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Published: 01.06.2015. Category: Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Often, though, our artists are able to come up with a creative solution to the unwanted pre-existing tattoo.
Alternatively, our artists can sharpen up the lines and add colour to tattoos that have lost their lustre but are still something you want on your body.
If you are unsure of what to do drop by the shop and speak to one of the crew, we would be glad to offer you our advise! But, fading an existing tattoo (even one time in many cases) makes it easier for the artist to do a proper cover-up and gives you more options as to the style and size of the cover-up tattoo. Below, are some tattoos we faded over a couple of sessions and then our very own Matt Houston did solid cover ups over the faded tattoos. A simple way to imagine how a cover-up will look is to pretend that your tattoo is not on your arm but actually on a piece of paper. You should always remember though that asking your tattoo artist to perform a cover-up is akin to tying one of their arms behind their back. Sometimes, you just want to get rid of an old tattoo completely, so you might look at putting a much larger and darker over top of it. If you’re looking to reduce the visual effect of a tattoo, then you should consider fading for a tattoo cover-up beforehand. As we’ve already discussed, fading involves getting laser tattoo treatment to reduce the visible effect of a tattoo. Fading the whole tattoo: This option involves reducing the strength of all colours completely and is often used when doing a full cover-up.

Fading certain colours: Perfect for repurposing an original tattoo, fading out the darker and stronger colours can make incorporating a tattoo into a new design much easier! Just make sure that the clinic that you go to offers a free consultation so that you can more about the process before committing. Whatever your reason for seeking a tattoo cover-up, know that there are many option available to you, just be sure to discuss the process with an experienced tattoo artist before making any big decisions! Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. Maybe it’s not something that represents you anymore or was not done well by the tattooist in the first place. It happens quite often that someone comes into the shop and wants to get a tattoo added to their body and at the same time hide an old one.
They can use different colours, shading techniques and work it into a completely new design. Some tattoos fade quite significantly after only one session while other tattoos might take 2 or 3 to fade it enough to do a proper cover-up.
So whether you are working with your own artist, or one of ours, consider laser removal for fading before you go and get a cover up, you’ll be glad you did.
We did a couple of laser sessions to fade the tattoo and Steve Moore did an amazing job with the cover up he did.

Whether you’ve outgrown your tattoo or you’ve had a change of heart, many tattoo owners will consider a tattoo cover-up at some point in the life of their tattoo. That’s why the artists at Chronic Ink tattoo have put their heads together to come up with this guide for you to follow.
A tattoo cover-up job has a lot of restrictions around it such as the size, position and colour of the tattoo you’re looking to cover. While this places severe restrictions on the designs possible, it can award a more seamless and natural looking cover-up when done properly. Also remember that tattoo fading is still an option here if you want to cover a part of your original tattoo. They are owned and operated by a doctor we trust so we feel comfortable recommending them as a reliable source of information. Lighter colours are a lot easier to cover up so we focus on fading the blacks and dark colours. This gives you a much better chance of not seeing the old  line work under your new tattoo.

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