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Trendy girls who are well-traveled can vouch for the reasonably priced fashionable collections that Bershka showcases in 785 stores around the world. The Bershka girl traces her roots to folk origins by matching retro-style urban wear with bleached denims.
The Bershka girl relaxes with her Boho dresses that show off gradient pleating and lace relief, but come party time she stands out with sequins and iridescent animal prints full of metallic and trinket appliques. BSK, the youngest line, pays tribute to the urban romantic by using guipere embroidered cotton with colors such as salmon, tangerine, nude, and vanilla.
Diversely FreshDenim influences all kinds of garments in Bershka Men’s Gentlementality line. Earth Lab focuses on comfort with fresh items created in linen and fabrics such as fine knits with a net effect. For a more cosmopolitan look, the Night Buster line features new baggy shirts, jackets, and jumpers as key items. Casual yet formal, the Dip and Rise line features preppy styles where blue is the main color, and cotton chino pants and shorts are main items. In the Philippines, Bershka is exclusively distributed by International Specialty Retailers Inc.
Last Sunday, 36 young and dynamic designers gathered at SM City Davao for a design competition and extravaganza on street wear, evening wear and men’s wear. In celebration of Davao’s diverse culture, designers took fashion inspiration from the local tribes namely the Ata Manobo, Bagobo Tagabawa, Ubo Manobo, Matigsalog, K’lata, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausog, Sama, and Kalagan. Oca Casaysay, committee head for Moda Mindanaw, shared, “This year's event highlights the different colors and patterns from each tribe.
In Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s welcome speech, read by City Administrator, lawyer Jhopee Avancena-Agustin, he shared his pride and delight in how the annual cultural event has evolved through the years. Roan Aguilar’sTausog-inspired creation won in the Evening Wear category, while Aries Buevenida’s Maranao-inspired won in the Streetwear category. This year's event also paid tribute to one of Davao's fast-rising and multi-talented designers, Edgar Buyan.
Agnes Locsin is a multi-awarded choreographer and the pioneering force behind the Philippine neo-ethnic dance movement. SANGA starred seasoned dancers Sonny Locsin and Kris-belle Paclibar, who both started training under Agnes’s mother, the late Carmen D. Coming all the way from Davao City, Japan Design winner Junnie Artajocelebrates Asian-bound motif for his strictly resort wear spread including batik-dyed pieces.
The people behind Alaska Fashion Week have a long history in the fashion scene in Anchorage.

Any literature on photography can teach you the basics of capturing images, but the best way to learn the ropes of photography is to get some hands on training. You have to get out in the field and put those theories and techniques into practice. While some prefer to exercise their skills on their own, there are also those who enjoy learning the craft through workshops and group activities. It is this sharing of "trade secrets" that inspired photographers Paul Borromeo and Marlon Advincula to introduce their Lyrical Light workshop series just a few years back. The highly successful Lyrical Light series gathered both the learned and the newbies in outdoor shoots organized by the 2 dedicated shutterbugs. More than a year has passed since the last Lyrical Light. Paul and Marlon, who are always in search of creative ways to use whatever idle time they have, tossed ideas to each other with the intention of adding a twist to their group workshops. Dubbed as "High Contrast," this new workshop series focuses on both photography and post processing. Ethnic influences in the form of ikat embroideries and Indian patterns are paired with metallic appliques. Sorbet-dyed pieces are mixed with blue shades and overprints on polo shirts and T-shirts set the tone for this trend.
For 6 years, Moda Mindanaw has become a platform for up and coming fashion designers from all Mindanao to exhibit their unique creations.
Also performing on stage were folk singer Bayang Barrios and the Kaliwat Performing Arts Ensemble. I was deeply hurt when I saw a number of beautiful trees being cut down just around our neighborhood. Her choreography usually demands a lot from dancers, requiring the strength of a classical ballet background, yet a willingness to break its stringent rules, blended with a great imagination and a theatricality to bring life to its nationalistic, environmental and gender themes.
Poet and academician Ricardo De Ungriastepped in as narrator, his own compositions as overture to each act. At curtain call, Agnes was surprised by the alumni and dancers of Ballet Philippines with their simple yet touching tribute. This year’s International Edition of Alaska Fashion Week welcomed designers from Latin America, Europe, USA and Asia.
Junnie, who’s better known for his use of indigenous and eco-friendly materials, adds a playful twist to his aesthetics with dynamic and geometric patterns, folding, and draping. For this collection, he expanded his T-shirt collection to offer a diverse range of luxe lounge wear perfect for evening affairs.
There were 4 nights of over the top wardrobe creations from prestigious International Designers with skillfully wrought set design and performances featuring different themes each night. This strong force included boutique owners, salon owners, hospitality, promotion companies and more.

For all these shoots, Paul and Marlon partnered with seasoned professionals in the local fashion and beauty industry to help them put together themes they had in mind. This time around, they decided to make their activity more comprehensive in terms of imagery and visuals. Under the Inditex umbrella are sister brands Zara and Massimo Dutti which offer a plethora of stylish pieces to cosmopolitan women. It has evolved from promoting the region’s indigenous materials to showcasing Mindanao’s hand-woven textiles and various fibers.
Her works are poetry in motion, with movements derived from poetry, paintings, and other art forms.
Kris-belle and Sonny showed dancing prowess with seemingly effortless leg extensions, flexibility, precise and challenging movements, and muscle control. Each took turn to give her a hug and a flower, which moved the choreographer and audience to tears… Me, her former student, included. Opening the week-long event is none other than our own Filipino designers who proudly represented the Asia. Their goal is to promote these designers’ creations to Alaskan clientele in high profile settings. It helps if your eyes are quick to spot any spec that's out of place and your imagination wild enough to make wonderful possibilities happen in each frame. This cycle of learning and sharing is what keeps the imagination alive. As Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is contagious. Transparent box type carry-on’s have foil type finishes that give a mirror-like quality to the total look. And more than all these, Moda Mindanaw has become a stage for young and vibrant designers to showcase their craft. As an artist, I felt that before I could do that, I need to build it first on stage to get the message through… To make people see the beauty and importance of trees,” said choreographer Agnes Locsin as she welcomed the audience to her dance concert, SANGA: Ika-Apat Na Galaw. His daring line of haute couture focused on somber palettes and sensual touches, with their design and cut deviating from the usual mold-to-the-body approach… It’s seductive without even trying.
The objective of this foundation is to provide an amazing opportunity for all fashion enthusiasts to display their talents and take it to the next level --- and eventually, for the greatly unique ones, to go global.

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