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In this New York Times article, A-list actress Angelina Jolie bravely announced that she made the tough decision to undergo elective bilateral mastectomy after her doctors warned her that she has an 87% risk of developing breast cancer and a 50% risk of getting ovarian cancer because her mother died of breast cancer and she carries the BRCA1 gene.
In another case study that is the stuff of fairy tales, a woman born on Friday the 13th in the Okefenokee Swamp near the Georgia-Florida border was one of three girls delivered that day by a midwife, who proclaimed that all three girls, born on such a fateful day, were hexed. By labeling a patient with a negative prognosis and robbing a patient of the hope that cure might be possible, we may ultimately prove the poor prognosis we have bestowed upon our patient correct.
How is it that we live in a culture where barbaric surgeries – like elective bilateral mastectomy as prevention for breast cancer – have become not only normalized, but even recommended?
Your body is your business, and you are the guardian of your mind, so it’s your responsibility to be careful what kinds of thoughts you put into your brain. Epigenetic research proves to us that environmental influences, including hormonal factors that are affected by your thoughts, beliefs, and feeling, affect how your genes express themselves. Your genetic code is like a blueprint that can be interpreted in millions of different ways. The study of epigenetic control is revolutionizing how the medical community thinks about genes.
Angelina Jolie might be a BRCA1 carrier, but that doesn’t mean she need be a victim of her genes either. But I worry that other women with family histories of breast cancer will now rush out to get BRCA testing, and if they test positive, they will follow her lead and undergo potentially unnecessary and possibly dangerous elective surgery. But as always, I know that you know your body better than any doctor does – and only you can know what’s right for you.
In all honesty I think she was ignorant and her doctors are idiots, who knows down the road in her life cures may be found for breast cancer, we already have drugs for this. As a big fan of Brene Brown’s work, I will ask you, however, not to shame anyone who comments on this blog, including me. Please troll down to my comments that show unequivocally that ANY form of surgical intervention, or any other for that matter, are TOTALLY unnecessary, BRCA mutation or no. A BRCA mutation is only PERMISSIVE of breast cancer NOT a determinant, There is still the p53 tumor repressor which is above BRCA in the hierarchy. FACT: Women with a BRCA mutation do have an increased risk of having a second breast cancer and many do choose to have bilateral mastectomies as a preventive measure.
FACT: Undergoing a bilateral mastectomy drastically reduces your chances of breast cancer recurrence since almost all of your breast tissue has been removed. If you have undergone a lateral (one-sided) mastectomy, you are still at risk for developing breast cancer on the other side. Note: Having a mastectomy or bilateral mastectomy does not reduce your risk of developing a cancer recurrence elsewhere in your body. Exactly – choosing to cut off parts of ourselves in which we invest fear-based thinking doesn’t stop that very same fear-based thinking from popping up someplace else!!!
Based on the theory that the fear mindset is what causes the cancer, if someone fears breast cancer and so lops of their breasts, then, theoretically, they wouldn’t get the cancer since they no longer have the fear (correctly or incorrectly).
If you are referring to breast cancer or ovarian cancer as the outcome, then yes, I would say you should look at the possible outcome. Robin it appears that you are on a mission to insinuate that people posting here are trying to suppress information from others. What I’m suggesting is that, at the rate medical technology is advancing, we will one day have access to infinite amounts of information about our health. Yes, I know genetic counseling is routine for genetic testing, and the counseling in my experience is very unbiased and supportive of the patient’s right to be fully informed. Do u agree that the figure of 87% is based on a limited sample of people who either can afford the costs of BRCA easily, or are so fearful that they would put up the cost for testing. I believe that breast cancer grows for a REASON ie to take over the role of the liver in deactivating estrogen (as estradiol), when the liver is malfunctioning. Early ductal cell carcinomas have up to 1,000 times more estrogen receptors in their cells.
Trouble is the CLINICAL cancer is driven so hard that it goes backward or dedifferentiates to the point where the estradiol receptors DISSAPPEAR to be replaced by HER2 which is also amplified in number so that the tumor is no longer Tamoxifen responsive and no longer deactivates the estradiol. Now this process of tumorogenesis and dedifferentiation needs a number of GUIDED mutations as it progresses whilst some are random due to the tumor being driven so hard, lack of antioxidant protection due to dietary deficiencies etc.
