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When Julia Theodosis walked into a beauty shop in western Sydney to have her lips tattooed in 2009 she had no idea of the pain and suffering that would follow. On this visit Ms Theodosis claims that Ms Tran drew the peach-coloured tattoo ink - commonly known as permanent makeup - above Ms Theodosis' top lip line. Ms Theodosis was awarded $233,533 in damages in the District Court of NSW on July 19 for the botched procedure, but she has still not been given any of the money. Ms Theodosis's lawyer is in the process of filing court papers to bankrupt the beauty shop owner this month.
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In most of the designs, they depict scenes of legends or historical events.I think the Elena Ghisellini Felina Rainbow Clutch is a a gorgeous bag!

A photograph taken by police and tendered to court of the house in Melbourne's north-western suburbs. Some people like to draw tattoo on their open body part like hand, neck and legs, but some like to draw it extremely hidden.
This unusual design is for people who really need to be admitted as the real tattoo lover because they don’t only have the usual tattoo but also the extreme ones. Many people and entertainment industry have made it as the object for entertaining other people with its cleverness.
You can discover Jelly Fish Inner Lips Tattoo guide and read the latest Inner Lips Tattoo Design and Idea in here. I mean you can have it if you really ready about the pain because lips is tender body part.

The pain is more than hand or leg tattoo.Inner lips tattoo can attract other people to look over you.
It is more interesting than usual tattoo because this design need more technique in carving. Because the more complicated the design, the artist must work harder to reach the goal.Star is the common tattoo for inner lips because it is simple but has various meaning.

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