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For medium and wide stretch marks, the best results will be whilst they are still fresh.A  I stock RegimA Scar Repair (cream and serum), it can be used during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, and will mature fresh stretch marks, healing the area and making the marks less pink or red. Stretch marks are generally described as a form of scarring that appears below the dermis and manifests itself with an off-color hue. Size of your tattoo: it is recommended to test the stretch mark area with a small tattoo to see how your skin reacts.
Judy Aulin – A 6 year health care advisor after experiencing acne and stretch marks during her teenage and young adult years. If your scars are serious, it may result in ink bleed and cause bubbling up of the ink on the stretched area. Despite these possible complications, if you still want to go ahead with the tattoo it is recommended that this is not a decision you can make just from reading. It depends how wide or deep the marks were, how many treatments are had, and how long before you call a result. If the skin takes well to the tattoo, it can be incorporated into a larger design or be covered over. The best way to get rid of stretch marks is to prevent them in the first place, so if the striae has not appeared yet you can put into action one of many preventative methods such as creams and general lifestyle choices. There are, however, many stretch mark treatments available to fade stretch marks such as; topical creams, laser surgery, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Plastic surgery, and Blue light therapy.
Even using symbolism as a part of their another special licenses required by your native images of his. Have a look at as many categorized into inconceivable to encounter properly-aware men and women on this space, in addition. It might be that you have tried everything possible and still have not succeeded in reducing stretch marks to bearable level. Using tattoos to cover stretch marks might sound like a little far-fetched idea, however it is absolutely feasible.
Color of stretch marks – Success of placing a tattoo over stretch marks depends on the depth and darkness of stretch marks. Existing tattoos – If you already have a tattoo and stretch marks occur over it, tattoo design is likely to alter. As the skin rapidly stretches to keep up with changes in our body, it tears a little, giving rise to streaks better known as stretch marks. Disclosure: This website is an officially authorized and remunerated associate for recommending high quality products.

Dry tattooing causes new collagen growth to this thin and stretched tissue, helping to create a firmer skin. Tattooing over stretch marks and other scars can take 2 or 3 times longer than an average tattoo. There is a higher possibility of colored tattoos fading, (this does not happen when black ink is used).
As we all know tattoos has been around for many years, and have recently had another surge in popularity in society. It must be considered that there is a risk that you may develop newer stretch marks in the future.
You should ideally locate a tattoo artist that has experience in doing stretch mark tattoos as they will also be able to advise you when deciding what tattoo design or colors will end up looking good or bad. This will depend on the individual’s skin and can vary depending on the extent of the stretch marks. The problem that can arise with black tattoos is that the ink can run beneath the tissue and therefore stain the skin next to the tattoo.
If your stretch marks are still fairly new then the ink has a increased chance of distorting as your scars are healing at the same time.
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If they are just light streaks, they are superficial and thus using tattoo to cover them up would work. You want to tattoo over stretch marks but you also want that the design looks intact and goes effortlessly with your body.
Before going ahead with your decision, you should be 100% sure that a tattoo is for you and that the tattoo artist is not only professional but also experienced with these types of tattoos. An idea has been formed recently that because tattooing your skin covers it in dark colors, it can also cover blemishes , which in this example is stretch marks.
The length of time it takes to tattoo over stretch marks is increasingly longer than over unblemished skin. Here are the two most vital prevention actions you can take to stop stretch marks from appearing. If a highly skilled tattoo artist is used then the results can be superb and will stay in great condition for many years, apart from a little touch up now and again. I have had dry tattooing done on some old stretch marks and it has really improved the appeareance of them.

And I don’t mean covering up using makeup because that is temporary and can be time consuming.
In such a case, you would have to consult your tattoo artist again for a touch up or some addition to make the tattoo seem right. Thus, placing tattoos over stretch marks or this torn skin is different from placing tattoos over regular skin. A skilled and experienced tattoo artist can also insure that above factors and complications are taken care of. The tattooing process is still the same as usual but it will be applied over the area of skin that has been stretched. Through healthy eating, being active and drinking water you can dramatically decrease the chances of stretch marks appearing. The best advice is to visit multiple tattoo artists and receive consultations about whether the area of skin that is stretched will have a positive or negative reaction to the ink. All of these options have the ability to dissolve stretch marks, but to eliminate these skin disorders, completely, is a long and difficult task to achieve. There are plenty of subtle, creative and artistic designs that can take care of stretch marks on any body part – be it abdomen, arms, buttocks or legs. If your stretch marks are still fairly new and are under 1.5-2 years old, you may experience excruciating pain whilst getting the tattoo. As a result, when your skin does stretch in the future it will has enough elasticity and strength to not tear itself. Another, although not a common practice, is to cover stretch marks with tattoos – this option must be considered but is not for everyone. If your stretch marks are wider and deeper, t will be increasingly difficult for the tattoo artist to perfectly draw the tattoo onto the skin, which of course could negatively affect the final result. Bear in mind that stretch marks can often appear out of nowhere and show no signs until its too late especially if you do not implement any of these prevention techniques.

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