetry.
I took a photo of the layout as reference, and noted the approximate distance between prints: mine were about 3” apart. I had a few on hand, but I updated the 8 by 10’s and a few of the 5 by 7’s, so my total here was $35. I personally prefer command strips in general, especially in an apartment as they’re easy to reposition to get them in the position you want, and obviously, easily removed.
I’m currently planning a wall in my home and have been obsessing over creating the perfect design. I wanted to lived them everyday as I would look at my wall and I would prepare me for next batch. During graduate school for interior design she spent one summer working for designers Jonathan Adler and Celerie Kemble and another summer studying textile design at the Danish Design School. I got around to hanging some of my prints this week, and it quickly felt so much more like “home”.

Then, I pull them back out to about an inch and a half: this way, I can see where the nail is going behind my frame, and I can carefully insert them into the holder.
We’ve been picky about using a level and keeping them in an exact straight line in the past, but this time, we just eyeballed it. You’re supposed to string the wire that they include between two, then hang the pictures from that. I used them on my other frames, however, my Ribba ones are too thin for the strips, so I used nails instead.
I strive to repaint, recover or recreate as much as I can to make our place home, while keeping it green, budget-friendly and totally transportable. She created her blog, The House That Lars Built, as a way to keep her designing and crafting.
Once they’re in place, I push the nail back into the drywall so that the frame is flush with the wall. I recommend checking out home consignment stores once and a while… You never know when you’ll find a deal!
She currently runs her blog and her etsy shop, where she sells her home accessories and paper flowers. As much as they can be expensive, I find them much easier since they don’t damage the wall and they’re repositionable.

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