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The Hispanic tattoos have a huge array of religious symbols and as stated above were an important part of the gang cultures. The Inca Emperor in his full-fledged warrior avatar, carved on inside of the arm, looks awesome. This mythological character stands for hope and life as she is associated with summer and spring.
The bull-dog with rose on its head, carved in black and white over the thigh, appears as if it will spring out on you. The image of mother Mary carved inside a flame with a scroll bearing a lettering symbolises love for one’s family. The highly embellished and heavy armor placed on the arm is symbolic of the tough wars fought in the ancient times. This large sugar skull tattoo with its colorful and bright shades, carved on the arm, looks extremely catchy. A black and white tattoo with roses carved resting on the forearm has two contrast symbols placed side by side. The Hispanic tattoos have religious and mystic symbols associated with them and this tattoo is an example of it.
The Hispanic tattoos were a popular part of the gang culture as is clear on this forearm tattoo. This sleeve tattoo showing a girl wearing a hat and her eyes marked red points to her criminal associations. An old man carved on chest has a solemn look on his face signifying sadness and loneliness.
Women in the Hispanic culture were daring and attractive whip is clear from this tattoo piece.
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Because some of us still tend to associate tattoos with a disreputable kind of people, it may surprise them to realize that Christian tattoos are extremely popular. Unlike the Jewish faith, Christianity does not have any rule against tattooing, except to caution young people to be modest with regard to the image they embody in the world.
Christian tattoos range from symbols of the religion (cross, praying hands, rosary, Jesus fish) to scenes from the Bible to specific figures from Christianity (the Virgin Mary, Jesus, angels). A great variety of Christian symbols have been turned into tattoo images – but none have been more popular than cross tattoos. The Russian cross: the Russian Orthodox cross has two smaller crossbeams in addition to the normal crossbeam, one at the top and one at the bottom (to which Jesus' feet were nailed). A tattoo of Jesus Christ can be a small figure with little detail other than an outline and perhaps some robe details. Some people opt for a far more elaborate figure of Jesus with plenty of color and detail. Now, I can't say for sure if he had one or not, but I seriously doubt you should take this Bible verse literal, it must be a metaphor of some kind. And YOU must not make cuts in YOUR flesh for a deceased soul, and YOU must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves.
Besides the cross, there are other Christian images that are often used in Christian tattoos, Jesus fish tattoos are a great example.

The Jesus fish was known by the early Christians as a secret symbol: believers would draw one arc of the fish in the dirt, if a stranger drew the second arc, they knew they could trust each other.
The Jesus fish is a compact, but quite striking symbol that lends itself well to tattooing, especially in black. Rosary tattoo designs are often combined with praying hands, a heart, a cross or with words, usually a Bible quote or verse. The reason ankle rosary bead tattoos are so popular nowadays is because Nicole Richie, American actress and socialite, has one on her left foot.
The Virgin Mary figures prominently in the New Testament and is particularly revered among Catholics.
Tattoos of the Virgin Mary are generally drawn with clean, simple lines and is an easy tattoo to draw for a very small tattoo as well as for a larger one. The traditional image of the Virgin Mary is one that is drawn in white and blue or in blue, white and gold such as the one seen on Our Lady of Guadeloupe. Angels are beings that are loved all over the world, and the world’s tattoos reflect this affection. An angel can be represented as a complete human figure with wings and may or may not have a halo present.
An angel with a sword is a meaningful symbol for those who know Biblical history and want to depict the many angels who have fought for their faith. Praying hands tattoo designs may be a simple outline of two praying hands or they may include the wrists and more details. These Christian tattoos are usually rather complex, many involve a tattooed image of a saint, Jesus, or the Virgin Mary.
Whatever their specific design, Christian tattoos are a symbol of faith for many that reminds them in times of trouble to rely on that faith to see them through. They were a tool of communication that carried forward their rich heritage and preserved knowledge for posterity. The designs and motifs revolve around occult symbols, birds, animals, geographical features, tribal men, women, emperors, etc. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Yes, Christians do get tattoos, and for many of them Christian tattoos represent a unique and personal way of keeping Christian iconography and religious imagery close at hand. So, as long as it is tasteful and appropriate, a Christian tattoo is a powerful symbol that resonates with a lot of Christian youth. Other cross tattoos consist of crossed nails – big, rough looking nails like those that were used to hang Jesus on the cross. The Celtic Christian cross is a combination between a Latin cross and a sun cross and was introduced by Saint Patrick. The image of Jesus is one that is known all over the world, and it can make a breathtaking tattoo image.
This can include the facial features of Jesus, plenty of beard details, the folds of his robes and even his sandals.
The Jesus fish (aka Ichthys) is a stylized fish symbol that is often used as a symbol of Christ. Rosaries (aka prayer beads) are used in various religions (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism) to count repetitions of prayers.

Many Catholics choose Virgin Mary tattoos because she is one of the most prominent symbols of the Catholic Church. Few details are needed other than a simple garment, a veil and the hands and face of Mary.
But some people prefer to represent an angel by getting angel wings tattoos instead of an entire figure.
The sword is a symbol to many of the fight against temptation and Satan that people must undergo every day. For Catholics, the praying hands often have a rosary in them that is trailing over one or both of the hands. Jesus and his Apostles, family and early followers were Jews, so it's not hard to see why someone wants a tattoo of his favorite Bible verse in Hebrew script.
If you know anything about the culture, you won’t be too surprised to learn that most Mexicans and other Hispanic people, even if they are involved in gangs or other criminal activities, are deeply religious and rely on their Christian symbols to both identify and protect them. Hispanic tattoos often feature words as well, usually a Bible verse, perhaps accompanied by a loved one’s name. Now a days, the growing interest of people in the ancient cultural practices and art forms has affected the tattoo art to a great extent. Since, the term Hispanic refers to Spain and the countries colonized by Spain, the Hispanic tattoos represent a large expanse of cultural heritage from diverse geographical regions. They were a special division of accomplished warriors whom wore Jaguar masks on their heads.
These detailed tattoos may feature the kind eyes of Jesus that are a symbol of his loving nature.
Angel tattoos are popular among women, but plenty of men also seek out angels for their tattoo designs.
The wings can be on their own, attached to someone that they know, or the wings themselves can be tattooed on the person’s back in the place where wings would sprout on an angel.
Angel devil tattoos are often stylized representations of these two figures rather than extremely realistic in detail.
The beads can add a little bit of color to the design and may be adorned with a cross at one end.
Many Mexican gang members have multiple elaborate tattoos, allowing the individual to literally wear his identity and emotions on his skin, if not his sleeve! Tribal and historical tattoos have again become a part of the popular culture and people can be seen sporting them.
The Hispanic tattoos, representing an important cultural tradition, are gaining wide acceptance in America.
Its darker side associated with criminals and gangs is on the wane and the artistic forms have taken over.

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