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Seductively Feminine Tattoo tattoo design – The Seductively Feminine Tattoo design can be applied to any gender.
The pink feminine roses in this feminine tattoo have an antique design style that is a perfect choice for elegant women. People looking for these influences in their own life might choose a dragonfly tattoo design as a representation of this.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Russian Prison Tattoos, Girls With Tattoos, Prison Tattoos and Harry Potter Tattoos. The ladybug resting on a branch with a leaf and flower is a symbol of prosperity and protection. An impressive ladybug tattoo that makes a cool style statement and is a symbol of passion and energy.
Take a look at this sweet small ladybug tattoo that must have caused very little pain to the wearer. The girl has three ladybugs and three corresponding red hearts on the sides of her back that represent the three dearest people in her life.
The girl got this ladybug tattoo as a mark of tribute because she has found true love in life.
The leafy vine and the ladybug gracing the foot and thumb are a symbol of happiness and good fortune.

The white flower and the ladybug look very sweet together and stand for love and friendship. The mother got these ladybugs as a tribute to her lovely children who mean the world to her.
The wearer got this beautiful ladybug tattoo in the hope that wearing the art piece will make her wish come true.
The girl is going through a rough patch in life and got the ladybug tattoo in the hope that it will bring good luck. The girl flaunts her ladybug tattoo, etched on the foot that she got as a tribute to her lover. The numerous flowers around the ladybug look very pretty and symbolize the fragrance of joy. The girl got the ladybug tattoo on her wrist because she believes in its protective and auspicious effect. Take a look at this amazing ladybug tattoo that displays fine details and a very realistic appearance. The pair of ladybugs on the calf of the wearer looks sweet and symbolizes love and togetherness. The ladybug emerging from a leaf symbolizes that the bad phase in the life of the wearer is over and a new beginning has been made.

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There is a popular Catholic mythological story according to which the ladybug was sent on earth to destroy the pests that were damaging the crops of farmers. All the more reason for women to go gaga after it; they love the tattoos of ladybug very much. The ladybug has many myths associated with it and in many traditions it symbolizes good fortune and luck.
If you are interested in getting your body inked with the tattoo of a ladybug then do check out our post. Here we have displayed some 32 designs of cool ladybug tattoos that will give you fine ideas and inspirations.

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