Cortisol activates retrotransposons or reverse transcription jumping genes, relatives of HIV which appear to bring about the amplification of the genes associated with both receptors and enzymes whilst adrenalin constricts the blood vessels supplying the breast and creating oxygen shortage or HYPOXIA which is the MAJOR inducer of cancer. It is a legal obligation for doctors to tell patients about medical statistics, as the law regard the human right to be informed very important. Perhaps there needs to be more training in HOW to deliver the information so that the patient remains feeling empowered and in control allowing their Inner Wisdom to provide the solution. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how powerful their own mind is and put total trust in their doctor (also a human that may not know their power). Trouble is the doctor relies on the researcher and the researcher is totally ignorant of what causes ANY cancer, whilst having a vested interest in NOT finding a cure as that would put him out of a job. Our medical system works mainly on the pathogenesis model where we look for pathogens using microscopic in the old days and now still look for material cause of disease. Problems lies less in how the information is delivered by doctors who are obliged to tell the worst scenario because of the right to know, and patients are often under stress and they tend to selectively listen to negative information.
The power of the words that healers speak- physicians, nurses, caregivers of all kinds has immense power. All of the mechanism of (Larmarkian) BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION are found in, of all things, CANCER.

Get a surgery now and greatly decrease your risk for breast cancer OR, wait ’til breast cancer inevitably comes up for her (87%!
The problem with that kind of thinking is that sometimes, if you wait for cancer to be NOW, it’s too late.
I advise people to recognise the untruths in world-views, and to expand their understanding. The question that becomes pertinent is “which you” are you in the future, and where are you in the future. As for living freely – we all live within systems that constrain our behaviours and abilities. Worry and fear for the sake of worry and fear are not productive, but worry and fear in this moment can often move people to prevent some pretty horrific situations in future moments.
I understand your perspective and honestly appreciate its valid points; however, if we always just concerned ourselves with the present moment, we would never do anything preemptive to prevent pain, harm, stress, death, etc. For example, if I did absolutely nothing but sit here and worry about my house flooding in an impending storm, I would worry myself sick and it would still flood… or I could turn that worry into action and then do the necessary work with the sandbags to prevent the flooding (as well as all of the harm and stresses that come with the aftermath of a flood).
If we all always just lived in the present moment, I don’t think any of us would live very long. I do believe we CAN be proactive, no matter what our genetic status, and there are certain preventive actions we can take, short of a risky, expensive surgery.
A mother myself, I know that any mother wants to do what she can to preserve her health and ensure she will be around to see her children grow up. Jolie made her screen debut as a child alongside her father Jon Voight in Lookin’ to Get Out (1982), but her film career began in earnest a decade later with the low-budget production Cyborg 2 (1993). Jolie achieved wide fame after her portrayal of video game heroine Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), and established herself among the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood with the sequel The Cradle of Life (2003).
Divorced from actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie now lives with actor Brad Pitt, in a relationship notable for fervent media attention.
In one case study, a man was misdiagnosed with cancer and told he would only live 3 months. The first, she announced, would die before her 16th birthday.  The second would not survive her 21st. The third woman, terrified that she would die on her 23rd birthday, showed up at the hospital the day before her birthday, hyperventilating.  Soon afterwards, just before she turned 23, she died, proving the midwife’s predictions correct. Andrew Weil argues that physicians may unwittingly engage in what he calls “medical hexing.” When we pronounce patients with “chronic,” “incurable,” or “terminal” illnesses, we may be programming their subconscious minds with negative beliefs and activating stress responses that do more harm than good. Wouldn’t we be better off offering hope and triggering the mind to release health-inducing chemicals intended to aid the body’s self-repair mechanisms? Do we really want to poison our minds with such fear-based thoughts that then force us to make decisions about whether or not we will electively cut off perfectly healthy body parts?
Should we cut out appendixes and gallbladders in babies, since appendicitis and gallbladder disease can kill you? And as I teach in Mind Over Medicine, the body has natural self-repair mechanisms that can kill cancer cells, fight infection, repair broken proteins, and retard aging. Before the Human Genome Project, biologists assumed that we would have at least 120,000 genes, one gene for every protein made in the body. We used to think that some people were blessed with “good genes,” while others were cursed with what some in the medical community insensitively refer to as “piss poor protoplasm.” But we need not be victims of our DNA. I sincerely hope others think twice before undergoing genetic testing that will put them in the difficult position of having to choose between their breasts and their peace of mind. If you’ve read Mind Over Medicine, I’d be super duper grateful if you’d post a review here on Amazon. There is a very small chance that residual breast tissue or cancer cells could recur on the chest wall. A yearly mammogram of the remaining breast is important to detect any potential breast changes.
