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This site brings you some of the finest Libra tattoo designs that are available on the internet. When people are getting a tattoo, they are looking for something that will represent them symbolically. The symbol and the scales that represent the Libra are the two common symbols for Libra tattoos. According to Greek mythology, the Libra is associated with the goddess Themis, one of the oracles at Delphi. Sometimes the scale is held by a woman called Astraea, the personification of justice or Themis (aka Justitia), about whom we talked earlier. Besides the glyph itself, the Libra tattoo may have an intricate design around the glyph to make it more enticing to the eye. If you like the idea of a Libra tattoo but cannot find one you like, then try to think out of the box. Instead of just using the scales in your tattoo design, you can place objects in the scales.
Look for a stylized version of the Libra symbol, in the Celtic or tribal fashion for example. The seventh astrological sign of the Zodiac, Libra, is quite unique as it is symbolized by a pair of scales instead of a human or animal, like most other signs. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
Incoming search terms:libra,libra tattoos,libra tattoo,libra tattoo designs,peace sign tattoo designs,libra scale tattoo,tattoo libra,7 tattoo,fish scale tattoo,libra scale tattoo designs,No related posts. Ruled by the planet Venus, this sign is associated with beauty, femininity, balance, justice, art and creativity. Many people believe in astrology at least enough to believe that their sign tells them a little about themselves, but it's a step further to actually get a horoscope tattoo.

The image of Themis or Justitia holding the scales is a popular choice for zodiac tattoos. As the only non-human or animal astrological sign, the Libra stands out from the other symbols. This balance is represented in the Libra’s personality and in many Libra tattoo choices.
Sometimes a man is holding the scales, and he is balancing them with the center of the scale on his fingers. This symbol looks like two parallel lines, but the top line has a half-circle in the middle of it. All of the Libra tattoo designs you find with the glyph begin with the lines with the half-circle on them.
If you are looking for a fairly plain tattoo however, just a black glyph by itself is an excellent choice. Tarot cards often have beautiful artwork, so it might be a good idea to look around for old tarot cards to see if you can find some nice designs. Despite being quite simple in appearance, the symbol or Libra allows for much creativity so that tattoo artists can develop gorgeous tattoos based on it. There is really something about the weight scales of the Libra sign that makes the tattoo different from so many others that you can see around you.
This symbol consists of two horizontal lines standing together but the upper line has a semi-circle in it. People born under the Libra sign are seen to be diplomatic, impartial and very peace loving.
People born under this sign (between September 23rd and October 23rd) are known to love fine clothes, jewelry and ornate surroundings. More and more people seem to be into this though, and libra tattoos are one of the more popular zodiac designs.

Make sure you pick a good tattoo artist for your tattoo, the Libra symbol may be a simple design, but I've seen a lot of badly done libra symbol tattoos lately. When getting a tattoo done the important thing to consider are the design and also the artist. If you choose a simple design you can easily put it on your wrist or any small area, and it would look neat and also very eye-catching.
They are also known to be fair, kind, diplomatic and sensual, sometimes tending to overindulge in pleasurable experiences.
The Librans are known to be quite balanced in their thoughts and actions, which also explains why the Zodiac is symbolized by scales.
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You can surely find a tattoos design of the Libra sign that reflects all these qualities in the perfect way.
On the other hands, if you opt for removable Libra tattoos, you can showcase all the designs by wearing one everyday.
Individuals born under this sign are quite outgoing and sociable, and love to create a nice impression. The Libra sign looks amazing on its own while it can also be combined with other signs and pictures to produce amazing designs. If you carefully select your design you can find some very unique and intricate Libra Tattoo artwork that will look really impressive on the wearer. The most common tattoo symbol for the Librans is the scales, which can be depicted in various innovative designs.

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