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Flowers: While a bouquet of flowers sounds pretty generic, a bouquet from Twiggs (3250 J Street) is a work of art. Meals: There are lots of great options (other than pizza and hamburgers) to give Mom a break from cooking a meal. Local Food Tour: Get Mom a gift certificate for a Local Roots Food Tour so she can explore Sacramento’s amazingly diverse culinary community. Wind Chimes: Ok, I know this isn’t the sexiest gift idea, but what mom doesn’t love wind chimes?!
Clothes: Sacramento has a wide selection of places to get your mom handmade jewelry and clothes designed by local designers.
BONUS GOTG Reader Suggestion: Get fresh pasta delivered (for free!) to your house from The Pasta Queen. A great evening option is the Listen To Your Mother show at the Crest Theatre (1013 K Street) at 7:00pm.
Ten22 (1022 2nd Street) is hosting a 3-course, prix-fixe menu all-day, with a special menu for kids.

If dinner is more your mom’s speed, head to Ella Dining Room and Bar (1131 K Street). Mother's Day VaseBountiful pink lilies combine with bold, colourful irises in a tinted glass vase.
Free same day flower delivery across Canada on most orders placed online by 2 pm Eastern time, or 12 noon on weekends.
Massages, facials, and just general relaxation can be found at the plush Spa La Le at Le Rivage Hotel (4350 Riverside Blvd). Some of our fellow Girls on the Grid have done a couple of these tours and RAVED about the experience. Check out one of our favorites, Krazy Mary’s (3230 Folsom Blvd) for jewelry, handbags, and sassy clothes. From their Facebook page: “Our fresh pasta and ravioli is locally produced using no preservatives and are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Part of a national series of live readings (in nearly two dozen cities) by local writers giving Mother’s Day a microphone.

Getting one of their services can be a fun experience in partnership with Mom (why not treat yourself, too?), as well as letting her go on her own to get away from it all.
It’s a great way to get out and about in Sacramento, get back in the kitchens, meet the masterminds behind the dishes, and find new restaurants your family will want to visit again and again. The chimes make beautiful music – I have a set outside my bedroom window and I love hearing the music when I wake up in the morning.
Next door, Pink House (1462 33rd Street) has a great selection of shoes no woman can resist. We believe blending local ingredients with time-tested recipes results in products that honor the Italian food traditions of freshness and simplicity. The Gifted Gardener also sells fun garden accessories that maybe your mom would be like to have in her yard.

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