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Published: 13.08.2014. Category: Patriotic Tattoos

Lily Cole inked a fun foot lettering tattoo when she attended the Fashion 4 Development First Ladies Luncheon at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. Foot tattoos just like Lily Cole choose are quite popular among women since it can make women more charming and elegant. Next time just pick up one stunning and enhancing foot tattoo and then you will draw many people’s attention and admiration in no time. If you are thinking of having a nice flower tattoo and wondering what design might suit you the best, consider having a beautiful lily tattoo on your body and you are good to go. Check out the elegant lily tattoos presented in this site that will surely elevate your overall appearance.

You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. The fabulous lettering tattoo on her foot and the high-heel shoe make her whole look more charming. One of the most widely recognized flower tattoos of all times, the lily has been culturally and aesthetically important in many civilizations across the world.
In this we have collected many beautiful and awesome lily flower tattoos designs for girls 2011. You can gain some cool and splendid choices for foot tattoos which can make your feet full of art and charm.

In Christian faith, the lily is associated with the Virgin Mary as well as the qualities of innocence and chastity. Different forms of lily tattoos exist, which vary greatly in their style and color patterns.

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