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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. They ordered the town's 642 inhabitants, including some 200 children, to assemble in the village square.Women and children were then herded into the church which was pumped full of toxic gas and set on fire. The British parliament passes a law authorizing the death penalty for the crime of adultery.
March History Calendar12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031    Other events that occurred in March.May History Calendar12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031    Other events that occurred in May. Only recently has the historiography of the Shoah begun to focus on the issue of the fate of Jewish children, raising many important and interesting questions.A  What was the Nazi policy toward children?A  What was the impact of anti-Jewish legislation on Jewish children?A  How did Jewish communities and institutions cope with the effects of Nazi policy on children? From the day the Nazis came to power Jewish children became victims of antisemitic legislation, first in Germany and, as time passed, in every other country the Germans conquered or forged an alliance.A  The parents and families of these children were unable to grant them the security and protection they needed.
As the war broke out and antisemitic legislation worsened, the suffering of Jewish children increased: many were doomed to the horrific suffering of the ghettos.

When the deportations to the death camps begun, a chasm opened up in the lives of Jewish children. Important primary sources for the study of children have been ignored for many decades and include official papers and documents, diaries and memoirs, private correspondence between family members.A  The personal materials are extremely interesting when focusing on social aspects.
Last but not least, more archival material dealing with children, mainly from the former USSR, has only recently become available for public review.A  This brings researchers to investigate new fields as well as to reassess previously held assumptions and conclusions. The historical investigation of children during the Shoah is important for it keeps alive the memory of those who died and safeguards the experiences of those who survived.A  It enables us to understand, more fully and more extensively, the impact of the Shoah. As hundreds raised their arms in unison in the Nazi salute, one man stood with his arms crossed.
Hidden under false identities in cities, on farms and in convents and monasteries, young Jewish children survived the war by the grace of kindhearted strangers.
Wallpaper images in the Holocaust Rememberance club tagged: holocaust august landmesser courage.

Some of them found refuge in the homes of non-Jews.A  Many were hidden in convents, monasteries and boarding schools.
Others were forced to roam through forests and villages, hunting for food and relying entirely on their own ingenuity and resourcefulness. Some were so young when separated from their parents that they forgot their real names and identity.A  Of course not all Jewish children were able to find a refuge and many were caught and sent to the death camps.

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