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The nape of the neck is one of the sexiest places where you can hide your butterfly tattoo.
One way to wear a butterfly tattoo proudly but not too loudly is by getting a tiny one on your middle finger.
Just like the butterfly, the wrist is delicate and has a unique sensual appeal – this makes it another ideal spot for this kind of in design.
A butterfly may be colorful by nature but there’s no problem in going black and white for a minimalistic but strong punch. Speaking of minimalists, you can cut your outline butterfly tattoo down to a cute size and place it on your foot. Multiply the charm by inking more than one butterfly across your shoulder down to your back.
This is another classic butterfly tattoo design – the butterfly that is about to take flight. That spot above the breast and just below the shoulder is a great place to draw a detailed butterfly either in color or in just black.
Give both your hands their fair share of colorful ink with this traditional split hand butterfly design.
The butterfly design is best complemented by another popular tattoo design – the flower tattoo.
Whether you want something dramatic or something simplistic yet loaded with symbolism, there is a perfect butterfly design for you. Certain tattoos are extremely popular among people especially women for their charming look. If we talk about designs of butterfly tattoos, there is a huge variety that can be explored. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Butterfly Tattoos On Foot, Scripture Tattoos For Women, Disney Princess Tattoos and Elegant Tattoos. Another colorful slim butterfly with wings spread apart that is a simile for the dreams and desires of the wearer, urging for a similar flight. This large black and blue butterfly gracing the upper back of the girl looks impressive and represents the frank spirit of the girl who does not fear changes.
The girl displays a red butterfly tattoo on her left chest that also bears the name of her fiance.
This lovely pink butterfly tattoo, resting on the foot of the girl, is symbolic of her enthusiastic and joyful nature.
Displaying eyes akin to a human being; this butterfly tattoo symbolizes the fact that a person must keep an eye on the changing times and mould himself accordingly. Black and white butterfly tattoo etched on the foot is symbolic of lightness and transition.
Take a look at this elegant butterfly tattoo carved with black ink that symbolizes simplicity.

The peacock butterfly is a colorful breed of butterfly that makes for an eye-catching tattoo design. Check out this neat and natty butterfly tattoo design created with red and light blue shades for a graceful display. The three butterflies flying on the hip of the girl bring forth the celebratory spirit of freedom and joy.
The three small and simple butterflies fluttering on the shoulder stand for the sweet, small and happy family of the woman. The small bright yellow butterfly carrying blue ribbons is a harbinger of jubilance and revelry. Decorated with fine details, this blue butterfly tattoo is a symbol that one must be always willing to accept change. This butterfly tattoo gracing the upper back of a woman symbolizes resurrection and rebirth. The girl has got a mini black butterfly tattoo on her chest that always reminds her to strive for her dreams. This woman dedicates the butterfly tattoo, designed as a puzzle, to her daughter who is suffering from autism. This tattoo looks very feminine and oozes a graceful charm that symbolizes beauty and love.
This stunning multi-colored butterfly tattoo sitting on the nape of the girl looks captivating. The colorful butterfly and the white flowers create a catchy contrast look that attracts instant attention.
Watch out this plain and pleasant butterfly tattoo design adorning the ankle of the girl who is quite delicate in outlook.
The flying movement created in this butterfly tattoo makes for a classic design that symbolizes bliss and freedom. The girl flaunts her exquisite butterfly tattoo design created with black ink that is subtle and stylish. This bold foot tattoo of the girl always motivates her to live in the present and enjoy every moment. The varied colors of the butterflies gracing the forearm of the girl represent her lively and lovely nature. Creativity and symbolism find a symphony in this arm butterfly tattoo that represents the freedom loving and frank nature of the wearer.
Black and purple go great together and make for a rocking butterfly tattoo that is a symbol of bliss and freedom. Have a look at this pair of artful butterflies that stand for the beautiful love life of the girl. Sitting on the back in a relaxed manner, this butterfly tattoo exudes a restful spiritual aura.

The colorful stars forming a trail behind the flying beautiful butterfly create an alluring tattoo design.
Butterflies make a top tattoo choice, I think its because they have great colours and patterns. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Indeed, there is no better symbol to celebrate one’s spiritual growth or to mark an important transition in life.
Its beauty is tastefully obscured and is only revealed when you sweep up all that gorgeous hair into a bun or when you get the courage to get a cute pixie cut.
This particular piece made use of dark colors, fine lines, and shadowing to create a look of mystique. The color of the butterfly and the shadowing technique are very crucial factors in creating this body art.
Putting them together is nature at its best and is the best opportunity for you to incorporate more colors. With the many creative placements and design possibilities, it is nearly impossible not to find one that will suit your style and lifestyle. The butterfly tattoos belong to this very category and the fairer sex keep looking for unique and attractive butterfly tattoo designs to grace their body parts.
Colorful, vibrant, elegant, simple, tribal; these are just some of the avatars of the butterfly tattoo design that you can try. It stands for the fact that the wearer is a social butterfly who is surrounded by people all the time. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The butterfly is a very lovely creature that possesses deep symbolic meaning and also looks very aesthetic.
If you wish to add other elements, then flowers, stars and vines are some cool and popular accompaniments that make the butterfly art form more appealing and meaningful. It embodies everything that makes girls so alluring- the beauty, the mystique, the grace, and the ability to evolve to something absolutely mesmerizing. The metamorphosis it undergoes makes it a perfect symbolic tattoo for change and transformation.

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