Rankin fears, and I agree with her, is that too many women will be unduly influenced by her fame in making their OWN decisions. I’m certain she got genetic testing- and made an informed decision she has every right to make. We could get our fetuses tested for BRCA- and choose to terminate the pregnancy if they are positive. In support Lissa’s position of the death sentence doctors give people when they quote statistics or impose a timeline, I was with my father at his urologist appointment when he was 86 years old. And our legal and medical system (shared medical decision making model arising from legal pressure, McWhinney 1984) regard patients having a stressed mind arising from disease is perfectly normal, and a stressed mind is free to choose. Words have great power to influence if the recipient is oblivious to their inner knowingness. All who have an opinion here have bought into someone else’s sales pitch unless they have accessed their inner wisdom and found their own truth. Psychogical reasons are never any formal reason for any disease according to specialists, although the evidence in recent years is compelling. I do conclude that knowledge can be dangerous because partial truth can be as misleading as untrue statement according to a Judge in UK called Lord Mustill. I too wrote about the Nocebo effect in my doctoral dissertation and began studying epigenetics ever since Bruce Lipton talked about it years ago. Living fully, wholly, freely in the now, means you are nowhere but now, not living in a fearful future scenario.

This is good and necessary, for otherwise we’d not be able to make choices that congeal infinite possibility into lived, finite, limited actuality. No place for judgment for ANY woman, especially one brave enough to come out so publicly regarding something so personal. She has received an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and was named Hollywood’s highest-paid actress by Forbes in 2009 and 2011. This is an extreme example of the nocebo effect, when fear-based thoughts about your health can actually kill you.
What proof do we have that they will not be one of the case studies who winds up in the Spontaneous Remission Project, having been cured of a so-called “incurable” illness? Should we cut out uteri and ovaries after childbearing, since all they’re doing is waiting to get cancer? Angelina Jolie might carry the breast cancer gene, but that in no way guarantees that she will get breast cancer.
We now know that each of those 25,000 genes can express itself in at least 30,000 ways via regulatory proteins that are influenced by environmental signals.
MYTH: If I tested positive for the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation, I must have a bilateral mastectomy. Women with a BRCA mutation are still good candidates for breast-conserving therapy and many choose this for their breast cancer treatment. In general, no form of breast imaging will be recommended after a bilateral mastectomy—with or without reconstruction.
For that matter, we could get our infants tested to see what diseases they are predisposed to throughout their lifetime- and raise them fully informed about their genetic predispositions. One day when the BRCA test becomes much cheaper, less fearful persons will undergo the test and the 87% may drop to 17%? Angelia made the best decision based on the information available to her, but the reality is, as you said her Mom died of ovarian cancer, so should she have also had her ovaries removed? It is about living life when it actually happens, instead of living by the fear of what it could be. In this way, the body and all of its components, cell structure, chemicals, function and grow in a very different way. Jolie promotes humanitarian causes, and is noted for her work with refugees as a Special Envoy and former Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She starred in the critically acclaimed biographical television films George Wallace (1997) and Gia (1998), and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the drama Girl, Interrupted (1999). Wallpaper images in the Angelina Jolie club tagged: angelina jolie wallpaper picture beautiful. Wallpaper images in the Angelina Jolie club tagged: angelina jolie tattoo wallpaper lady croft. Studies have even shown that environmental factors can override certain genetic mutations, effectively changing how the DNA is expressed. Women with a BRCA mutation and any residual breast tissue need to be followed closely and are advised to have enhanced breast cancer screenings. My hope is that the future of medicine will provide patients with all the options before they make such life changing decisions. If someone said you’d have an 87% chance of getting in a wreck in your car today, would you honestly get in your car?), and then undergo radiation, chemo, AND surgery?? But if we can stay in the present moment, we can make clear choices about what is right in front of us. And via the experimental and theoretical proof of nonlocality (at-once connections) you are (in a sense) “everywhere at once” as well.
Smith (2005) and Wanted (2008)—her biggest non-animated commercial successes to date and received further critical acclaim for her performances in the dramas A Mighty Heart (2007) and Changeling (2008), which earned her a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actress. But what we do know from the scientific literature is this – what you believe about your health is likely to come true. These altered genes can even be passed down to offspring, allowing the offspring to express healthier characteristics, even though they still carry the genetic mutation. We are not victims of our heredity, and I wish they would use the word Thriver instead of Survivor. Jolie made her directorial debut with the wartime drama In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011).
However we live in a world where everybody got only partial truth , that we should widen our view by thinking outside the physical box of medicine. My father was hard of hearing, so I don’t know if he actually heard what the doctor said. It’s a huge disservice to quote statistics or assign a timeline to any illness or disease.
We need more doctors like Lissa out in the field offering a different, more enlightened viewpoint.

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