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Published: 01.08.2014. Category: Patriotic Tattoos

Cheetah and Leopard are two types of amazing African cats people hardly tell the difference from their prints. Cheetah and leopard print tattoos could be replica of the animal print on canvas of body or depicted as the pattern of the tattoo, e.g.
At the seat of the emotions, the red heart tattoo embellished with green leaves signifies joyful love of the young girl. In Japan, cherry blossoms are called sakura, a flower representing the transience of life because of its short life. The poppy flower of different colors is often the symbol of remembrance for those lost their lives in the war. Cheetah and Leopard Prints are one of popular animal prints not only adopted in garment, handbags and footwear, but also used in tattoos.

From gender perspective, there are increasing women who get their first tattoos in the last years, including girls. To make the design unique and absolutely attractive, make sure you have enough good tattoos ideas for option. If your choice is to have a tattoo with pure script, that is font or script tattoo, you decide the meaning. The Cherry blossoms tattoo is depicted in obscure and dreamy style, evoking memory of the past time. The special representation of black and white watercolor with the flying doves over the flowers creates the mood of recalling the past and praying for peace.
Cheetah and leopard print tattoos alone do not have a special meaning, while their exotic and tasteful fashion style is always appealing to women.

Here girls refer to young and unmarried women who have motion to make their bodies more appealing. Otherwise, for many of graphics tattoos, it’s the best we understand its symbolic meanings before getting the tattoo. There’s also case that cheetah print spots spread across the back, and the whole figure looks very sexy.
If it is the first time for you to get tattoo, it’s the best to start with cute small tattoos, which looks cute and have chance to change.

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