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Sober and pleasant in outlook, this colorless look of tinkerbell is quite different and catchy. The small mischievous fairy, sitting on the upper back, has been carved with flawless details. Etched with black ink and present in an outline form, this tattoo of tinkerbell is quite dainty and appealing.
The naughty nature and youthful spirit of the girl is conveyed through the tinkerbell tattoo that is carved on the back. This tattoo represents the girl and her individuality who is just like the small and feisty fairy.
Exhibiting a dancing pose, the tinkerbell is an embodiment of fun, play and youthful energy. Tinkerbell with a starry arc above her symbolizes dreams and ambitions that the wearer pursues with passion and spirit. Sitting in the center of a lotus flower, the tinkerbell represents intelligence and beauty. Flanked by butterflies and standing on a flower, this Tinkerbell tattoo with stars presents an alluring portrait to the eyes. The small fairy, lying on her belly and holding her cute face in her hand, looks very adorable.

Stylish tinkerbell, standing in a confident manner on the upper back, symbolizes the carefree nature of the wearer. Tinkerbell is the favorite Disney character of this girl and therefore, she chose it as her first tattoo. Sporting a small purple dress and sitting on the upper back of the girl, this tinkerbell tattoo looks distinct. The small fairy holding her magic wand is an expression of the wearer’s fascination with the fictional character. Take a look at the feisty fairy sitting on a leaf that is symbolic of achievement and success. This woman got the tinkerbell tattoo for her daughter Rachel as the latter is very fond of the fairy.
The lily flower and tinkerbell look very pretty together and symbolize cute feminine beauty. This tattoo is a symbol of the vindictive and ill-tempered attitude that tinkerbell exhibits at times. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Fairytale fans will also love our Alice in Wonder Tattoos and our magical Disney Tattoo Collection. Coming to the latter, tinkerbell stands for adventure, achievement, fun, beauty and youthful spirit.

The fictional Disney character, who mends pots and kettles like a real tinker, is very popular among the fairer sex. She is preferred by those girls who love these traits or identify with the qualities of the fairy in some manner or other. They are madly in love with the small feisty fairy who is skilled, fun-loving, naughty and last but not the least sexy.
If you are interested in finding out more about tinkerbell tattoo designs and meanings then your search finds a destination here. Yes, tinkerbell looks very appealing in her short green dress, large eyes, blonde hair and dainty frame.
The reasons for her popularity as a tattoo piece can be attributed to the display as well as the symbolic meanings.
As you can see from our collection there are many options, from the innocent to the naughty.

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