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No doubt, the father also has an important role to play in the upbringing of the child, but the mother is full of love and affection for her child whom she has kept close to her heart for 9 months. A child needs his or her mother. It is much sacrifice on her part as a woman likes to look good at all times.What are the reasons for a mother to be close to her baby?A mother can tell when her baby is experiencing discomfort. The moment the baby cries, the mother immediately starts cajoling her.The baby is comfortable in the arms or lap of her mother. The baby knows that the mother will protect her from any harm that may come by.The mother breastfeeds her child.
The baby enjoys the closeness to the mother and feels very contented after having the feed.

He or she looks up to the mother and knows that the latter cares for him or her.Traditionally, it is the mother who gives a bath to the child and dresses her up. Nowadays, since women are working even the father takes on the responsibility of looking after the child.Educating the child is also a responsibility which both the parents  take on. Even though they may have work outside the home and chores to do at home, they take some time off from their busy schedule to teach the child.Health care of the child is also something a mother as well as the father pay much attention. The mother ensures that her child is well fed and the nutrition levels are maintained.The warmthness that the child experiences by being close to the mother keeps him or her happy.
The child likes to be physically close to the mother.No other person can replace a mother in taking care of a child.

A step-mother may not feel so much concern for the child as the real mother would feel.A mother, therefore plays a vital role in the up bringing of the child.

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