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Published: 24.08.2013. Category: Tribal Dragon Tattoo

For the record, Steve Tannahill did not get his first tattoo when he was drunk, on a bet, or due to a dare. In other words, Tattoo Hero is yet another startup slashing through old-school business models, taking the magic of social and the scale of the internet to reinvent the somewhat scuzzy image of tattoo parlors with a clean, beautiful design … and to give tattoo artists a whole new place to present themselves and sell their skills.
Tannahill, who got his first tattoo at 18, is not only the CEO but gives the company some visual legitimacy as well with tattoos on his arms and legs.

The artist acquisition strategy has been getting the top artists on board, mostly in the Ottawa area. But the company is looking at taking an angel investment to enable more reach besides the organic pick-up it’s seeing across North America.

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