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Black Koi Fish Tattoos – Black Koi fish tattoos are actually reserved for the men of the family in Japan.  However, there is a lot of discussion about the colors of Koi and their meaning. Pisces Koi Fish Tattoos – Pisces Koi fish tattoos are worn by those born under the astrological sign of Pisces which is represented by the fish. Tribal Koi Fish Tattoos – Tribal Koi fish tattoos would tend to lean toward the masculine side unless you decided to use color in your Koi.  If presented in traditional black on a female and you want a feminine look use other symbols that identify with your female side. Lotus Flower and Koi Fish Tattoo – Lotus flower and Koi fish tattoos are loaded with symbolic meaning and beauty.
Koi Fish Tattoos for Women – Koi fish tattoos for women would want to stay away from black which is really traditionally held for the masculine side; unless you are a woman with a predominately masculine side in which case it would be absolutely appropriate. The legend says that a certain koi had the strength and courage to climb a certain waterfall.
For instance if you look at Yin and Yang Koi Fish Tattoos, you’ll notice the inclusions of a black Koi.  This doesn’t represent the father, but the mostly masculine side that also contains some feminine qualities.

The lotus flower is typically seen in pink, white or blue, and symbolize, from different cultures, purity, beauty, and rebirth.  Couple that with the strength and courage of the Koi, add some color for additional meaning and…well you see what I mean.
If you gravitate to your feminine side stay with the red, pink, golden, and flower and Koi fish tattoos.  Really popular among women are the stand alone Koi fish tattoos that symbolize the triumph and courage you mustered up to make it through a particularly challenging time in your life.
Unlike some tattoos they look beautiful, stunning, masculine, and feminine in any size or placement.
The koi fish is highly esteemed in Chinese and Japanese cultures where it has been featured in countless myths and folklores. When the koi reached the top exhausted, yet having reached its goal, the koi was transformed into a dragon!
A Koi in the color that represents Pisces along with the astrological symbol would make a nice design. The fish is associated with many positive qualities and ideas such as power, success, masculinity, courage, strength, endurance, bravery, good omen, good fortune, perseverance and magical qualities.

Some of the most popular shades used in koi tattoos include black, white, gold, gray, red, blue, purple, orange and yellow. The tattoo designs can also feature an array of other symbols, such as aquatic vegetations and lotus flowers. Both cartoonish as well as realistic koi tattoos are equally popular among aficionados of oriental body art.

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